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If you want to make money on the Internet though a content-based site, you should definitely weigh your monetization options. Google Adsense is probably the most popular ad network, but as you can tell from John’s monthly income recaps, it is not the most lucrative.

Prior to this ReviewMe review, I had never heard of ExoClick. After going through their website, I’m still not entirely sure what to think of this so-called “innovative PPC platform“. Is it an Adsense killer or just a minor hiccup for Google? Let’s find out.

What Ads Do They Offer?

ExoClick is a PPC-based ad network, so in this way, it can almost be directly compared to Adsense. The key difference is that the ads are not contextual. The primary product here are the quintessential ad blocks, coming in a variety of standard sizes (468×60, 160×600, etc.), and the ads that they serve up depend on the category your select and the keywords that you enter.

At this time, I have deployed a 728 leaderboard on my blog, as well as a 300 box in this post. I personally don’t like the choice of font, because it does not integrate very well with my blog. I hope that ExoClick adds an option to change the font in the near future. As it stands, you can choose the format (size), border thickness, and the colors for the ad title, ad text, and background.


ExoClick has no problem heading into the more “mature” end of the blog monetization pool. In fact, among the category list for ads, you’ll find gambling, adult, and dating, as well as more conventional categories like blogging, car insurance, and games. Thankfully, there is an option to activate an adult ad filter. There are 17 categories in all.

While the basic ad block is what most people will use, ExoClick also offers categorized web portals, monetized domain parking, and search boxes like the one shown below. These boxes link to the same sites as the web portals.

Search the web:

On a side note, when you check out the publisher information page, the sample ad block shows an image accompanying the text, but this wasn’t the case when I put the ads on my blog. It could be dependent on the category, keyword, or specific ad, but I can’t say for sure. Also, while you can buy them, it doesn’t seem that you can sell ExoClick text link ads.

Affiliate Program

John has always said that the best kind of income is passive income, so it’s good to hear that ExoClick has a referral program wherein you get “a 5% bonus LIFETIME on the earnings” of anyone you sign up. With the basic ad block, the referral link is built into where it says “Ads by ExoClick”.


Weekly Payouts

With Adsense, you only get paid once a month and that appears to be the standard with most other ad networks. Browsing through the FAQ, I discovered that ExoClick promises to pay you every week, assuming that you reach the minimum payout level.

If you want a check or a wire transfer, the minimum threshold is $100. If you’re willing to get paid via Paypal or Epassporte, the minimum payout level is just ten bucks. One big thing that I should note is that ExoClick charges a fee if you want a check ($30) or a wire transfer ($20), whereas PayPal and Epassporte payments are “free.”

Make Money Online with ExoClick

Unlike Google where you sign up as a publisher (Adsense) and as an advertiser (Adwords) separately, the application process for ExoClick is completely unifed. One account for everything. On a related note, the application form is VERY short (name, password, email address) and approval is instantaneous. This way, you can start making money right away.

Given that I’ve only been running their ads for one day, it’s hard for me to pass judgment on whether ExoClick is worth implementing on your blog. The back-end seems to be organized reasonably well and I appreciate the detailed stats. And like most other ad networks, the revenue share is 50%.

Got banned from Adsense or want to supplement the Google machine? Then this PPC-based solution might work for you.

Click here to sign up with ExoClick


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  1. Wow :mrgreen: this looks like an interesting company regarding ppc

    1. Finally I got the first comment on JC’s post I’ve been trying to do that for days. It seems your high readership makes it hard to do so. Maybe I should create a pager where it can buzz me once your blog updates it’s post. Because having the 1st comment builds great traffic.

      1. Weekly payouts and a 5% referral passive income. This is a must do.

        1. Etienne says:

          did you just hog the first 3 comments on JC’s post!!!lol~ 😀

          1. well, it’s evil, and clever

          2. Debo Hobo says:

            For real very evil and very clever 😈

          3. lionstarr says:

            Guess it’s just to get in the top commentators list…

        2. Peter says:

          Agreed. Plus they pay with Paypal, which makes things 100X more convenient. Dunno why Adsense does not support that. Looks like exoclick is something worth trying, and definitely a nice alternative. Wonder how the clicks pay compared to other ppc.

