Get On The Money Train

Here’s a little update to the Digital Grabber Traffic Graph. When I restart a site, it gets restarted! Yes it’s true. Digital Grabber went from doing 500 page views a day to over 10,000 in just two days. Income wise, the site made $65 today. Add in the $30 Laptop Gamers took in and the two sites are up to nearly $100 a day. The Q4 bonanza will ensure the sites break the $100 per day mark.

No doubt about it, we are definitely on the money train!

7 thoughts on “Get On The Money Train”

  1. Carl says:

    You’re on that money train! Next stop: INTERNET BONANZA!!!

  2. Stephen says:

    Sweet. Can’t wait to get the little sites going next week. I’ve actually been posting news items on it all along. Can’t wait to see what a real article will do.

  3. Ryan says:

    You’re really making me want to create a tech site. Care to help me get that dought? 🙂

  4. Paul says:

    Wow, nice work. How long do you expect the traffic increase to last? Is it a end-of year thing, or does it continue into the new year?

  5. Way to go Moto!
    After reading every week your blog, I decided I will start my own site network. I´ve already have a succesful one (1.2M hits/month) and the initial costs are already done, and my strong site can leverage the new sites.

    I need to fix some stuff in the strong one (new CMS more Google friendly should be ready in two weeks) and will start with two new proyects I have. Content is almost free, because the new editor´s will be taken from site N°1 discussion forum, and I will use the same CMS.

    I hope that for CES 2008 I can be a Dot Com Mogul just like you at CES 2006 😛

  6. John Chow says:

    Ryan – I thought my blog was made to help people get the dought. 🙂

    Pual – The traffic increase will last as long as I keep pumping out the content. Depending on how things go, I may continue after the new year or I may let the sites lapse back down to $300 a month again. It will actually be more than $300 a month because Google will have spidered all the new content.

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