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They say that content is king, but writing unique content on a continual basis can be a very daunting and time-consuming task. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just have a network of blogs that essentially ran themselves? Datapresser addresses this very need by automatically generating a never-ending supply of original content.

Too good to be true? Can you really make all sorts of passive income by subscribing to this system? Read the rest of this review to get the lowdown on Datapresser.

Datapresser Generates Unique Content

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Datapresser should not be used for your primary blog, because the content it generates is not exactly insightful or timely. The goal of the system is to generate content “for the sake of building backlinks and advertising revenue.” In this way, it is meant to be a replacement for the scraping tools out there. You can click here for a short presentation on the Content Generator.

In a nutshell, you set up a series of scripts and for each of these, you define the number of static words, the number of databases used, and the number of wildcards used. Datapresser takes a family of words (you can ask it for synonyms) and inserts them into sentences. Remember doing mad libs in school? Same idea. The net result, they say, is “human legible content” that can “pass human inspection.”

There are two key advantages to using this system for generating MFA blogs over the scraping strategy. First, the content is completely original, because it has not been posted anywhere else on the Internet. No duplicate content penalty from Google. Second, the content will be unique and “legible”, so it will look like a real person wrote it.

What Kind of Content Should I Expect?

I ran through a couple of example scripts provided by Datapresser to see what kind of content it would generate. The result reads as if it were written by someone who has English as a second language.

our clique is concerned about knocking off those excessive flab. Sweating it out in the hopes of burning that excess weight is just everyday routine for all. Staying in good shapeis not something everybody can do, it requires a load of sweat,sweat,hard work.Health is very much important in today’s world.always maintaining in great shape is very important since always remaining a great body keeps not only your physical body healthy but also your mind clean.

It’s legible, but I think you’d agree that it’s pretty bad. It’s filled with spacing, punctuation, and capitalization errors, but these can presumably be fixed by tweaking the script. You decide whether you think it reads like a script wrote it. I should also note that trying to write these scripts yourself can be a little time-consuming at first.

The generated content can be downloaded as a plain text file, but it can also be retrieved as a WordPress file. This file can then be imported through your blog’s admin area.

Stat and Link Tracking

The content generation system, which comes with access to the Wordze Keyword Search system ($45/month), only makes up one half of what Datapresser has to offer. The other half is a site tracking system.

Site data is tracked in real time. Not only can you keep an eye on your own websites, but you can also spy on the competition as well. Information collected include backlinks, indexed pages, and external links. Data is shown from the last 30 days. For example, here are the graphs for the number of backlinks and indexed pages for John Chow dot Com.

Using the stat tracking system was a lot more intuitive than the content generation system, but that could be because I’m more familiar with stat tracking than automatic content generators. A diagram explaining the site tracker can be found here.

How Much Does It Cost?

Datapresser offers content generation and site tracking in one tidy package. The user interface is reasonably intuitive, but it would be very helpful if there was a more comprehensive tutorial for the creating mad lib scripts. The syntax isn’t exactly clear. Even so, getting original content on a continual basis is much better than scraping RSS feeds.

Datapresser is currently in a closed beta and regular people would have to join a waiting list. But that’s regular people. John Chow dot Com readers can bypass the waitlist by using a special link. Datapresser costs $67.99 (CAD) a month. Payment is accepted via PayPal subscription.


39 thoughts on “Get Unique Content from Datapresser”

  1. Wow crazy technology. With a little editing it can easily be worth publishing. And I definitely agree it shouldn’t be used for the bulk of anything, specially if it doesn’t provide any specific useful information.

    1. I think this will be great for those millions of spam blogs you see out there, and would prove to be even more beneficial if they could edit these posts to be helpful and actually make sense.

      One reason most people read blogs is because of the personality behind the blog… so this is definitely for marketing/SEO purposes. And for that, it’s probably great. *=)

      1. lohan says:

        this is great ? are you nuts or something, this is terrible spammy product. you are going to spend time writing those scripts when you could just hire humans to do it much better.

  2. Abdul says:

    A very useful tool fo old bloggers, but right now I don’t need such tools because I CAN come up with something interesting to talk about everyday!

  3. I don’t like these tools. It reminds me of someone simply trying too hard. Tons of editing involved and kind of reminds me the folks having to pay for sex. Very sloppy and needy…

  4. tyna says:

    Based on the sample you provided from the datapresser,it needs a lot of editing work on the content before one could use it.To me it is not worth wasting money on.I would rather pay freelancers to write for me when that time comes.

  5. jatt says:

    It was great if we can get more and more contents as easy as this. However, i prefer the easy and free way to have my blo contents using others. 😈

  6. marty says:

    I’m disappointed that you’re pushing products such as this – where the primary function of the product is to generate useless content for websites to fool search engines.
    Publishing crap as generated by this application just serves to pollute search engine rankings with useless results.

