Going To China for a Month – See You There!

I know at the start of the year I set a goal to travel less in 2009. However, something came up and now I’m off on an one month long trip to China that will take me to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Punyu and Hong Kong. One of the coolest thing about making money online is I can do it from anywhere in the world and this is a good way to demonstrate that fact.

The news of my Asia trip seem to have spread through the Net and Twitter and I’ve been getting dinner invites and meet up requests from some of my Chinese readers. I am looking forward to seeing all of you. If you would like to meet up in any of the places I’ll be visiting, give me a shout on Twitter.

The highlight of this trip will be a visit back to the town where I was born. I will be taking you to the very house where I grew up. You can consider this part 2 of my You Are Already Rich post. My hope is once you see the background where I came from, you’ll appreciate what you truly have and will no longer listen to any excuse for not succeeding in anything you do.

Want To Guest Blog on John Chow dot Com?

I don’t know what my posting frequency is going to be while in China so to fill things out, I’m looking for a few guest posters. If you want to be featured on this blog, then email your post to johnchow [at] johnchow.com. The topic should be related to blogging, making money online or personal finance. I can’t guarantee I will publish every post but I can guarantee that I will read it.

See you in Shanghai!

37 thoughts on “Going To China for a Month – See You There!”

  1. Jake Stone says:

    Have a safe journey and keep those cameras close at hand, you’ll probably come across many things that are very educational to us.

    1. Tushar says:

      Knowing John, he probably has a Flip Mino in his pocket right now.

      1. Faisal Anwar says:

        Oh yeah, better start flippin in China! haha, I’ll write a guest post soon. All the best on your trip

        1. Alex Hua says:

          I’m just a Chinese student, I like my hometown, I support my hometown, welcome you all to visit China!
          And I have a blog that translate Chinese blog to English for people don’t know Chinese to read Chinese Blog.

      2. Ben Pei says:

        Lol I was gonna say that Tushar

    2. Nice! have a safe trip! 🙂

    3. One of the coolest things is you will NEVER have to worry about making money from your blog. Your name is widely known no matter what the heck you do or say 😀


  2. Good luck John,
    There are a lot of amazing opportunities out there. You are becoming a truly global brand!

  3. Carl says:

    See you in Hong Kong!

  4. I just went over looking for opportunities to guest post in one of my recent articles in the Building A More Successful Blog In 30 Days series I’m doing at my blog.

    This looks like that perfect opportunity. I’ll work on a little something for you, and I’ll let my readers participating in the program know as well.

  5. Tushar says:

    Wow, that’s great John.

    Hope your internet doesn’t get censored 😛

    Funny too, because I was about to send you a guest post anyways.

  6. Wooooow John you surely seem to be going alot of places. We will be awaiting badly to see the house where you grew up.

  7. Have a safe trip John!

  8. Chandan says:

    John excellent idea of putting your China roots here for all of us to see. I know it will open a lot of eyes when we see how much blessed we are to be in this Country. BTW, I am going to email you to be a guest blogger on your site. I have a fantastic story to tell all readers about making money. Thanks

  9. Chandan says:

    BTW John how do I change my picture besides my post—->

    1. John Chow says:

      You do that at Gravatar.com

  10. Charles says:

    Welcome to China!

  11. have a safe trip and keep us updated with the posts!

  12. tomato says:

    Have an awesome trip. Looking forward to hearing about it.

  13. Enjoy your trip, John! Can’t wait to see your videos along the way.

  14. John,

    Have a great trip! That sounds awesome. The house I was raised in was burned down some years ago, but my hometown still has fond memories for me.

    I will email my post to you today, and thank you for the opportunity to assist.


    Nicholas Chase

  15. SEO Tips says:

    Thats excellent John. I am going Shanghai in June for a month too with my University, going to need to take my laptop so that I can keep blogging though whilst I am there.

    Also I shall send you an article next week if you don’t mind, I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve so to speak.

    When are you going?

  16. Hope you have a safe and pleasant trip, John. Looking forward to posts w/pics of your hometown!

  17. Have fun John, be sure to post some pics!

  18. Ruben Ricart says:

    Hey John, Great article! Good to hear your traveling and proving that starting your online business grants you the opportunity to work from anywhere in the globe – will definitely try to take advantage of the guest posting opportunity…

  19. Pheak Tol says:

    safe trip, john

    cant wait to see the pictures and video of china

  20. I would love to read about your hometown and see pictures of where you used to live. I’m sure you’re looking forward to this trip. Have fun.

    Peter Lee

  21. Rui says:

    Have a good trip & enjoy urself 🙂

  22. Have a good trip and keep us up to date with whats happening.

  23. game-girl says:

    Going to read about your travelling impressions and staying in Shanghai.

  24. Have Fun, John! Take Care 🙂

  25. Cool. I’ll submit a post if I come up with one.

  26. Sam Hamilton says:

    Have fun in China, I know I do!

  27. Nice to know you are going to open market in China, I bet it will be a challenge for Internet Marketer.Good luck and best wishes

  28. Richard says:

    Yes, looking forward to your posts and pics from China, especially Shanghai, as I plan to be there in 2010 for the World’s Fair. Trying to learn Mandarin now. Have a good adventure.

  29. game-girl says:

    I hope you are really enjoying your tour and getting new impressions and inspiration in your native land.Good luck then!

  30. OnlineDIYGuy says:

    Hey John,

    Wish you have a GREAT Trip ! I went to Beijing last year during Autumn and it was fantastic trip. My next trip to China will be sometimes end of this year.

    Enjoy !

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