Google Chrome OS In Plain English

Yesterday, Google showed off their new Chrome OS. The new operating system is sure the put the fear of God into Microsoft. Chrome OS is a complete paradigm shift, where you no longer have a desktop. Instead, everything is in the cloud. This has been the direction I have been heading with my business for the past year. I store very little information or programs on my desktop now. My email is handle by Gmail, my documents are stored on Google Docs and ZOHO, my photos are stored at Flickr, my videos are on YouTube and Vimeo. It seems that Google thinks this is a great idea as well and that’s where Chrome OS comes in.

Chrome OS does away with the desktop. The entire operating system is pretty much a web browser that looks a lot like Google Chrome. The first Chrome OS powered computers will be netbooks but Google hopes expand into laptops and desktop computers as well. The main advantage for using the Chrome OS in a netbook is the speed. Chrome OS is lean, mean and super fast, able to boot up in just seven seconds. Little Atom powered netbooks that run too slow in Windows will fly in Chrome OS.

When you think about, Chrome OS makes a lot of sense. Most people use a computer to get on the Internet. With more web apps being developed everyday, there are very few reasons to get on the desktop. As a blogger, I pretty much run everything from a web browser. I log into my WordPress admin to make a new post, I use Hootsuite to update to my Twitter, etc. The first Chrome OS netbooks should hit stores late next year. The follow video explains Chrome OS in plain English.

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  1. Dino says:

    I have been quite excited with this, along with that i am going to be getting one. Once it does hit the stores.

    Dino |

    1. Not only Dino there are millions of people who excited about this in fact this is our human nature which always love to have new things.

      Same was the case with windows 7 but this one is quite bigger because its first of its own type.

  2. Chrome is going to be awesome… for those who understand it correctly. With 4 seconds of boot time and almost everything most users will ever need directly on the web, bloated doze system will become a lot less attractive to people on the go.

    The only problem I see is when there’s no Internet connectivity. That’s when things start to get problematic… Oh, you could dual boot Unbuntu and Chrome OS on the same system… or boot Chrome OS from flash memory, but most people won’t know how to do that. Also, Some will have problems having all their info on the cloud, all stored on a single source, a single point of failure.

    But, I can’t wait to try it out 🙂 How about you guys?

    1. John Chow says:

      I would imagine storing things on the desktop would have a bigger chance of failure as that is a single source. Stuff stored in the cloud has multiple generations of backups. I have never lost any emails from Gmail but I’ve lost emails when I used to use Outlook and forgot to back it up before reformatting.

      1. Moulinneuf says:

        Unless it’s a Microsoft cloud :

        The truth is most people buy computer with there os already installed , mostly windows due to criminal activity by Microsoft. Apple figured out that one and created there own Apple area in big stores and it,s own stores because of it.

      2. Stuff stored online seems to be a lot less likely to be lost long term.
        If your computer is stolen, damaged (natural disasters do happen), or even overtaken by virus, it is easy to lose everything you have.
        One of the concerns I have is no internet access (which is becoming less of a problem with all the mobile internet options now). Either way, it is still a reality that sometimes it is hard to get on the net.
        My second concern is not having full control over where the information is stored. Some data is just private and it would suck if others had access to it. Also, if for some reason you got banned, forgot your password, had your account hacked and all your files deleted, etc… it would be difficult to recover I would think.

        Finally, how does Chrome OS handle things like video games? Do they make it possible to install games (especially ones that aren’t designed for the internet)?

        1. If you live in South Africa, and have experienced crappy broadband, and limited or no connectivity, you would not be so keen on cloud based stuff. Imagine some virus wiping the cloud clean! What are the chances of sdomethinf like that happening, because I’m sure every hacker out there would love to have a go at that particular challenge!

      3. That is why I have a whole setup of backups, computer, laptop, external hard drive, burned on cd / dvd, on line storage in different locations, I am paranoid about data loss, SY

  3. From BBC “and all the user’s data is stored on Google’s servers.” Yeah, sure, nobody here concerned about there privacy??? I will use Google Chrome OS when hell freezes over, not earlier, SY

    1. John Chow says:

      Or you can use Windows 7, where security was helped along by the NSA. I’m sure there they didn’t put anything in 7 that can be a privacy concern. 😛

      1. Many my colleagues tell windows 7 is the greatest OS until now.

        1. But I heard that in 7 firefox is having problem …

        2. Wizno says:

          Microsoft says every latest version of windows is “The fastest, safest, best operating system ever”

          I am enjoying win7 though. 🙂

        3. Earningstep says:

          but not as great as you think my friend , i tried all windows 7 series except the ultimate series. it still have lot problem with software compatibility

      2. Or I can use a Mac 😉 SY

      3. I’m sticking to XP for as long as I possibly can, period. I don’t like the fact that my data is open to prying eyes, whether it be because of a leaking operating system or a cloud based one managed by big brother google.

        1. I like XP as well. The constant need to upgrade is just a scam to get us to spend more of our money.

        2. For the laptop (which is still windows) I agree with you, my desktop computer is a Mac by now and I am a happy bunny, SY

  4. MLDina says:

    Personally, I LOVE Chrome, but I save everything there as well as on my desktop. You can never be too careful!

