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I already reviewed the e-book SEO Essentials For a Top 10 Search Engine Ranking over at Entrepreneur’s Journey earlier this month. I guess the e-book’s author — Eric Brown — wants even more exposure (and a few questions addressed), so that’s why he decided to put in this ReviewMe request on John Chow dot Com as well. Reaching 9500+ savvy RSS subscribers can only do wonders for your business.

Another Look at SEO Essentials

Before I get started here, let me just say that I’m not going to re-iterate the points that I already made in the earlier review. That said, here are a few highlights:

  • Search engine optimization is important for any online business.
  • Eric Brown says, “SEO is simple. People make it complicated.”
  • The E-book is 191 pages, but much of it is basic foundational knowledge.
  • 11 Steps to SEO Success is the most important chapter.
  • Brown emphasizes the importances of evaluation, as well as optimization.

Who is This E-Book For?

If you’re relatively new to the search engine optimization game, then SEO Essentials should be a part of your must-read list. The first five chapters (77 pages) are filled with basic information that you will need to know and understand before you can seriously attempt any sort of SEO work. In order to learn SEO, you must first grasp its core concepts and terminology.


In this way, I would recommend SEO Essentials For a Top 10 Search Engine Ranking to people in the beginner to intermediate range. Eric Brown agrees, saying that this book is the first in a three-part series. Presumably the later editions will describe more advanced SEO techniques. You’ve got to crawl before you can walk, and you’ve got to walk before you can run.

By contrast, many say that SEOBook by Aaron Wall is catering more to people who consider themselves intermediate to advanced. There are several sections in that 328 page behemoth (it started out as 27 pages) that may go right over the heads of beginners. That’s why you should read SEO Essentials first. It’s supposed to be an essential read and not one that necessarily expands upon an experienced knowledge base.

Going Beyond Search Engine Optimization

This SEO e-book spends about half of its time laying out the foundation for any search engine optimization work that you may be attempting. Even if you’re totally engulfed in the world of SEO, I feel that Eric Brown has something to offer. Yes, he has diagrams like these that show you how search engines work:


But he also has a section on the importance of copywriting. What’s the point of having a top 10 search engine ranking if you can’t convert those visitors into sales? Again, the language is clear, reasonably concise, and worded in such a way that even newbies can understand. Take the A.I.D.A. principle, for example.


But Does It Really Work?

That’s the real question, isn’t it? Eric Brown says that his e-book will help you learn SEO, but will it actually get you ranked in the search engines for your target keywords and key phrases? Obviously, under the short time frame of this review, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to fully explore any of the techniques described within. Thankfully, Eric Brown set out a SEO challenge for himself, aiming to rank for the keyword phrase “learn seo”.

You can learn more about his SEO challenge here and take a look at his search engine rankings here. He started out on July 1 not ranking anywhere, but as of October 6, Eric Brown has moved into the 6th spot on Google and the 1st spot on MSN. He is not (yet) in the top 30 for Yahoo.

Chapter 8 in his book — 11 Steps to SEO Success — is easily the most important. It starts with visiting SEOTIPS4U and ends with onsite optimization, offsite optimization, and SEO record-keeping. Step 7 in the process is probably one of the most critical: “Review my top 10 list of SEO factors.” These include things like the web page title tag, internal links, value placed on backlinks, domain name, and domain age.


Get SEO Essentials for $13 Off

SEO Essentials For a Top 10 Search Engine Ranking is available now for $54.17. This is a $13 savings off the regular price of $67.17, making it one of the more affordable SEO e-books on the market. Even so, if you’re not pleased with what you read inside, you can take advantage of the no-risk money back guarantee.

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  1. I’m interested in buying one but would like to know other peoples experience first and see whether they find this book beneficial. I’ll wait.


  2. hmmm. my comments not posting.
    i interested in buying one but will wait for other peoples reviews, see whether its beneficial and or if i can just google the information found there.


    1. Israel says:

      i think it posted finally for ya.

  3. Neil Duckett says:

    Detailed review Michael. Nice work.

    1. Agreed. Very organized. I might try the book out, now. 😛

  4. Michael says:

    There are zillions of these get better google search and page rank services and I now just see them as scams. However, there are exceptions. I do trust packages websites and blogs that I trust/ provide high quality content and has a good reputation and also ones which have been used widely by others. However, this will mean that those tips are old now and used by everyone and will no longer be that effective.

  5. My comments are being rejected (my apologies)

    Great review! I’m interested in purchasing a book but I think i’d wait for other peoples review of the book, see whether this is something beneficial/useful….maybe the info here can be googled. 🙂 wikillionaire dot com

  6. Good review, I hope he sells some copies.

  7. James says:

    Nice review, well worth the money. But if I want my site to be ranking well for learn seo by paying reviews I wouldn’t need to buy a book!

    1. lyricsreg says:

      maybe it’s one chapter in the book 🙂

    2. I am not sure he wants to rank for learn seo with this paid review, i would rather thing he wants to sell the book. That terms has 4million websites to compete with, not an easy task to achieve but neither a really hard one.

      I am not sure if I have time to challenge Eric on that term but also to display money that have been invested 😛 it could be fun…

    3. Googlelady says:

      Remember that JC is not ranked well in Google so I think he paid this review for jc readers to buy it instead of getting higher results.

  8. Turk Hit Box says:

    To me, they all talk about the same thing

    1. Michael says:

      Exactly, I agree

    2. Too true, and Aaron Wall’s SEOBook still stands out as the best of the lot to me.

    3. Pretty much is the same technique that needs to be applied just that the methods are different hence it all seems like all speak about the same thing. The question is, have you applied those same things in your own site and see if they work?

    4. Googlelady says:

      Remember since 10 years or more SEO techniques are the same nothing have been changed.

