Giving The Homeless a Fine Dining Experience

Just in time for Christmas, Union Gospel Mission partners to host a free gourmet meal for the Downtown East Side.

Thousands of Downtown Eastside residents will enjoy the gourmet dinner of this Wednesday when Union Gospel Mission hosts A Table for 2000, a free culinary feast that is being made possible by the generosity and volunteer-time of a celebrated local restaurant group. The entire event is designed to give Downtown Eastside residents a unique, fine dining Christmas experience.

To accommodate so many guests, UGM will erect a tent outside of its building on Princess Street between Hastings and Cordova, seating 700 at a time. The spacious environment will ensure that guests don’t feel rushed as they enjoy hand-carved strip loins and ham, an Italian pasta bar, salad, vegetables and delicious shortbread cookies. At the end of the evening, guests will depart with a stocking full of goodies to help add some holiday cheer to the Christmas season.

UGM will offer a shopping cart valet service, so that guests can relax and dine leisurely with the knowledge that their belongings are secure. The SPCA will be on-hand to care for and feed dogs.

The Details

What: Union Gospel Mission presents A Table for 2000, a gourmet Christmas feast in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside that is free to all.

Where: Princess Street between Hastings and Cordova, beside Union Gospel Mission. The street will be closed to traffic for this event, and guests will enjoy the meal in a heated tent while being serenaded by carolers.

When: Wednesday, December 23, 2009

  • 3:00pm: Priority seating for seniors, families, and those with special needs
  • 4:00 – 7:30pm: event open to the public

Why: The Glowbal Restaurant Group approached UGM with the simple desire to provide a delicious, gourmet, free Christmas meal to the Downtown Eastside. About 100 Glowbal employees will be volunteering at the event.

30 thoughts on “Giving The Homeless a Fine Dining Experience”

  1. S Ahsan says:

    John this is the best thing ever. I love doing stuffs for the charity and thanks alot for bringing this post. UGM is doing a great job! kudos!

  2. A worthy cause suited for the time of year. Props for giving exposure to this charitable event!

    1. Interesting site. What are you selling?

  3. It’s a date! I will be there to partake of the wealthy restaurateurs goodness and hobnob with the super panhandlers. It will be a night to remember!

  4. Vincent Woon says:

    Bravo to The Glowbal Restaurant Group for being so generous in partnering with UGM especially in the Christmas season ..The Season of Giving 🙂

  5. George says:

    This is really great. The holidays are a wonderful time to give to others.

  6. Great to see a wonderful charitable cause getting more exposure! It’s nice to see that some people still have compassion in this world!

  7. Gabriel Lai says:

    I wish I could join in too…. but I’m in Malaysia… God bless this event and Blessed Christmas!!!

  8. Nick Aviles says:

    i think it’s great that they’re providing such a great service voluntarily.

  9. This kind of things let the people know that there is still hope to create a better world.

  10. We did a similar thing here in Burnaby last week for Aunt Leah’s Charity Group. It was our second year. Helping and doing something to help out was truly an amazing experience.

    John, will you be at the event as well?

    1. John Chow says:

      I was planning to go and take some pics and videos.

      1. We would love to see those photos John.

  11. Great to see people focusing on giving back to others around the holidays! Thanks for highlighting this, John.

  12. What a great initiative! Kudos to John for promoting it, and good job to the people on the ground making this happen. Now if we could only get our society and government to provide better care for the less priviledged all the time.

  13. Melvin says:

    Great to see this happen.. Hope I live in that place so I can join the dinner,, 🙂

  14. fas says:

    Good gesture there, helping the needy is a very good thing to do rather then just measuring self profit.

  15. Way to give back John, looking into the new year I think you should look at as an opportunity to give back to the world. Read this article to read what its fully about:

  16. Its really nice to spread the message for good things … I will also spread this among my friends …

  17. chester says:

    Union Gospel Mission does a great job. Fantastic to see the contribution they make doesn’t go unnoticed.

  18. Ari says:

    It’s a good mission helping the needy ones.It also nourish our soul by helping people

  19. Wow, what a nice treat for the homeless in the Downtown Eastside.

  20. Tis the season of giving. I really like the shopping cart valet service, though. That’s classy.

  21. Those people really do appreciate it when people do stuff like this for them. You can see in their faces most times how grateful they are. We go to the local soup kitchen every christmas eve and help serve dinner here in Orlando

  22. simluo says:

    Great to see a wonderful charitable cause getting more exposure! It’s nice to see that some people still have compassion in this world!
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  23. Good gesture there, helping the needy is a very good thing to do rather then just measuring self profit.
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  24. What is the best fine dining experience you have ever had John? Nice gesture by the way though.

  25. Custom Essay says:

    We should contribute in this kind of events because the same society giving us opportunity to make money and maintain a decent living.

  26. Very generous of them right before Christmas when needed most.

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