    1. I’m all for having multiple levels of protection. I try to backup my whole hard drive onto an external hard drive at least once a month (more often if I’ve added a lot of new files or made a lot of changes).

      1. MLDina says:

        I hear ya- though I’ve definitely learned to do that the hard way!

  5. Saku says:

    It’s great there will be a real competitor to MS Windows but don’t you guys think that google is getting their hands on too much lately. They should stick up to their core business which is search.

    1. Well they are leading in their base business and now expanding their wings to new area. So this is quite obvious.

  6. I wonder how many people actually use their computer 100% of the time on the internet. I would say that’s probably very infrequently. I work on a computer where it is required to have good applications that are not web based (AutoCAD for example). Unless they allow some functionality for that, I don’t ever see it getting as big as it could be.

    AutoCAD will ALWAYS build their software for Windows for this reason. Therefore, instead of replacing Windows, Chrome is merely a good theory, but not practical for a lot of businesses.

    1. John Chow says:

      I don’t think Google needs to take over all computers. One player is always a bad idea. Instead, I see the Google netbooks capturing a good deal of market share for the mobile professionals and students.

      1. It seems like Chrome is probably the most practical OS for netbooks, and netbooks are more likely only need internet access (and not require programs like AutoCAD).
        I also like the idea of duel booting or using a thumb drive boot like someone else mentioned. I would love to have a faster startup. Half the time I have to do it twice because Windows locks up on me the first time… ugh.

        1. Wizno says:

          Gotta love how PC’s went from having KB sized hard drives, up to TB sized ones, and now they’re going back to not having much local storage…

  7. It is interesting to know how Google crack the Windows and mac domination.

  8. Kevin Pasco says:

    I love the genius idea of Chrome OS. I’m almost 100% certain I’ll go pick up a netbook with it. Possibly a Dell Mini 10v?

  9. Kevin Pasco says:

    For those of you who don’t know. Chrome is merely a solution for the most basic of “PC” users who spend most of their time on the internet. It is not meant to replace your current OS but to compliment it instead.

    Of course, how on Earth would you run AutoCAD on Chrome? You wouldn’t, so stick to your PC for that.

    When it comes to doing regular activities such as browsing the web, using social media, checking your mail, sharing photos and music, ect… Chrome OS is the perfect solution.

    It’s going to be best suited for netbooks although I’ve heard it can also be ran on notebooks and desktops but I’m not sure.

  10. One more step in Google’s plan to control everything. I’m not even interested in their OS, no thatks!

    1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      I have the same thought, that’s why I never used Google Chrome. I don’t like anyone controls what I do. 😛

  11. Sarge says:

    Seriously – They should just rename the ‘Internet’ to ‘Google’. They own the web.

    1. And pretty soon they will own your computer too!

  12. iHing says:

    Is Google trying to become another Microsoft? Jack of all trades, master of none. I’m cool with how Apple does things.

    1. Apple is like a jack of all trades too

    2. Google will be more like Jack of everything. They want to control the world, one computer and user at a time.

  13. I love Google just coz it gives us a different perspective of things. Nothing against Microsoft but two giants fighting for a market share makes more sense and better consumer bargain and tech. Its been a long time since Microsoft was the only OS provider for masses. Although Chrome OS is in a very early stage.

    By the way Ubuntu 9.10 is something that windows user should consider to give a shot. The new application wubi (.exe) is a simple executable file that lets you install ubuntu on pre-existing windows with dual boot option. I think its worth giving a try 🙂 what say

  14. Dean Saliba says:

    When I finally get fed up of Windows Xp (I’ll be damned if I’m going to upgrade to Vista or 7) I will probably check out Google’s offering.

    1. I would kill for XP again. My current computer came with Vista, and I couldn’t find my install key for XP. XP was so much better than Vista. I haven’t checked out Windows 7 yet. Any reason you’re staying away from it?

      1. Because it is Microsoft? SY

  15. fas says:

    Google is gonna kick MS in the arse.

  16. Blog Tips says:

    Im really excited with Google OS, im wondering what microsoft would do if people starts to love Google OS than Windows

    1. Kevin Pasco says:

      That would never happen. They’re not even the same type of OS let alone have the same purposes.

  17. This is one change that will many people working online will look for. Everything stored on online.

    Apart from the obvious security risks of having your data stolen, the only drawback I see is not being able to access large files quickly.

  18. Manga says:

    So far I have heard that Google OS is slow. The problem with it (since your connected to the internet) the speed of the OS depends on how fast your internet is. Well some people in 3rd world countries don’t have fast internet so surely it won’t be a success here.

  19. The G to dominate yet again. One good thing, prices will start to drop 🙂


  20. EarningStep says:

    i seen so much review about google os . i thought that a new os for computer has born , a new world has started.

  21. I hope it destroys Microsoft’s market share. I’m so tired of checking everything I do in every possible OS XP, Vista/ IE #5678! I WANT REVENGE! If only MS would play along, how nice web designing would be.

    I may even skip my next Mac for a notebook with Chrome – Dare I say it?

  22. chester says:

    I think this is just the start of Google taking over computers and our lives.

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