Going On An Odyssey

Today we went to test drive cars. Well, minivans to be precise. Why am I looking for a minivan? Let’s just say my family is about to get a little bigger. This in no way means I will be giving up my sport car! I plan to keep that because, well, there’s too much stuff done to it (1500 watt sound system, wheels, tires, body kit, etc.) that I would never be able to recover in a sale. And beside, the minivan is not for me.

We looked at both the Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Sienna. First observation, minivans are not cheap! The top of the line Odyssey and Sienna cost over $50,000. Damn! Since when did minivans become luxury items? Mind you they are extremely well equipped, with GSP, auto siding side doors and rear DVD entertainment system. They also have a really car like ride. If I wasn’t sitting so high up, I would have sworn I was in a car.

Of the two vans we tested today, I like the Honda Odyssey more. It had a much better interior and just felt more solidly planted on the road and wasn’t a floaty as the Sienna. The Sienna did seem a little quieter however. I also prefer the looks of the Odyssey over the Sienna.

Tomorrow we’re going to take a look the Acura MDX. I want to see how a SUV compares to a Minivan. The MDX cost more than either minivans, but not by much.

3 thoughts on “Going On An Odyssey”

  1. Christoph says:

    Expecting a baby? Congrats if that is the case. 😉 The Honda is a great car. Not sure though if you really need a mini-van with one kid. We thought so, too – but then decided to keep our F150 Crewcab pickup truck. Worked out Ok and saved us some money as the current market does not give you much $$$ for trade-ins.


  2. John Chow says:

    Ya, it’s always better to keep what you currently have. However, one of the reason for this purchase is because we really can’t keep Sarah’s car here because it’s a US car with US plates and US insurance.

  3. Sharon says:

    So, the rumour is true! I thought Lem was puling my leg….

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