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Many of the most successful people on the planet will tell you that you should focus on your strengths. What if you want to launch a new website or blog but you’re not a very good writer? What if you’d rather focus on the business side of things, spending more of your time on marketing and monetization?

Outsourcing can be a good option, but there are a lot of hacks out there. How can you be sure that you are getting quality writing at a decent price? Purecontent is a web content production company and they want to fulfill that need for you. Are they worth the price of admission? Read the rest of this review to find out.

Offering Quality Web Content Creation

Whether you need someone to complete a small number of articles in a timely fashion or you need a large quantity of articles on an ongoing basis, Purecontent aims to fulfill your web content needs. Some people prefer to deal with freelance writers (like me) directly, whereas others prefer to deal with a company that employs a team of writers. Purecontent obviously caters to the latter.

The Purecontent product line is quite varied and it does not appear that they specialize in any particular niche. In this way, if you are running a website that discusses Italian sports cars, they should have someone on their team to handle that area of expertise. If you need an article on home cooking, they’ve probably got someone to do that too.


In addition to premium web content, Purecontent also offers editorial articles and news feeds. They promise that all of these products come with a 100% unique guarantee, meaning that they use “the latest tools” to ensure that the articles produced are unique “in the eyes of the search engines.” Purecontent has translation services too.

Who Writes This Stuff?

As you may have already noticed, there are a lot of people on the Internet who offer writing services, but many of these people do not have English as their first language. This is not simply a matter of proper spelling and grammar, but also a matter of style and flow. Thankfully, these issues do not appear to be a problem with Purecontent, based on the description of their the writing team.


With over 1250 writers and 200 editors, Purecontent has quite the substantial team. With English as their first language, you can have greater assurance that your articles will be to your satisfaction.

You Get What You Pay For

To give you a better sense of what to expect from Purecontent, you can request a free Sample Pack. This six-page PDF document not only contains writing samples, but also the Purecontent rate sheet.


For premium web content, a 250-word article costs $16.00, a 500-word article costs $30.00, and a 1000-word article costs $55.00. Editorial articles are more expensive as they require deeper research and more careful crafting. The prices for 250-word, 500-word, and 1000-word editorial articles are $50.00, $95.00, and $180.00, respectively.

This pricing schedule is certainly higher than the $1 article farms, but it is still much more affordable than hiring a high-end copywriter. Coming from the perspective of a professional freelance writer, I’d say that these rates are very fair for what you get. Some of Purecontent’s current customers sound quite pleased with the quality as well.

The Delivery of Purely Content

How good is this premium content? Here is a brief excerpt from one of the writing samples:

The Louvre is not only a place of cultural importance but also a place where families can go and enjoy their time together. Children of all ages are invited to view the exhibits and there are special programmes and activities specifically designed for youngsters aged over four years. Young and Old visitors alike can enjoy the extensive grounds which include the impressive carousel gardens.

The writing is far from worthy of a Pulitzer Prize and it could use a little editing, but it’s easily acceptable for a website aiming to educate the public about tourist attractions in Paris. The posts on the company blog can also offer some insight into the quality that you can expect from Purecontent.


76 thoughts on “Get Some Purecontent On Your Website”

  1. Good writers do cost money that is true, but $50 per 250 word article is quite steep. I also like having a personal relationship with my writers, not going through an agency.

    This service might be great for some though

    1. says:

      How much does a free lancer writer typically make?

      1. $0.1 – $0.2 per word.. but it’s not set in stone, and depends on many factors. Reputation, experience, how big is the project, what is the timeframe.


        1. Certainly $50 for 250 words is expensive. But I do believe that they are in this market and they exactly knows what price they are offering and I am sure they will deliver the quality service as well.

          Normally I hire someone who have command over English and can write a 500 words articles in two hours. I have two or three of them.

          1. Ben Pei says:

            Now if JC decides to try them out, $50 would be cheap.

      2. Around 10000$ for complete work i guess. How does this compare with WP Answers?

      3. Dex Anthony says:

        It really depends on how long the article is and who the client is but i would say between 1-3 cents a word..

    2. I agree, it is a bit too expensive. But if you’re a successful blogger and need some good content, then this could be an option.

      1. Yes … you are right if you are a successful blogger and you know that many people are waiting to read your latest post than you will definitely try to put some quality stuff and quality stuff cost you more … there is no doubt about this.

    3. Ben Pei says:

      Not if they guarantee good content for you isn’t it? When you are making it big.. its better to start outsourcing..

    4. Reyn Aria says:

      I also like having a personal relationship with my ghostwriters. But this is quite a good deal though.