          Succeed With This || Blogging Tips

          1. Peter says:

            With a lil research, it looks like a lot of people are getting ‘only’ 1 cent clicks!
            Unless I hear better stories, I think I’ll pass on this one. 😕

            Succeed With This || Blogging Tips

        3. cooliojones says:

          You replied to yourself for a comment? Do you do that in real life too? 🙂

          1. Goob says:

            Hahah, he replied to himself not only once, but twice! 🙂

          2. lionstarr says:

            Just imagine how he replies to himself:

            1: I should stop replying to myself
            2: Yeah, you should
            3: Maybe, I shouldn’t

        4. He must be so excited about the post that he replied too much.

          1. i’m sure he’s

      2. Cash Quests says:

        You got the first 3 comments. Congratulations on becoming a comment whore. 😀

        1. Michael Kwan says:

          Gah! You beat me to it.

          1. How did he beat you to it? Didnt you write the post?

          2. Goob says:

            No, he’s talking about Cash Quest beating him to saying Blogging The Movie is a comment whore.

        2. Lol. I saw you on the last JC post. You were all over the top comments. Did you change your avatar instead of pink?

      3. wow, so many comments

      4. I have written about this post here: Japan Trains & Donuts.
        I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.

    2. Hey! Sounds really interesting 😈

      1. mybloggo says:

        This what i need to say

    3. Michael Kwan says:

      Wow, you’re so excited about this that you have to have the first THREE comments? 😆

      1. I’m always excited about JC postings, it just so happens that I was on the first 3 this time around

        1. haha.. This idea of getting the first comment was amusing to me that I had to put up a post on it. I know there are others like me. Cash Quests, Michael Kwan, and A video a day. You guys rock you sneaky bastards.

          1. Debo Hobo says:

            They say the early bird gets the worm

      2. cooliojones says:

        Wait — this is all a stunt to get more people coming to his website. That’s why he did it, and now some of you will go if you haven’t gone already. Too late for me! 🙂

        1. I’m not going there out of principle now! Screw you hippy! 😈

    4. Debo Hobo says:

      Having been banned from Google I will definitly be looking into this. I use others already but the more the better. 😈

      1. lionstarr says:

        Why have you been banned from Google?

  2. There are so many players in the game of advertising on line I’m surprised that the sheer number of them don’t cause the payout to plummet.

    1. cooliojones says:

      Well think about the sheer number of blogs out there and the ones that are born every minute, and the number of advertisers trying to reach an ever-growing audience and them realizing that they are getting more exposure for their money everyday — and that’s why the numbers stay up. If the ad company doesn’t pay good, no one will sign up to have ads on their site, or worse, JC will do a ReviewMe post on them and they will be through before they even started.

      1. This is very true.

    2. There is so many but why are people looking for AdSense alternatives? I think there could be few more.

      1. Debo Hobo says:

        For me it is beacuase I got banned. Why? who knows they are too powerful and will keep your money for no reason.

  3. Michael Kwan says:

    Although this post has only been live for a few minutes, I have received my first click on ExoClick and I can tell you that it was worth….. a penny.

    1. Miqu says:

      Lol, i guess (a PPC from ukraine that accept payment through E-Gold) still has a higher CPC than this one 😀

      But things will change, i hope.

    1. Goob says:

      Thanks for that link.

    2. There are negative feedbacks even about Google AdSense.

  4. shman says:

    Seems to be interesting proposition. I hope I won’t be banned from Google :P.

    1. Goob says:

      Haha, I doubt they’ll ban you for using a competitor’s service as well.

  5. Got banned from AdSense today :evil:. I am not gonna bother trying to get back in… but will try this and Yahoo and weigh my new options. Thanks again Michael for the great post. Now I know why John keeps emphasizing not to put all your eggs in one basket. 😈

    1. cooliojones says:

      DUDE!! Did they tell you why? Wassup with that? You gotta put a post up on your site about that!

      1. Goob says:

        Yeah, we need to hear more about this! DETAILS! 😯

    2. Debo Hobo says:

      Google is good for taking yor money and keeping it without a good explanation.

  6. Etienne says:

    hi asela, sad to hear you got ban from google. you can always try other ppc programs that pays out faster than google’s min $100!

    1. Thanks Etienne, I will try… I was hoping that Google would stop banning people at random like this but I suppose they always have their greedy little fingers into everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to take over the world once they are done with taking over the internet. 😈

      I also signed up for ExoClick as soon as I posted my comments here a while back… they look interesting.

  7. Etienne says:

    hey john, is exoclick able to work with google adsense, dont want to get ban using both 🙂

    1. ouchs says:

      Probably not, if it looks like google ads then you are not allow, it’s like trying to run YPN and Adsense together, you”ll definately get banned!

  8. musicNmovies says:

    seems like pretty new company.
    Will have to check the details before letting it in !

