Giant Water Slide Jump – But Is It Real?

If this video is real, then all I have to say is that guy must have balls of steel. The video shows some crazy man launching himself off a very long water slide and landing perfectly into a kiddie pool a few hundred feet away. And it seems he lived to tell about it.

The site that explained the stunt is written in German so I can’t read it. Any German readers want to translate this for me?

Alle Bedenken waren unbegründet. Der 35,2 Meter Distanzsprung war der erste Softslide-Praxistest mit echten Menschen (ich) unter Realbedingungen. Ich denke, auch den letzten Zweiflern fehlen nun die Worte.

If it’s real, then it’s an amazing stunt. If it’s fake, then it’s a spectacular piece of special effects work. Either way, I enjoyed it a lot.

53 thoughts on “Giant Water Slide Jump – But Is It Real?”

  1. It’s fake… or that guy is a complete mentalist!

    1. I’d go with mentalist.

    2. John says:

      Of course it’s fake. Look closely he starts out on his stomach and when he leaves the ramp he is on his back. Still very good.

  2. Paul B says:

    Back when I was a kid we used to jump of stupidly high things (25-30ft+) into very little water (<3ft). It was all in the landing. Then one day I didn't sweep my legs around quick enough and dislocated my knee. It hurt a lot.

    Anyhoo, I can believe that IF you hit the pool you'd be ok, what I can't believe is that they actually hit it. It just seems a lttle sus that the bloke goes out of shot just before launching upwards.

    Either way a great bit of editing.

  3. aaron says:

    “Alle Bedenken waren unbegründet. Der 35,2 Meter Distanzsprung war der erste Softslide-Praxistest mit echten Menschen (ich) unter Realbedingungen. Ich denke, auch den letzten Zweiflern fehlen nun die Worte.”


    My worries were for no reason. The 35.2 meter distance jump was the first on-road test with real people (me) under real circumstances. I think that even the disbelievers should be speechless now.

    Keep up the good work .D

  4. Rough translation: All objections were without any reason. The 32.5 meters jump is the first on-road test with real humans (me!) under real conditions. I think this will drive all sceptics to keep quiet.

  5. Benjamin Cip says:

    Incredible video… the speed at the end sound not normal. I can’t say it’s a fake but it looks strange to me. Who knows?

  6. That HAS to be so fake!!! N’est Pas?

  7. Just take a look at the “5000km”-stresstest for the slide, which according to his website entry, he was solely testing by himself.

  8. Bryce W says:

    Its fake, there doesnt seem to be any water system to keep the slide lubricated other than those two guys with two buckets, which obviously wouldnt be enough. Also, you would see water flick off the slide when he reaches the end.

    1. Luke says:

      That’s also what did it in for me as well. No way it’s real 😛

  9. Their website has now been updated with an English translation.

    Softslide also completes second test series successfully
    All doubts were unfounded. The 35.2-meter jump distance was the first Softslide practice test with real people (me) under real conditions. I think the last doubters now the words are missing.

    It looks real to me, yet hard to believe that this actually happened . . . maybe they should produce a ‘making-of’?

  10. Got to be a fake. Looks like a bit of viral advertising to me.

  11. Ghostwriter says:

    People started to cheer as soon as he hit the pool. They didn’t even think if he was hurt or not. Got to be fake.

    1. well..from my opinion it’s not fake…the guys started cheering when they saw the head coming out of the pool, not as soon as he hit the pool. Careful planning and precise calculations can do this but yeah..the guy should be a bit mental !

      1. EarningStep says:

        yes , i agree with you it’s look like real or at least very real

  12. This is really crazy fun,
    John I found one more here , and this is done by some crazy girl hanging herself on a Human sling:
    You would like it:

  13. Vince says:

    i think its fake.. use a dummie put it down the slide. take a few times to land in the pool. then a person jumps up from a pool.. Cake fake..

  14. EarningStep says:

    what a video . shock me for the first time watch this video

  15. carl says:

    its fake, chinese fag. open your eyes a little more.

  16. S.K Sharma says:

    Not understood why wasting the time here.

  17. aansa says:

    I would say it is real. People can do sometime things like these.

  18. Asswass says:

    John I first saw this video on and is in english. I don’t think that jump is real because phisically is impossible. The reaction of the force of the fall on the pool would have destroyed it.

  19. Doug Dillard says:

    That was no big deal at all. Me and my 2 boys (9 & 6) do that all the time in our backyard, just in 1000th the scale smaller 🙂

    I honestly do not think that is real… but if it is… “He’s the Man!”