  7. That’s not content its drivel. I think Google is smarter than to index sites with this type of thing on them. If not then I think it is very sad – just more spam.


  8. $67.99 a month? No thanks.

    1. Thiago Prado says:

      It’s not that expensive. It’ll depends if you really need the service to your business.

      1. Syed Balkhi says:

        for someone to just try it out … It is a bit expensive.

  9. Earnblogger says:

    The automatic link growth idea sounds interesting. Well, it is not for me! 😈 Because I prefer other ways and there are other scripts to generate contents. Thanks for the info.

  10. Mike says:

    Smells like spam, tastes like spam…

    1. Geiger says:

      Must be SPAM!?

  11. Roshan says:


  12. Wow, although it does include the $45/month system i think its not worth the fee.

    This is because, if you need to create something to reword documents – you can easily build one yourself or purchase a system off forums.

    I paid $7 i think for a system which is relatively good – well it doesn’t generate all the errors that this system seems to be i.e. no spaces etc.

  13. GByte says:

    .. It’s A SPAM! 😯

    I thought even The Root Of All Evil isn’t THAT evil to review BH SEO tools.

  14. Pete says:

    So this is why the web is full of useless junk nowadays. I wonder if things like this give us real website owners a bad rep…

  15. Geiger says:

    I like the idea for supplemental content to landing pages. However! Google won’t like this at all. Secondly $70 a month just seems a bit ridiculous. $7 a month is more like it.

    1. Thiago Prado says:

      The price is too high and it’s too complicated to get what you need.

  16. James says:

    I think there are better options (and cheaper) if you want to splog. Not to mention purchasing content (you could get a lot of PLR material for $65 a month that would be readable) or hiring a writer.
    Better yet, actually write about something you care about yourself.
    I think we will soon be seeing a lot of things like this begin to get combined with the “Bans” type sites as people realize that they need some kind of content to get traffic to the site.

  17. Lou Green says:

    Ugh, I hate this spammy stuff. Really, you might get a small, temporary benefit from using junk like this, but is it worth it in the end? Its only a matter of time before your site is flagged as spam, your backlinks marked useless by Google, and all of your primary sites will suffer as a result.

    Is it really that difficult to just write some halfway decent content once in a while? πŸ™„

  18. Ganesh says:

    Not a very good product. Bloggers can come up with their own unique content. I don’t see the meaning in some system writing content for you.

  19. Austin says:

    I prefer to write my own content. ha ha

  20. PaulB says:

    Oops, $500 wasted.

  21. ….. what??? i dont see this so called ” high tech ” can help us to attract returning visitors. Maybe only good for those backlinks

    1. Thiago Prado says:

      There are two key advantages to using this system for generating MFA blogs over the scraping strategy. First, the content is completely original, because it has not been posted anywhere else on the Internet. No duplicate content penalty from Google. Second, the content will be unique and β€œlegible”, so it will look like a real person wrote it.

  22. John – I know you’re not recommending this service, but I think it’s crap. I mean, the whole point of this is to create junk content that is written by an autobot and get the search engines crawling it. I don’t want to read that kind of content and I’m guessing no one else does either. The whole point of blogging is for the blogger to connect with their audience, which typically happens in the comments sections. Anyway, I’d rather spend the sixty something dollars a month on a few bottles of great red wine…
    Speaking of good services, I DO recommend tubemogul for viral video distribution, which I wrote a very short review about on my blog…if anyone’s interested. πŸ’‘

  23. This wouldn`t be saving too much time , unless it`s a bit optimized , not really sure how to. Those are fatal grammar and punctuation errors that have to be fixed manually , so there is some time involved in the whole thing. It`s a bit tricky to pay for such stuff when it`s only in it`s beta version , otherwise great idea. A text can always be taken from somewhere else and easy be rephrased. Nobody can penalize you for doing rephrasing , not even google and it`s not plagiarizing either.

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  24. I would say it is quite a controversial tool πŸ™‚

  25. For $68 per month It should be a bit easier to use. I don’t know, it feels a bit too spammy for me.

    1. Syed Balkhi says:

      I just dont think I can use a content generator to put content on my website. Rather do it myself or hire a writer.

    2. Chances are it would be more work than just writing a keyword full article yourself.

  26. As an SEO content writer, I’m happy to see stuff like this come along. It means I’ll always have work.

    By the time you use “technology” like this and clean up the copy to make it coherent, you could easily write a 200-300 word interesting, relavant, original post for your readers. Even though that’s short, at least it would be “from theheart/from your experience, from your point of view.”

    I mean come on, if you have to resort to technology like this, why do you want a web business — jeez!


  27. Quintin Riis says:

    What a bunch of junk. πŸ™

  28. I’ll pass on that. Sure it’s legible but there are too many errors. It’s frustrating to read!

  29. Sha says:

    Why not just create your own content? Originality is better. Things like this are crap.

  30. chetan says:

    I think this will decrease the quality of the content of the blogs. I will never try this on my blog.

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