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Buy low. Sell high. It seems like such a simple concept, but the stock market is inherently volatile and you want to gain whatever edge you can get. Giving you a leg up on all the other traders is a service called InsidersLab, which aims to provide you with all sorts of insider trading information.

As we make our way through this review, we’ll take a look at what kind of information will be made available to you, how you can capitalize on these opportunities, and whether this service is worth the added investment above and beyond the usual costs associated of playing the stocks.

What Is InsidersLab?

Maybe you’re already a day trader. Maybe you’ve considered dabbling in the stock market, but you don’t have enough information to make the educated decisions just yet. Whatever the case, InsidersLab wants to give you an insider’s edge on making money on the stock market.

The idea with this stock tip service is that you are given the ability to “track insider trading activity for SEC-listed securities.” If you keep a keen eye on what the high-ranking officials at a company are doing, you can get a better sense of whether the business is doing well or it might be slipping. If your mirror their activity, you may be able to reap some serious profits.

But Isn’t Insider Trading Illegal?

This is where it can get a little sticky. Not surprisingly, many CEOs, VPs, and other company officers hold stock in their own companies. They are also allowed to buy and sell these stocks, but they have to report these transactions in a timely matter too.

Without getting into the details (you can read more on Wikipedia), there is legal insider trading and there is illegal insider trading. With the latter, the trades are being conducted based on confidential, non-public information. That’s a no-no. Even so, just the general sense that a VP has about a company can be a good indication as to whether now is a good time to buy or to sell that stock.

Watching the Insiders Trade at Google

As an example of what you can expect from InsidersLab, they have provided an “Insiders Chart” of Google, Inc., which is publicly traded as GOOG.

This chart shows the transaction history of the execs at Google. This particular chart doesn’t seem to show a particular trend, per se, but it gives you an idea what these charts can tell you.

The green markers are when a CEO, CFO, Director, or so on buys more stock in the company. The empty red markers are when these same individuals sell stock in the company. Here is another example.

In this example, the CEO bought “millions” of shares in China Agritech Inc. and the stock price rose 1500% in the following year, shooting from around $1.80 per share to over $30.00 per share. That’s some serious profit. You just have to know where to look.

What Other Info Can I Have?

That’s just one example of the “insider” data that you can get by subscribing to InsidersLab. They have several other tools that you can use too. On the demo section of the site (which shows data that has been delayed two months), you can see things like a list of notable trades in various companies.

If one of the transactions catches your eye, you can then utilize that data to your advantage and trade accordingly. Of course, you’ll want to do your own due diligence, but that’s true of anything that has to do with buying and selling stocks, right?

Other tools include the ability to put stocks on your watchlist, getting an overview of the market, researching the backgrounds of various companies, and keeping an eye on the top 10 companies with the highest net buys. You also get weekly stock picks, insider radar, and company reports.

How Much Does It Cost?

To help you get started with InsidersLab, they have set up a 14-day trial that costs only $1.95. If you like what you see, then you’ll be the hook for the regular subscription price of $59 per month. If you’re able to make an extra $59 a month based on this insider info, then you’re obviously ahead of the game. Naturally, InsidersLab can’t guarantee that you’ll make money, because the buying and selling decisions are ultimately yours.


50 thoughts on “Get Stock Trading Tips and Info from InsidersLab”

  1. fazal mayar says:

    thanks for this review, stock trading isnt that easy without tools and research.

    1. Kevin Kimes says:

      I’d have to take a trial of the software to see if it’s any good, and I would NOT jump into stock trading after just buying a piece of software.

      However, stock trading and investing is another great way to diversify any online business. When your business is doing well, use some of your extra capital to wisely trade & invest in stocks.

      1. Erwin Miradi says:

        Yeah I agree. A lot people find stock trading as a good way of investment, some of my close friends too. But I personally think it’s more like gambling. Or perhaps I just don’t that much about stock trading yet.

        1. PPC Ian says:

          I agree trading is a bit more like gambling. However, if you buy and hold dividend paying stocks for cash flow, that’s a real investment. πŸ™‚

          1. Kevin Kimes says:

            It may seem like gambling, which is why I hinted at not jumping into stock trading. I know successful traders, or “day traders” who trade with no intent to keep a stock for more than a few days.

            In order to do it properly, they have to learn a LOT before starting, and have to research each stock they buy, before the purchase. There’s a lot of information available about stocks that most of us don’t even know exists.

