Getting Wet At Waikiki Beach

When people think of Hawaii the images that come to mind is the famous Waikiki Beach. This is a two mile stretch of coast fronted by hotels and tourism related facilities and the very beautiful Kapiolani Park. The beach is popular for swimming, canoeing, surfing snorkeling and sun bathing.

Being high season, I expected the beach to be extremely crowded but I was able to find parking less than a block away and the beach had tons of open spaces to set up camp. The weather was pretty much prefect and I can see why many people referred to Hawaii as paradise.

Waikiki is more than just the beach. The nearby Honolulu Zoo and the Waikiki Aquarium offer fun for the whole family. You can learn about the history of Waikiki by reading the surfboard markers along the Waikiki Historical Trail. Among the various things to do, shopping and dining can be found all along Kalakaua and Kuhio Avenues and at gathering places like the Royal Hawaiian Center and the Waikiki Beach Walk.

31 thoughts on “Getting Wet At Waikiki Beach”

  1. I have always wanted to go! I CANT WAIT!

    1. It’s a good place to visit and enjoy the aloha environment. I was there 3 times already and it’s always nice to go back.

      John, you may want to check out the Sea Life Park. It’s not that far from Waikiki when you drive there. You can swim with the dolphins.

      1. Swim with dolphins that one is sounding really great.

        John go there and shoot some great pics and videos.

    2. Nice, my uncle and aunt used to live in Honolulu, but I never had the chance to visit them.

      1. if your uncle and aunty is at there than you should go there.

        You do not have to worry about the accomodation and conveyance at least.

  2. I’ve bin there to, two summers ago 🙂 have fun on the rest of your trip!

  3. Dino Vedo says:

    Wow what a nice place!! definitley will go there eventually for vacation :p

    1. yes that one will be great place to visit.

      Simply awesome. beach and blogging deadly combination.

      1. Beach, relaxing, and blogging would be an awesome combination

  4. James says:

    Have a good one John.

    Oh yeah

  5. nikos takis says:

    i wish i could be there!! i wish one day!

  6. Oh, I want to go there for a vacation – I guess I better start putting your tips to practice 😉

  7. I’ve always wanted to go to Waikiki, it looks amazing.

    How about you fly a bunch of us out there John? 🙂

  8. Paul says:

    Ive always wanted to visit Hawaii,I thought it would be a blast to go snorkeling and visit
    some of the volcanoes on the islands. I believe it is some of the most beautiful place through the pictures I’ve seen.To create your perfect life everyone needs a helping handat times.
    P.S. Have a blast in Hawaii

  9. wes mahler says:

    lol ” you some kind of sea-monster”

    1. she is the cutest sea monster, I must say ….

      1. Abhik says:

        yeah!! she definitely is.. 🙂

  10. Man, I gotta visit Hawaii some day. Missed too many opportunities, have to make it happen now.

    1. watch video.

      If you do not want to be in trouble than bring your girl friend.

  11. Abhik says:

    OMG!! Little Sally can swim 🙂

  12. fas says:

    how deep is the water or does sally swim well

  13. Allen Walker says:

    Palm trees everywhere. Cool!

  14. Opal says:


    How serendipitous! Truthfully, I don’t visit your site very often but I randomly visited today and was surprised to see that you’re in my home state. Mahalo for all your kind words. If you’d like some true local tips or even a personal tour guide (I have young daughters like yourself), let me know and we’ll see what we can do.

    Enjoy your stay!

  15. Peter says:

    hahaha…nice place to enjoy with your girlfriend

  16. Richard says:

    Hi John,
    Just downloaded your ebook – and I’m very encouraged by it. Have only read a few chapters, but feel inspired and hopeful about this whole blogging thing.

    I love writing my astrological insights, and hope that readers will enjoy them as well!
    They can be viewed at

  17. wow hawai looks great, im jealous. Great stuff John. I want to go to Hawai one day for sure.

  18. anitha says:

    In our state we have only normal beach its does not have any playing opportunity

  19. christina says:

    i love to play in beach use to go for beach in week end

  20. anitha says:

    Beach which are the best place to have relax

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