Google Caffeine – What You Should Know

Google recently announced the “Google 2.0” – The next generation Google search engine to compete with the likes of Bing and Facebook.

Google is and has always been a work in progress in the thought that they frequently changed little things in their gigantic algorithym for how sites rank, how pagerank is decided, and the usual. Today, things are a little bit different because Google has unveiled what is going to be a totally new search engine from the inside, although it looks like the normal old Google on the outside.

The new search engine is dubbed to be faster, more efficient, be able to crawl and index pages faster, and provide more accurate results. While it isn’t completely finished yet (and many big algorithym changes that have been launched in the past are not fully transfered yet such as algorithyms that make recent posts rank higher), Google has infact let the public visit a web developer preview of the new search engine here:

At the current stage and time, they are looking for developer feedback on the differences between the “public google” and the “google caffeine” results.

Whether or not you submit your feedback, it is interesting to see how your sites will rank when the Google Caffeine infrastructure is moved into the real in the “next few weeks and months.”

This Google update is huge from a search engine optimization and link building standpoint because everytime new algorithyms and infrastructure changes like this happens, it shows what types of SEO are truly long term and beneficial, and what practices to avoid.

This is a guest post by Collin LaHay who is an search expert optimization expert that blogs about link building, and helps teach people how and where to build links to increase their rank in the search engines.

42 thoughts on “Google Caffeine – What You Should Know”

  1. Just a perfect example … Google is now feeling the heat of twitter, bing and facebook …

    But ultimately we will be the winner.

    1. Google says : they were working on caffeine before “bing” was not even in thoughts of MS.

      1. Matt says:

        I highly doubt that. There is no question that as soon as Google got wind of bing (most likely prior to them officially announcing it.) Google had to come up with something, and something big. For Google to overhaul their algorithm is HUGE and extremely unlike them. Usually they update with bits and pieces, every month. This is bigger then just ‘bits and pieces’

        Google just seems to be down playing the fact that they may be actually concerned with what bing can produce.

    2. @Collin, congrats on a great post, I linked to it in today’s blog post.

      @ZK indeed as Google improves results for searchers both searchers and Google will win. I think there is more than meets the eye in this forthcoming update. As owners of the #1 and #2 search engines (YouTube), Google has a longer-range priority to unify search for all it’s properties… in my opinion. This makes huge sense for many reasons.

  2. This is a big deal for all webmasters and bloggers. I was curious how different the results would be with the new preview search engine and after searching for a keywords, the results I think are better for what I searched for.

    For some this is not so good, for example when I searched a number of similar keywords, I found in one search that a blog with a first page listing is nowhere to be seen now (after 15 pages back I just stopped)

    That is a big shift, I wonder what effect this will have on bloggers and not just in traffic?

  3. Jammy says:

    This would be something that would either make some or break some bloggers.
    It could also end up with all new rules for blogging, SEO and whatever you think, when you blog..!!!

    1. This is just another reason why you need to make efforts to build your blog to be independant of Google traffic. Go directly to your target niche and give them something valuable they want. Require them to sign up for your email newsletters to receive the value or chance to win.

      For example: I am giving away free board games all you need to do for a chance to win is sign up for the newsletter. No gimmicks, I pay for shipping too.

    2. Honestly, it’s not going to effect most bloggers. 90% of the rankings I’ve checked are the same. It’ll only effect people who do blackhat SEO and unethical things.

  4. I was freaking out yesterday because of the search results it was showing but after frantically fixing a few things, i check today and it’s looking much better.

    A quicker google means less time for us to wait to see if our optimization is working as we expect.

  5. ML Vanessa says:

    I think that the results will be interesting to see. It will be an opportunity to put better practices in place and adapt to the new search engine.

  6. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    That’s fun and interesting to see the newly Google Caffeine, according to Matt Cutt, I think it may takes them few months to upgrade. Keep tuned for the updates! πŸ˜€


  7. hospitalera says:

    “it shows what types of SEO are truly long term and beneficial, and what practices to avoid.” That is the most important point imho and should, hopefully, encourage webmasters to implement long term white hat seo practices instead of using more shaddy variations of it. SY

    1. Cam Birch says:

      The only SEO that is guarenteed to work over the long term is to write relivent content that people decide is actually worthwile. Google and others are trying all the time to make their results more relivent to what a person would be interested in which means that they really don’t care whatsoever about your SEO efforts. As Google gets more and more effective at search they will also get better at detecting and slapping down all forms of artificial SEO operations. If it isn’t naturally gathered it isn’t really going to work over time.

