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How’s your movie knowledge? Although I’m fairly familiar with most films released in the last 10 or 20 years, I’m not quite as knowledgeable when it comes to classics like Casablanca and Gone with the Wind. While lifeBLUE Media is a firm that focuses more on web design and SEO services, they’ve decided to get us to
review a fun application called Romance Cinema. And you’ve got a chance to win $500.

Find the 60 Hidden Movies

Romance Cinema is a game wherein you must find 60 movies that have been hidden within the illustrated scene. Within the Flash-based game are several romantic movie titles from the past 60+ years and these are represented by a variety of images. The image does not necessarily reflect the theme or characters in the movie, but is rather just representative of the movie’s title.

When you find a movie title, you simply click on that area and a text box will pop up. You then type in the movie’s title perfectly. If it is correct, the text box will disappear and the graphical element will turn gray. Here’s one movie to get you started. In this screenshot, there are at least two other movies being depicted. Can you find them?


As with some other Flash games, you are able to push the image around, so to speak, by moving your mouse. The image is actually larger than what is being shown at any given time and you are able to zoom in and out to get more (or less) detail. That said, I didn’t like the placement of the zoom controls, because you end up moving the image in order to get to the zoom buttons at the top.

Also at the top is an ongoing count of how many movies you have found and how much time you have taken.

Compete Against Your Friends

In true Web 2.0 fashion, lifeBLUE’s hidden objects game can be shared with all of your friends. I found the implementation of this to be a little lacking, however, because the navigation isn’t as obvious as it could be. I would have liked larger font and more obvious buttons for getting the instructions (how to play) and for sending the game to a friend.


You’ll also notice that there is an option to save the game. For this, all you do is enter your email address and then that is used to log back in, so to speak, when you come back to the site. There is no password or email confirmation needed.

Share the Love

Games are fun and all, but we’re more interested in making money online, right? Well, this is where the aforementioned $500 prize comes into play.

Along with the Romance Cinema game, lifeBLUE is also hosting their Share the Love contest. The idea is that you are provided with a unique image that you can then place on any website. Each time that image is viewed, you get one point. If you blog about the contest and place the image inside of your blog, you get two points. The person with the most points at the end of the contest — which runs until March 31st — is declared the winner.

That’s my Share the Love image on the right. What’s strange is that although I’m not currently on top of the leaderboard, the image is showing that I am ranked first. This is because it’s a static and not a dynamic image.

What’s In It For Them?

So, why would lifeBLUE be interested in offering us a free Flash game and a contest with a $500 prize? You don’t have to look any further than the code they provide for your “unique image.”


The picture itself is innocent enough, but you’ll notice that they also include a text link back to using the anchor text “web design”. The more people they can get to enter the contest, the more backlinks they get using the exact anchor text that they want. I’d imagine that removing this part of the code could nullify your entry in the contest.

Thus far, there are fewer than 30 entries in the contest, so your chances are still pretty good. The earlier you embed the code, the better, because it is based on number of views after all.

Click Here to Share the Love and Win $500

22 thoughts on “Get Ready to Share the Love with lifeBLUE”

  1. I am a movie fanatic, and will check this site out later. A very laid back review for a change Michael. 😆

    1. Lewis Empire says:

      I suck at this game…

  2. Bent says: anyway..good luck.

  3. I’ll give that a go, I remember something similar being circulated one halloween – I didn’t do too well with that one though.

  4. Syed Balkhi says:

    neatly designed site. decent review

  5. shy guy says:

    Love ?? OH I’m really want it..
    Where is the love….

  6. Simon Lau says:

    interesting content & contest for the site. Not a bad way to drive traffic back to your place. Hard to see the web design and SEO portion of the sight solely based on the flash review, but it’s nice to have something different every once in a while.

  7. Yet another lovely contest from lifeBLUE, seems like the first they made did proved to be useful 😉 a pitty I am not into romantic movies, but let me know about the next contest on movies of Jackie Chan :> (just kidding)

  8. anis says:


    i have won $30, when you want to win also?
    read here : Win $30

    1. Lewis Empire says:

      Can anyone say SPAM?

  9. RacerX says:

    Off Topic for a sec – All of my Google Feedfetcher subs dropped off this morning and I lost 50% of my subs. Looks like it happened here as well as John is back to 10K. Anyone hear what happpened?

  10. Yogesh Goel says:

    seems all r rank 1 for them….
    y am i having 50-50 doubts that this site is playing around with us….
    will anyone clarify…. 🙄

  11. Terry Tay says:

    I’m not sure how well I’ll do with guessing the movies, but I think it’s a pretty good that they’re giving people a chance to win $500. Of course it benefits them too.

    Holding these types of contests or promotions is good for directing attention to your product or service and/or driving traffic to your website. Of course you also know how much it benefits you when you get a lot of people to add your link with anchor text to their website.


  12. Jake Cohen says:

    This seems like a waist of time. The odds are against you as you will be waisting your time trying to get the most points when there are people out there that will spend all day just to win.

    This is a very common way to promote yourself these days though, and is smart from a marketing perspective, therefore I have a little respect for it.

    The game itself seems boring though, and didn’t raise much interest.

    1. Not something I want to spend my time doing, because I’m not into games.

  13. Lazy says:

    Great advergame 😈

    Thanks john! :mrgreen:

  14. 10k RSS Readers? Whassuuup with that? Just giving you a heads up if you did not notice the 40% drop since yesterday!

    1. There was an error, its fixed now 😉

  15. Even though $500 would be great to win, my blog has to look perfect. I don’t know if I would like something random like that on my blog even though it looks innocents. Congrats on ranking #1, however. I don’t know if I could beat that anway.

  16. JoNathan says:

    Sweetness! I am going to give it a try. Sounds like fun!

  17. That cinema game seems really fun, and a really unique idea!

  18. newSpark says:

    =P i’m gonna try this out right now.. but.. i’m not a fan of romantic movies.. sure nothing beats the classics but i haven’t seen any so i’m guessing i’ll probably find 2-4 hidden movies max.. all in all good post =D

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