  20. Cam Birch says:

    Cool video regardless. I saw one on YouTube a while back where people had built a slide off their second storey building with a similar jump. This is certainly possible to do with alot of very precise calculations. Could be real, if so they should not be allowed to get life insurance.

    1. Moralde says:

      LOL! I’m pretty sure all insurance companies in the US have blacklisted these kids already.

      Whether this video is fake or not, and I’m inclined to believe it’s real, the fact is that this is 100% achievable.

  21. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Omg he is cool man! It’s just like a fake one. But just same to you, I enjoyed watching the video a lot! 😀


  22. Real or fake this video entertains me every time i watch it.

  23. hospitalera says:

    It all boils down to physics you can calculate each kind of body that does a slide / jump like this. You only have to know the inclination of the slide and the distance from the “jumping point” to the “landing point”. This is related to the old circus act of the “human canon ball”, here a link:
    All mathematics and physics, SY

  24. Albert says:

    Looks rather funny in my eyes either way.

  25. Kevin Pasco says:


  26. Jay says:

    I think it’s fake

  27. Tom says:

    I’m not sure that’s even possible in a completely frictionless system.

  28. randy bragg says:

    Might be real, I am a dreamer….

  29. @EricJohnTan says:

    if its not fake, then those guys must’ve made some serious calculations… there werent even any cushions of anything around the wooden deck that supported the kiddie pool to address the variable for drag.

  30. its really crazy; if it is real.:)

  31. A.P.Scanner says:

    Starting out with a ‘fake’ mindset will definitely make this automatically a fake. But give it first the benefit of the doubt. Look closely at the figure in mid-air. Can a dummy move its arms like that?

    This kid and his team are not stupid enough not to exhaustively make dummy tests first to be sure of his trajectory path. Sometimes we just don’t allow our minds to believe that someone could accomplish such a feat.

    Remember, not everyone are as mediocre as we are.

  32. Looks amazing, and totally unreal

  33. Andy says:

    It looks like a fun thing to try at home if you have the space out back 😉

  34. Pretty amazing if it’s real. It’s pretty hard to tell if it’s real though. It looks like the guy is moving a little to fast at the beginning.

  35. videostar says:

    I think it is a piece of reality but it is risky,very risky.

  36. Deepseafish says:

    It’s a viral marketing video for Microsoft Office Project 2007 and thus a fake.

    Go and check the website now for MS-Office icons and stuff:

  37. I think its crazy and amazing.. if it’s real.

  38. Emily says:

    this is a fake. it looks almost like the “guy” in the air has skis on. this is a simple video to make.

  39. The slide looks awesome. It’s the jump that would keep me from doing it. lol

  40. Jonny G says:

    A few points.
    Doesn’t he start headfirst, disappear and leave the ramp feet first?
    Plus two buckets of water as lubricant on a ramp that long?
    Too many variables wouldn’t allow you to hit such a small target with that accuracy.
    Your forward momentum would cause you to go straight out of the back of the pool or flip it over.
    So, I’d have to go, great but fake.

  41. Ryan says:

    obviously fake. look at the splash in the kiddie pool… you really think a human body traveling that far would only make a little splash like that? wake up sheep!

  42. Saw this a week ago was wondering the same thing. I think they used a dummie, the the guy pop out with some editing but people are crazy and stupid so who knows what happens once the video cam is on.

    Looks like fun if it would be in to a lake but not a walmart pool.

  43. Ash says:

    Your crazy if you think this is real.
    1) conveniently slip out of view when he hits the bottom of the slide (just before going up the ramp
    2) If someone was really doing something amazing like t his, they would have multiple cameras recording it from every angle. Lots of closeups.
    3) The hill is hardly steep enough or long enough to give him the kind of momentum and speed to make a jump that far.
    4) He is making a loud sound coming down the slide. First, the camera was too far to be able to pick up this sound. Second, if he really was making that loud of a sound then he would be having lots of friction resulting in a slow speed.
    5) The two guys pouring a bucket of water is a joke. What are two buckets of water going to do? Nothing. This was purely for show so the audience would buy the fake stunt.

  44. Zach says:

    It’s real. Here’s why:

    1. For the people who think the sound was faked, look at the pictures posted on his website. He hired a sound crew to do this, they were probably lying down somewhere near the slide.

    2. He’s wearing a wetsuit, which, if he lubricated it somehow, would eliminate the need for water on the slide.

    3. Even so, the slide could have hoses running through it to bring water to the top of the slide.

    4. It’s all possible with physics. He’d have to do some careful calculations and make sure there wasn’t too much wind, but its possible.

    5. Where would they have put a second camera? those things are pretty expensive, and they probably wouldn’t want to put one anywhere near the slide in case he veered off course before he hit the ramp.

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