      That said there is a whole industry built around this and like John said recently a few thousand visits are worth quite a bit of money to him so… artificial away for that temp boost of rankings and profits.

      1. Once again it comes down to incoming links. An incoming link will never be a bad thing. Since Google now clearly has high value website in every niche that are known, maybe they are now trying to drill further into what those sites recommend. Especially if those sites are community driven.

        Just wild speculation.

  8. This is actually a really awesome opportunity for new bloggers to get their blog noticed among all the SEO junkies that put content on the back burner. I’ve been testing a few searches, and I definitely like the results I’m getting!

  9. It’s too bad this guy couldn’t figure out that it’s “algorithm” instead of “algorithym”.

    1. He mentioned “algorithym” four time, It happens with speeeeed writing.

  10. Doug Dillard says:

    Google doesn’t like falling behind in anything… that’s for sure! I checked a few of my sites for the keywords they rank well in now… and some have moved a couple spaces up and some a few spaces down and a couple I can’t find anymore πŸ™

  11. It’s about time they cull out bad sites that keep sprouting up.

  12. Looks like overall I rank better in Google Caffeine, so bring on the new version!

    1. More traffic from natural search would be great.

  13. Darryl says:

    So how soon until we will be able to see the results of Google Caffeine in the mainstream?

  14. I already checked out the sandbox and it looks like I’ve got a few pages coming up at a higher ranking.

  15. Paul says:

    The results pop up a lot faster and in my opinion more relevant.

  16. I am wondering if this is nothing more than a tweak to the algorithm and calling it google 2.0 just because of Bing take a swipe at google search market share.

    It is interesting to see how quickly google acted though. They like being on top and will fight to stay there!

  17. Steve Lign says:

    This is very useful for great performance on google search!!

  18. Yeah new engine is hella snappy… wonder if it’ll continue to be once it goes live, though.

  19. That’s very interesting thanks for the post John

  20. GP says:

    I think this maybe a good thing, maybe. So far, testing out the new Google is much faster and some of my rankings are higher and some the same. It will be interesting to see how things pan out when the dust clears.

  21. Alex Lim says:

    This is something gurus and webmaster will focus on. For me not much was change, but once the analysis of these alterations will be unveiled then the impact of this change will be notice. PR conscious people will definitely anticipate the changes that Google did.

    It’s not actually back to square one for SEO experts but an addtional research and observation how this new Google Caffeine works.

    However, I guess if you have proven your worth and had already established good relationships you won’t worry about the effect of this Google Caffeine. When you showcase substance and value people will hunt you.

  22. Amit Mehta says:

    People say that good content ultimately wins the day, but in some niches this just isn’t true; plenty of sites with poor content but good SEO have the top rankings in many niches.

    Maybe with Caffeine, sites that really serve readers will prevail in all niches? It’s a nice thought!

  23. Earningstep says:

    awesome post . it look like google has prepare theirself to fight against bing . i hope their new algoritme will better

  24. Wonder how the results will differ? Maybe it is thed eath of ‘made for adsense’ sites… I sure hope so…

  25. Thanks for the heads up. I am looking forward to see whether I was wasting time or will be rewarded for being a good seo.


  26. Son says:

    This is a great post. I checked my rankings, and they were similar.

    My question, if anyone knows, do these two share the same databases and do they crawl the same way?

  27. DesignerTeez says:

    From the early looks of it, the organic rankings seem to be more legit. In some of the searches we did, it took out a lot of the crap listings.

  28. I really didn’t see Bing as competition for Goodle as of right now. With Google releasing 2.0, Bing is going to have their work cut out for them to catch Google. It’s exciting news that 2.0 will be able to crawl and index pages faster and provide more accurate searches. People will appreciate that.

  29. fas says:

    Let Microsoft do what they want, they cant beat Google.

  30. @EricJohnTan says:

    I wonder when the next tutorial on the NEW SEO will come out =)

  31. I’ve used and am not impressed. Personally I think it is over-bloated and slow. The new Google prototype looks interesting and is definitely fast. I personally prefer meta engines that search more than one search engine as I believe relying on one search engine can be problematic at best.

  32. whatever says:

    Thanks for info and mentor, that very help me to know about internet tech and business !

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