    5. I would have to agree – I’d be very hesitant to pay $50 for a 250 word article.

      Personally I can barely get started on a topic with 250 words. The damn thing better be written by Barack Obama for that price lol

      1. Hugger says:

        Just got their pricing, $50 is for their editorial stuff, normal articles are from $16, might have a go at that price

    6. TheSupertips says:

      Their pricing rates seem to be expensive. $16 for an article is hard. And you gotta choose between 250 or 500 words article? The longer you want, the more it is expensive. But, it’s the price of freedom, I guess.
      Fortunately, with my paypal earnings, I can afford to pay those prices. Just have to setup a new website to automate with those outsourced articles.

    7. Indeed it is a very expensive way to get content at least if you are a beginner. But maybe worth the price.

    8. Agreed. I really think that people should just try to write posts at least.

      On top of that, if you mix in your own posts with something like this, you may not fool too many people.

      For example, some people were shocked when they recently found out that Ann M. Martin [author of “The Baby-Sitter’s Club” books] only wrote the first 35 & had a ghostwriter do the rest. I wasn’t surprised because I noticed that the writing styles were different.

  2. Another good source to consider when needing good quality articles. Thanks for the info.

  3. Looks like a great program. I wonder how unique posts they make though. I just wrote a post on what britney spears can teach us about blogging, so I wonder if they can give that type of uniqueness in a crowded niche.

  4. This sounds like a great deal for quality content. Thanks for the info.

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Finally someone who agrees huh..

      1. Yeah and the person who agree got the avatar of $ shape as well.

  5. Sire says:

    OK, John, I know it’s your blog and you can do with it as you will, but I really wish that the links on your post would take me to a new page rather than loading on the same page as going back and forwards was a bit of a pain, not to mention the lag involved each time I had to get back to your article.

    Now to the article; It seems that they are aiming more at professionals who may not have the time to write their own work but do have the resources to pay someone to do it for them. Who knows, perhaps one day I may reach those lofty heights, but for now, I reckon I will just have to hit those keys on my keyboard whilst my brain directs them in forming words that some people may find, if not intellectually stimulating, at least find amusing.

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      You can open the links in a new tab or window. Right-click.

      1. make150aday says:

        Usually all blogs are like that. Links do not open in new page.
        It should be written in the code and its simple.
        You just have to mention the target as “blank”

        something like this

        1. make150aday says:

          hmm it should have worked but it didn’t…

          1. I always try to make all of the links to open in a new window. This way readers can still find your site after clicking the link.

  6. Pheak Tol says:

    IMO if you’re a blogger, you shouldn’t outsource your work. Writing your own articles, researching and building content in turn creating relationships with your readers, subscribers, or followers is what blogging is all about.

    But, if you got it, then you got it. Can’t really hate on the fact that you can afford to pay someone to post for you.

    LIke I said tho, it’s just my opinion that we as bloggers should build the relationship with our readers first hand then.

    Nice review though to Michael Kwan, as always!

    1. Yeah this one is very much true but what if you got someone who have more to say than you have. You know that if he will write for you than you will get the more visitors.

      If you are a professional blogger and want to earn money through your blog than this one is another way.

    2. I agree completely with you Pheak. The point of blogging is what YOU have to say. So what if your not Super Writer, at least it’s your thoughts.

      1. Exactly. Your writing should be good, but it doesn’t have to be PERFECT.

  7. I’d still opt for going to to find writers.

    I found a writer from London who wrote me 29 articles at around 500 words each and each article only cost about $13. They were brilliant quality too.

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Oh? Thats really cheap dave.

    2. Damilik says:

      I agree with Ben, it is cheap.

      1. Mate 500 words and 29 articles at that also at $13 and you are saying that these fellows are living in London.

        Do they have stomach ?

        I am paying $4.00 for one articles of 500 words.

        1. ZK- you should say where did you found that guys. That was cheap, or of course you can still use some software or PLR and rebuild them with WordFlood.

    3. SEO Tips says:

      Thats amazingly cheap, I am paying $3 per 300 word article written by a woman in London, I thought that was cheap. I think I need to get on to elance and hunt these people down.

  8. Sire says:

    Oops, my apologies Michael, I didn’t realize this was a guest post. I’ll try to be more attentive next time I visit JohnChow

    1. Its not a Guest Post.. Its a paid review 🙂

      1. Sire says:

        Really? I’m surprised I didn’t pick it as such. So Michael is virtually beating his own drum lol

        1. Lol! Yup, blowing his own horn.

          1. Ben Pei says:

            Playing his own trumpet..

        2. Michael Kwan says:

          I’m not associated with Purecontent in any way, so it’s almost like I’m advertising for a competitor, since I’m a freelance writer myself.

          1. Well thats cool enough. And BTW, How much did you charge by an 500 article?

          2. Michael Kwan says:

            It depends on the type of article, where it will be published, whether I’ll have a byline, the amount of research required, etc.

