Gifts From The Mad Cow


I have to admit it, that cow is one sneaky animal. He knew that if he were to sent me a gift, I wouldn’t blog about it. So what does he do? He gets in via the back door by sending my daughter some birthday presents. He didn’t sent any normal gifts either. No, that grass eating mooer sent two I Love John Cow baby shirts and a bib!

My wife thought they were awesome and made sure Sally wore it for today’s Dot Com Pho. Everyone at Pho gave the cow props for coming up with the evil marketing idea.

The cow’s Million Euro Wiki is doing pretty good too. It has sold 53 pages so far and will be rewarding another iPod Touch to a page owner (I won the first one).

I noticed that my wiki page is the second most popular page after the main page. So far the page has produced one sign up for Text Link Ads and made $25. Three more sign ups and I’ll break even. Well, I don’t even need three more since I used my own JohnChow coupon code to buy the page for $90. I am pretty sure I will be giving my iPod touch to someone who purchased a page using the JohnChow coupon code.

Anyway, thanks for the birthday gift cow! Here’s a picture of Sally wearing the bib.