  9. musicNmovies says:

    Acc. to digitalpoint forums, the company doesn’t seem at all intresting

    1. Etienne says:

      apparently i think this company seems new and everyone is more used to others like bidvertiser,auctionads and of course google adsense, give it some time to grow..

      1. Debo Hobo says:

        I use both bidvertiser and auction ads. I like both of them better than adsense.

  10. ouchs says:

    pretty interesting but I think sticking with Google is my safe bet right now!

    1. cooliojones says:

      Haven’t you seen the posts out here about people being banned from Google? You can’t *totally* rely on them, ALWAYS have a backup plan!

  11. Fable says:

    ExoClick sounds pretty cool. Shame I hadn’t even heard of them until now! 😉


  12. I just signed up to exoclick and started looking through the ads that they will place on your site.

    Very disappointing. If it wasn’t porn, then it was very similar “search” listings or Viagra. Boring.

    While I only operate a small blog, the ads do not appeal to me to click on them and I doubt my readers would click on them either.

    The only value of this advertising system would be for people who click on their own ads, which is against the rules.

    However the weekly $10 payout via paypal is nice, I will wait before I install the code onto my page.

    1. cooliojones says:

      I still don’t understand why people are happy with the low payment threshold. $10 won’t motivate me like $100. And when you get $10, you kinda shoot for that subconsciously, so it defeats your growth aspirations.

  13. Exoclick says:

    Hey Michael, thanks for this great review. Your feedback is taken into consideration for our next upgrade!

    I also raised your revenue share and I will do the same for anybody signup up from John Chow, automatic +15%, just mention you come from John Chow in the comments.

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      Thanks for the bump! 🙂

    2. Debo Hobo says:

      Wow and they offer quick service…williness to adjust to the partner…very interesting.

  14. Starboykb says:

    Hmm..nice i decided to tried it

  15. Andy says:

    I agree with contamination.

    The ads they serve are extremely limited. For the Games category there are only two ads total! One opens up a spammy search result.


    1. Thank you very much!

  16. Bloggeries says:

    Looks like a solid program John. I like the PPC end and affiliate. A note on affiliate programs though, never ever go for single payouts, always take less but on a % so you can get residuals. That’s the secret. I”m going to look into exoclick. I have that kontera and a few others to decide upon :). Thanks for the info!

  17. Miqu says:

    Well i guest John Review will increase ExoClick…. advertiser

    Surely not the publisher for now 😐

  18. I’ve used them they were pure crap for me.

  19. supernoobice says:

    😯 How i wish we have paypal on our country!

  20. Looks good, I’ll give it a shot! :mrgreen:

  21. Casey says:

    The low payout is tempting but the downsides and low rates just doesn’t beat adsense.

  22. It is always good to have AdSense alternative. everyone is looking. lets se how they grow in time.

  23. And it is good that they have also domain parking feature which you cannot see so often.

  24. simon says:

    Sounds good, I will try it.

  25. Jason says:

    You will be rolling in the dough once this becomes popular and you get a lot of referrals through this post.

    1. Debo Hobo says:

      I wish I could afford a John Chow review me. 😈

      1. lionstarr says:

        Maybe the free Link for a Review will do it, too?

    2. Michael Kwan says:

      That’s what I’m hoping. 😉

  26. says:

    For some reason just the name ExoClick rubs me the wrong way. Way to go ExoMarketeers 😡

  27. Mybloggo says:

    Register my site in this PPC company already….

  28. This is quite interesting to say the least. I am definitely going to read more about this service, and then hopefully sign up!

  29. Anonity says:

    I already used them twice but they were a great disappointment 🙁

    1. lionstarr says:

      What were the problems?

  30. David Beroff says:

    Could you please either have your feed display the posts’ authors’ names, or simply ask them to sign their posts? I read your blog’s feed at LiveJournal, (, and it’s incredibly confusing when “John” is spoken of in the third person, but there’s no clear signature indicating who’s doing the writing.


  31. Bichicome says:

    Does it work for spanish blogs??

    1. Si, no hay problema 😉

  32. This is another option – which is good for all of us. The more options we have, the better off we’ll be. I’m going to look into this- thanks!

  33. samuro says:

    Nice review!. I have joined exoclick before, and some category there are no advertisers.

  34. lionstarr says:

    Seems interesting…

  35. Marc says:

    i’m gonna give this a try

  36. Thank you for all the feedback guys!

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me so I can make sure it works out good for you!

  37. My blog was recently banned by Google Adsense. So I was looking for any alternative income sources to monetize my blog.

    At the moment I use AuctionAds and Kontera… It’s seems to me ExoClick is worth to try.

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