            Knowing where to find and how to understand these things are vital to being a trader.

      2. arun says:

        yes you are right, without trial we cannot invest in these softwares

  2. kitkupon says:

    Trial is great. For this period of time you can gain great experience and mistakes you can avoid in the future. Great opportunity to lear,

    1. Yes trial will help you to run on your feet …

      Just do not be greedy in this business.

  3. InsidersLab sounds interesting program, my idea of ​​stock trading is a bit like being bisexual, sometimes you get it in the ass. πŸ™‚

    1. Lol interesting thought there.

      I normally am a little skeptical with software, but I might try it out anyway..

  4. fas says:

    and I thought insider trading is not allowed!

    1. Ha, ha, almost all trade is indirect insider trading in some way.

    2. Virtual Tour says:

      I know, it totally looks like there is a lot of insider trading going on here.

  5. PPC Ian says:

    I like buying and holding dividend paying stocks for cash flow. That said, this could be helpful, I will check it out.

  6. arun says:

    thanks for this useful post, I was looking for a reliable parter to provide signals.

  7. Mate Hegedus says:

    Looking great… but I am 16 so I have to pass

    1. You’re so young and are interested..Impressed by your confidence well keep it up dude.all the best.

  8. Myke says:

    Here Are The Tools I Use To Make $40,000 a Month

    You aweber e-mail mailing list post listed above.. none of the links works. And theres no such thing as the Ninja Affiliate wordpress plug-in, or I can’t find it.

    1. Kevin Kimes says:

      John might need to update some of the links from his mailers and his ebook. I think I read somewhere that he’s working on that.

  9. Brian says:

    Just put a lot of money in the market today. Get real nervous when I do this lol!

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Best of luck Brian! Any particular stocks you like?

      1. Virtual Tour says:

        I’d really like to know what you invested in as well? I like to know what people are doing!

  10. I have not much experienced with insider lab

    1. Virtual Tour says:

      I’ve never even tried them out but this they are a pretty cool service.

  11. interesting post love to check it out

    1. Good going Top,wish you all the best.

  12. hmm hadn’t heard about this one. Thanks looks interesting and always good to have an edge when it comes stocks.

    1. yes i like your point

      1. Indeed it’s a great piece of points.

  13. If you want to earn money other than internet business than share trading is also a good option but instead of this I always prefer investment in Gold and Land.

    1. Kevin Kimes says:

      Your suggestions are also good, ZK. I’d say investments in dividend stocks, gold, and Land are three great ways to diversify.

    2. arun says:

      Agree with you Zk land is the best investment in current scenario

    3. Erwin Miradi says:

      Yeah. But I personally think trading is like getting in the ring with young Mike Tyson. If you win, there’ll be a huge prize for that. But a little miscalculation, then BAM! a 3 tons punch on the face.. Too risky.

  14. Investing on something will help to earn a lot of money but choosing the process is more important

    1. who2india says:

      Agreed wrong method and you are in trouble.

  15. Good revised on trade at Google..

    1. SportsNub says:

      Yes, I liked it a lot and it seems helpful as well.

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  17. Stock market is getting changed day by day we should be part of the side which helps u to earn a lot

    1. Virtual Tour says:

      Or the side that makes us a lot of money!

  18. I am really inspired from your entire post,Michael you are a single minded man..
    Keep sharing such resources for us.

    1. SportsNub says:

      Yes, surely. It’s a very good post!

  19. Virtual Tour says:

    Keep up the good posts man!

  20. JR says:

    There is a lot of good information here. I’ve tried a few of those forex “Expert advisors” or trading robots and none of them seemed to work very well. the best stratagy I know of for trading stocks is to trade high yield paying dividend stocks. The advantage beeing if the price goes down you still make money from the dividends. I’m currently invested in about a dozen stocks that pay out an average of 12%. Just be sure to research your picks and buy on the dips.

  21. Good to be part of your blog getting some useful tips

  22. Thanks for posting your useful tips. These are great ideas. Keep it up. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  23. stock market always shows ups and downs in graph we should not much depend on it

  24. Essays says:

    To make good money through stocks, we need to invest a lot, plus peace of mind for prompt trading. Softwares likes this one, make our life easy.

  25. Technary says:

    Stock Exchange….really a great way to earn money too. Thanks for sharing the info!

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