  9. Turk Hit Box says:

    Thats why I try to show my readers the innovative side of SEOing instead of saying “Use anchor text, make link bait, use related post plugin, vs. vs.”

    Here are couple of posts from my blog who you guys might be interested:
    Make Searches on Your WordPress Indexable
    High Traffic Keyword Research Using Extreme Tracking
    Using OpenID to get more backlinks

    Get creative people! 😀

  10. man76 says:

    will learn about it as soon as possible, even my english sucksss.. hahaha . Oh by the way, can u take alook at this site and tell me, waddaya think about it? www dot man76 dot ui2u dot com

  11. man76 says:

    will learn bout SEO soon even my english is not good enough. Oh by the way, can u take a look at this website and tell me bout it. www dot man76 dot ui2u dot com
    thankss john. 🙂

  12. Exactly it seems most talk about similar things just worded differently.

  13. Fahmishah says:

    let me check my money first.i have enough money i will get it one for me

  14. JC will you be writing your own book soon? do you have one alreadY? I’m new here. I would like people to post seo educational links here that are solid ways to learn SEO. Please post to

    1. He has one. Sign up for the newsletter to get it. It’s pretty nice. Best I’ve read at least.

  15. I am yet to understand half the things that I have read in other books. If this book will make it simpler for me to understand, it will be worth the price.

    1. Turk Hit Box says:

      You shouldn’t buy books to understand how web or seo works. Surf more, visit some seo forums. The things they say won’t magically make your site rise on the serps (and they talk about simple techniques which you can find online very easily)

      1. I have to agree with you on this point.

        If people surf more they will definitively learn more, what I have seen many seo ebooks lack at is the fact that they undervalue the basics of seo, even the fact that keywords should be as close as possible at the beginning of the title, or small things like that, and trust me, if these things are not mentioned on a ebook it will rarely be mentioned on forums and whats even worst is that people that don’t know that it is really important will not give enough weight. Tho title optimization is not just placing keywords in your title, it is more of a combination of research and imagination, to make such a combination to be able to rank more than one keyword with the same title structure.

      2. That is very good advise. Thank you.

  16. Agreed. There are many forums and blogs out there on this topic. A little research would do the job.

  17. Nice review. This would be a great product for beginners.

  18. CVOS man says:

    The AIDA line was already used in one of the top 10 movies of all time: Glengarry Glen Ross

  19. Starfeeder says:

    Another nice review, however I think your free PDF, Aaron Wall’s book and just reading you and Problogger’s blog is enough for most people, including me.

  20. Anyone has any input on this book?
    Seems like a great deal to me.

  21. Googlelady says:

    If it is SEO essentials why not getting it for free on the net? If there is no “new” technique (which I think SEO techniques are the same since 10 years ago or more).

    1. lyricsreg says:

      10 years ? Really ? I sincerely doubt that

      1. Googlelady says:

        Let me know something new about SEO? Keywords, Backlinks, Main keywords in the domain (root or /yourkeyword.php), Good title, good description…

  22. Eric Brown says:

    Hi Michael, I appreciate the detail review of my ebook: SEO Essentials For a Top 10 Search Engine Ranking and John I appreciate the posting of my review on your blog.

    I would like to also take this opportunity to say hello to John’s blog visitors and to thank each one for the comments that have been posted so far.

    Regarding my ebook, I would just like to mention that I wrote the ebook primarily for people who actually own and/or participate in the daily operation of websites, blogs, directories and other Internet resources.

    All the information contained in the ebook is to help people learn, understand and utilize search engine optimization to improve their search engine rankings with the ultimate goal of achieving top 10 rankings, which can be difficult because of the lack of information currently available in a formal structure and format for beginners to people at the intermediate level.

    I included everything in the ebook that I use on a regular bases to get and maintain high search engine rankings for my own niche market websites. For example, feel free to click on the two links below to view my search engine rankings regarding my art website for the keyword phrase- African American Art on Google and Yahoo.

    The domain names for my art website are below:

    Google Search For: African American Art

    Yahoo! Search For: African American Art

    Again thanks John and Michael for the detail review and the post.

    I wish everyone a great day.

    God Bless
    Eric Brown

  23. Israel says:

    i havent done anything special seo wise, just stuff i learned a few years ago when i worked for an internet marketing start up. i dont over obsess about seo and seem to be getting a great deal of search engine traffic. about 25% of my traffic is from google, this is all not on purpose. i dont sit there and think ” i need to make this post so google can find me better” i just write and make sure to ad some relevant keywords in to my post if it makes sense to do so. i added the seo plugin for wordpress too, but besides that SEO is pretty simple for my niche. i dont think wasting money buying stuff from some dude is worth it when i can learn for free by just researching the web.

    1. Googlelady says:

      The best SEO practice is to write to the readers and not to Google.. 😉

  24. Just saying hey nice post

  25. Dom says:

    Talking of SEO…
    …How come you’re not visible for john chow or john chow dot com on google?!
    Just curious

    1. Googlelady says:

      He was “pushed down” from Google. You can find it here John posted about it long ago.

  26. Im a noob and I know this website will advertise just about anything for the right price. Can somebody explain or refer me to legit resources that talk about these “e-books” and which ones are real and not just some lazy guy who copy/pasted a bunch of stuff and made a PDF? Thanks in advance!

  27. Is this book better than SEO Book? from what I heard SEO Book is more comprehensive and value for money.

    I haven’t bought any of it so it would be good to know your thoughts for both of this products.

    Carlo Selorio

  28. anyone read it? opinion please.. I’ve read SEO Book and i think it’s pretty ok.

  29. I heard that SEO Book is the best that’s going around…. I would say SEO Essesntials wouldn’t be as comprehensive as SEO Book.

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