Go To Affiliate Summit West On Me

Do you want to go to the Affiliate Summit that’s happening next month in Las Vegas but don’t have the $1,449 entry fee? Well, you are in luck! It just so happens I have an extra full conference pass that I don’t have a need for. Therefore, I figured I’ll give it to a deserving reader.

If you would like to receive this $1,449 ticket, write a post on why you want it, why you deserve it and what you hope to get out of the Affiliate Summit. Then send me the URL to the post. The best post will win the ticket. I’m only paying for the full conference pass (well, I may pay for dinner too). You still need to arrange your own air and hotel accommodations. The winner will be drawn at the end of this month. This will give you enough time to book your flight to Vegas.

I will be speaking at the Affiliate Summit on a panel with Zac Johnson and Amit Mehta on Tuesday in a session call Super Affiliate Strategies that Work. The panel will be moderated by Kristopher Jones of Pepperjam. You cannot afford to miss this session. See you in Las Vegas!

79 thoughts on “Go To Affiliate Summit West On Me”

  1. Tyler Ingram says:

    I’m busy during that time 😉 Else I might try and go! Besides dinner with Mr.Chow how cool would that be!

    1. Fat Man says:

      I already won mine from Zac Johnshon! Woohoo, can’t wait to get there. So are we going to hang out John?

      1. John Chow says:

        Sure! But your diet may go to hell if you hang with me. 😈

        1. ROFL thats a nasty tease 😛

          See, yet another reason why in the heck I have to move in US or Canada (far far from EU) all events and stuff are there. Just the flight would cost me double the ticket fee (and the hassle to get a visa for U.S.). Tho it would be great to be there.

          1. CatherineL says:

            Israel – don’t let him tempt you. He will totally ruin your diet.

          2. I don’t know, John eats some pretty decent looking food. Just eat around the fat and you might be okay.

        2. Will says:

          LOL who needs a diet when you party so much 😮 Partying naturally makes you skinny and fit somehow :p

          1. You must party differently than I do because my belt size would disagree with you 🙄 😕

        3. Kabatology says:

          I know you’re a heavy eater….

          1. Alan Johnson says:

            Personally, I’ve reverted to healthier eating habits for quite a while and let’s just say that I can see my cholesterol level rising just by looking at some of the images he’s posting 🙂

            Alan Johnson

      2. What?! You get invited to Affiliate Summit West and are gonna leave your son behind?! 😯

        John don’t let him do it! Please!

  2. Rhys says:

    Haha, something along the lines of “I fancy my chances of outdrinking John Chow” may not work I think….

  3. Blogosis says:

    My post can be found here:
    I think I stand a good chance to win!
    Justin Dupre

    1. Navin says:

      Yes you do, best of luck my friend

  4. Zac Johnson says:

    This “Super Affiliate” session will be excellent! 😎

  5. iBusiness says:

    Great..I will write one..pick me pick me.. 😈

  6. Hey, John. I’m already going to be at Affiliate Summit West… I got a full conference press pass! I’m looking forward to seeing you and Zac speak. Maybe I’ll see you there.

  7. How long do we have to write the article and report it to you? Is there a deadline for this?

    1. John Chow says:

      End of this month.

  8. If I had the money for airplane ticket and hotel I would join your contest.

  9. I’d like to go, but I’m not willing to turn my blog into a pity begging display for the rest of readers to see. I have a reputation to uphold. I’m sure a lot of bloggers feel the same way.

    How about commenting on this post as an entry? :mrgreen:

    1. CatherineL says:

      Chris – I feel the same way you do, which is why I don’t enter this type of competition.

      1. Navin says:

        Same here, I’m happy as a reader than a promoter 😆

  10. Amy says:

    That’s a really cool opportunity John, as always. You’re a top notch guy!

  11. Will says:

    I would love to go… if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m currently in college. 🙁

  12. I keep saying that I’m going to get myself to these conferences but the timing just never seems to work out. I wouldn’t be able to take the time away from the day job even if I won the ticket. I do have PubCon on my calendar for this year though so hopefully that one will actually happen.

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      Same here, I will be attending some once the children can take over my brick&mortar business but at this point, such events are out of the question due to lack of time.

      Alan Johnson

  13. Contest Beat says:

    Come on… no airfare from NZ?

  14. I’ll have to get to work on that post. John, what happened to your rss subscriber count? It dropped by 4,000 overnight. Must be a glitch?

    1. I was thinking that to, yesterday it was around 14,900 now its dropped dramatically.

      Any reason John?

      1. Patrick from Blogstorm says that Feedburner isn’t reporting email subscribers for some reason.

    2. I see your rss subscriber count is back up to normal and over the 15,000 hump, congratulations!

  15. Well John, thanks for the great opportunity, but my schedule is brutal 👿 ❗

  16. Thats nice of you John to give that away. If only I lived in the United States, I could go. Good luck to the people that enter to win the ticket. 🙂

  17. Kabatology says:

    I’m happy for you guys, even though I’m not sure anything new would come out from that summit – You can’t never be a good affiliate strategist if you don’t have the Traffic. 🙂

  18. John. Please consider my for your contest winner.

    I’ve responded with a post of my own, posted on my blog site at:

  19. Mark Barbon says:

    Hey John Chow. I wanted to thank you for this opportunity you gave us for this Summit Ticket. Thanks! Heres my post


  20. Not sure if my first response got through or not, here’s my response to your magazine (ITS A GOOD ONE!)




  21. David Chew says:

    That is so good giving free pass to readers. 😆

  22. Mike Huang says:

    Dang, I soooo want this! 🙂


  23. Mike says:

    Besides the fact that I LOVE Vegas and it’s cool slogans, here is my post…


  24. Yes Vegas is great place to stay and have fun.

  25. Sexy Porsche, thats a very good idea hehehe

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  27. I’m fairly new to all of this (so please excuse any stupid questions), but I was wondering how soon a blogger should consider going to a conference like this? Is it beneficial when you’re just starting out with no real steady readership? Any info/advice would be appreciated, thanks.

  28. techustle says:

    Aloha John,

    Here is my post on my reasons why



  29. Alex Shalman says:

    I know I already e-mailed you, but since I don’t see the trackback here, here is

  30. Hey John, here’s my Affiliate Summit contest entry.

    I can’t go unfortunately, but I though I’d do a “what if” post anyway.

  31. Patrick says:

    I’ll take the winning prize! Thanks in advance. 😛

  32. Great contest John – As generous as it is though, I may have to walk to Las Vegas… even if I win your contest, I may not make it *grins* 😯

  33. im not sure if you got my submission for this since i dont see the trackback. Here is the link to my post on why i should go


  34. This is exciting! I hope I win. Good Luck everybody.

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  36. Did anyone win yet? I hope that I am not to late.

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