        3. lmfao you might want to check out the sidebar sometime!

  9. Agent 001 says:

    Well this service is not impressive enough. Paying so much for an article is just insane for me. I would rather write my own article. It gives me self satisfaction and my article itself become unique. I am also good at SEO so no need for services like this.

    1. Reyn Aria says:

      I agree with you. Outsourced articles can be a bad choice if you mix them with your own. There will be a different ‘feel’ between articles. You will lose the personal touch and connection with your audience. I really against outsourcing for blog contents, but if it’s for directories then I guess it’s quite a good deal.

  10. Writing your article on your own is the BEST! You know what exactly you want, and you can do some research one and take some lines from other articles as well.. But however, this service looks great for the lazy guys 😉

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Well.. Heard about the bloggers block?

    2. But sometimes you dont have enough time to do so. If you do great.

    3. Yep. I love writing my own posts & I love seeing what people have to say about MY posts.

  11. Damilik says:

    At least this would save me some trouble of finding article freelancers.

  12. SEO Tips says:

    Ouch! That is some expensive content writing, with prices like that you will be expecting some pretty darn amazing content.

    I personally prefer to stick to freelance writers who I deal with on a one two one basis.

  13. Jon says:

    At these prices, it’s actually cheaper to farm out your work as for these prices, you could get over 10 good quality articles for the same price. It’s a tough business to get into and succeed but I wish PureContent the best of luck.

    Jon – Create Unique Memories

  14. game-girl says:

    It is difficult to say wheather it is really quite normal price or too expensive.It depends on a great deal of factors including the situation and the state of mind.

  15. Camillon says:

    Thanks for the information. Many bloggers will consider this for sure, especially those with enough budget.

    1. make150aday says:

      those with enough budget wouldn’t be coming to

  16. Hmm…. The service is not that cheap. But based on what I saw in sample, articles are pretty good.

    1. MelodyNieves says:

      But when you have the reputation of your blog on the line, are “pretty good” articles truly worth the money?

  17. Wow I never thought the articles would be worth that much!!! Good post Michael!!

  18. MelodyNieves says:

    It seems like when you have a team of people who don’t really know you or your goals, that soliciting for outside writers keeps your posts somewhat impersonal.

    I think before you try to buy someone, try to get your friends who are great writers to provide an article when their available, it may be the start of a profitable relationship.


    1. I think that the only time you should really let other people post is guest posts & if you have an online magazine.

  19. If you want to get a freelancer or your a freelancer looking for work you can visit my link. Hope you’ll find it useful.

  20. I would not recommend there service to anyone! 1.) They are way to expensive 2.) They seem to be sort of poor customer service 3.) I could think of a whole more of what I could with that kind of money before paying that much for content.



    P.S. I sure hope this was a paid review!

    1. Heron says:

      Hi Blogger instinct, 2.) They seem to be sort of poor customer service If i were you id ring them straight away lol!

  21. Why would you even want to use a service. Isn’t the goal of blogging is that you yourself write it?

  22. make150aday says:

    yes the price is kind of high specially with the economy like this.
    I can have someone write nice articles for as low as $5-$6.
    Try me. I have people ready to write, and the articles will be unique.

  23. make150aday says:

    oh one more thing–

    Good English writers don’t always mean that they need to be native speakers.

  24. joe gelb says:

    these ideas are very interesting. I would say that my strength is giving some one else the content hands.

  25. Jake says:

    yeah… too much for my blood.. i don’t see paying that if i was a big timer either.. i think there are way better prices around for articles that are great!

  26. Heron says:

    These products look like than can be used for SEO reach as well from the documentation. I filled in their form and had a sample pack in about 40 mins. The $50 stuff is for things like press releases and things like that which I dont really have a use for. Hey if the article get a few links that’s worth something in my book. Im going to give their $16 buck product a go for some seo reach stuff and see how I go. Thanks for the lead JC. Who cares if its paid review BTW if its approriate to the industry I want to read it.

  27. After awhile, it’s never a bad option to look into these types of companies, but like Michael said, you get what you pay for.

    Always try to get sample work from a prospective writer before you take the plunge and realize how your personal brand may change with the influx of new writers.

  28. Definitely not for me. I’d rather write my own articles & my staff feel the same way.

  29. Oh wow – and we only charge $0.015 per word LOL maybe that should prompt us to increase our rates? 🙂

  30. Purecontent needs to hire me as a proofreader so they don’t have errors like this in their advertising:

    ‘We carefully match our to our ………….’

    The post totally lost my attention when I saw that, and the company lost credibility.

  31. From the short except provided, it seems good quality writing but it’s expensive considering that most people who want to outsource do this continuously. It probably caters to people who can easily afford this.

    Peter Lee

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