Going To The Playboy Mansion – Are You On The List?

The Epic Publisher Challenge Party At The Playboy Mansion is at its half way point and the competition is really heating up. If you’re not on the list yet, there’s still time to catch up.

The Challenge culminates in an all-expenses paid weekend in LA and a party at the Playboy Mansion. If you’re not in the top 40 worldwide publishers, there is still THREE months left for you to catch up. Also, if you are a publisher based in the European Union, there is a special contest just for you where Epic will select 5 winning publishers. Make sure to check the standings every Monday night for the latest standings.

Also, stay tuned in the next 2 weeks – as we have another extra-special announcement coming up!

Azoogle Publisher Standings

See you at the Playboy Mansion!

21 thoughts on “Going To The Playboy Mansion – Are You On The List?”

  1. I wish I was on this list!!!

  2. After the harsh Googl slaps that went around…a lot of people that were in Aff Marketing got hit hard and knocked off that list…

  3. d3so says:

    I’m a publisher with Epic but I’m assuming you hve to be 21 in order to qualify, right?
    FYI, I’m 20 😛

    1. They say on their website that you still qualify when you are under 21, but that you can’t go to the party, but they would organize something special to replace the party, SY

      1. d3so says:

        Wow! That sucks, what’s the alternative? A pizza party? lol
        I’ll join next year, assuming they’ll have another contest 😉

        1. Melody says:

          Last year I still got to travel to LA, go to the other events for the weekend, and meet some great people–even got a spa day out of it….
          I was only 20 at the time too!

          I like the new additions to your comment box John! =)

  4. S Ahsan says:

    Sweeeeeeet!! make sure you take some crazy pics of the ladies.. Azoogle, i had a tough time to get in. I am not around when they call and they are lost when i call! I need to work it out soon, how are their offers anyways? anybody? I am in a lot of network though but heard good stuffs about Az..

  5. Meekin says:

    CAn you take Me too I Want to GO Sounds like Fun

  6. Wow! That`s pretty cool!

  7. Boy another dream event is about to come.

    These people really touched the weak nerve of publishers by organising these kind of parties.

  8. fas says:

    Every year this party is going to happen huh!

    1. Yep …

      This is the main event of azoogle and they do not want to miss it.

  9. Gee that’s some incentive.. a party with Hugh Hefner and his girls at the playboy mansion. I heard he was selling the joint…..maybe new ownership.. win and find out, i guess. GD.

  10. Nothing like a party at the playboy mansion to get the boys up for the occasion 😉


  11. Free Picks says:

    I wish but we have distance 🙁

  12. why not in shanghai?!
    John, come to visit shanghai expo.
    I will buy your new book and will interview you for chinese media if you come visit shanghai.
    By the way, any other bloggers please dont hesitate to ask me a local help if you come visit shanghai or shanghai expo.

    1. Not in Shangai becuase you wont find playboy girls at there.

  13. SEO Results says:

    Hi Guys

    This sounds like the sort of party where the husbands load the vehicles with fishing gear, before heading into the mountains where there is no mobile phone signal.

    How do the womenfolk respond to events such as these? It would be a great bone of contention with most women that I know!



    1. Melody says:

      Sounds like you need to get out more.. 😉

      1. SEO Results says:

        Oy Melody, my wife wont like the sounds of that. She smells a rat miles away, and I need a very good excuse to get out. I couldn’t lie to my mother, and even less to her 🙁

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