GoDaddy Can Suck It! HostGator Offers 99% Off Coupon!

It’s no secret that GoDaddy and I are not the best of friends. It seems I’m not the only one GoDaddy has pissed off. Yesterday, GoDaddy went down for several hours, and took millions of sites with it. At first, they blamed it on malicious hackers, but later admitted it was an internal event caused by “corruption of network router tables.”

Needless to say, there are some very unhappy GoDaddy customers today, and my web host at HostGator has decided to capitalize on it! Between now and Friday, HostGator is offering a 99% Off Coupon that will bring the price of a six month hosting package down to 1 cent! If that doesn’t get you excited to start a blog, then nothing will!

All you have to take advantage of the deal is order a hosting package from HostGator, then apply the coupon code godaddyisdown.

To get the maximum discount, choose the Baby plan for Six Months. Once you apply the coupon, the price will be reduced by 99% to just 1 cent!

*PLEASE NOTE: My free WordPress installation offer does not work with this deal. If you want me to install WordPress for you for free, then you need to use the JohnChow25 coupon code.

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27 thoughts on “GoDaddy Can Suck It! HostGator Offers 99% Off Coupon!”

  1. Harshad says:

    Have heard that affiliates will not be credited for customers who use this coupon code.

    1. John Chow says:

      It doesn’t matter. It’s such a great deal, I had to post it.

      1. Indeed …Its more like 6 month Premium Webhosting for free…It’s not about Affilate all the time.. 🙂

        1. Harshad says:

          Some affiliates are giving back cash and goodies to people who sign up using their link. Don’t think it will be a good deal… especially for people who are giving away cash.

    2. Yeah that’s totally right. HostGator sucks with all affiliates.

  2. Goran says:

    Now that’s an awesome deal! I thinik i’ll use this coupon.

    Thx John.

  3. shenoyjoseph says:

    cool i have got free chance hostgator premium hosting for 6 months and run new WordPress blog on it without any cost..:)

  4. Ashish says:

    I have seen many fool people offering $ 20 for purchasing hosting from their link,How can they expect a commission from a hosting which is free.

  5. Kevin Grames says:

    First let me say John that you are not alone in your opinion of GoDaddy. They have the worst control panel system in the business and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Their servers are extremely slow. Their whole company is built around the GoDaddy girls which was a great marketing idea when they came out with it and I will give them that much credit, but that is where it ends.

    I am glad to see other hosts are taking advantage of this issue at Godaddy and thank you for being honest and letting others know about a great deal.

  6. tcb says:

    Darn. I just bought a hosting package three days ago from Hostgator. Sometimes it pays to wait, lol.

  7. Godaddy has become too large and getting that airline Ryanair; big in mouth and ask basically the customers go to hell if they complain.

  8. faisal says:

    Haha, Hostgator is going aggressive.

  9. ray waruhari says:

    Thanks man. That was unselfish of you.

  10. SEON says:

    when is the dateline if any, tried the link but could not anymore.
    go directly to, coupon code godaddyisdown is no longer valid.
    this offer lasted less than 24hrs?
    Miss the boat….LOL

  11. adrain says:

    hii i tried to to get same plan but im not getting any discount , they have stopped the plan well before friday , what a shame i was planning to get a account today 🙁

  12. Emily says:

    Hey John,
    Thanks for the tip. I have been waiting for a deal since missing your Labor Day deal. Can I still sign up for your free wordpress service with this coupon?
    p.s. Don’t forget your hoody, warm jacket, and flip flops for the ThinkThank. LOL.

  13. Dean Saliba says:

    It was embarrassing for GoDaddy to have their service go down for such a long amount of time but I think they really did shoot themselves in the foots by lying about the real reason at first.

    I’m not too shocked to hear that other big hosts capitalised on this and tried to lure GoDaddy clients away with free offers, if I was still running my hosting site I would have done EXACTLY the same thing.

  14. Naveen says:

    Sadly the coupon ended before the expected time. Woke up early in the morning today to purchase and the customer service said that it ended midnight yesterday.

  15. Jesse Snyder says:

    Hey John good stuff! I decided to throw you some backlink love on my blog and I wrote a post on this deal that you have. Love your show!

  16. Ist gr8 bt now its not working m late 🙁

  17. tcb says:

    I just got a nice aplogy email from GoDaddy saying that they would like to give a 30% discount on any new product or renewal for the next 30 days. lol

  18. TC Dixon says:

    HostGator “ROCKS” I use to have Godaddy Couldn’t wait to get rid of them they have one of the worst service ever 0 support,Hostgator is simply amazing and have a fantastic support even if Host Gator was way more I would still use them.

  19. Rinkesh says:

    Godaddy isn’t that bad. They have offered me awesome service since last 2 years. No plans to switch to Hostgator anytime soon.

  20. Hamza says:

    Waw, awesome deal ! I used it to host my new review website and i’m realy happy with it !

  21. Game2f says:

    Thank you….It work to me
    My hosting active now, only $0.01

  22. Azubuike says:

    Wow! This is amazing. I never knew when the offer took off, I would’ve used the opportunity to move my hosting to hostgator. I wish such golden opportunity come up again. Just subscribed

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