Google Goes After PayPerPost

If trying to beat up Text Link Ads wasn’t enough, Google has got its sights on a new target: PayPerPost. CEO Ted Murphy is claiming that Google is going after bloggers in the PayPerPost network and reducing their PageRank from whatever they previously had to zero. That’s right, zero!

Murphy is of course calling foul for what he see as Google trying to defend their “monopolistic stranglehold on search and online advertising.”

It is no coincidence that Google has gone after some blogs that utilize PayPerPost and many of our competitors services. We offer a very attractive alternative to AdSense and are leading a charge to provide real monetization for everyday bloggers. Unlike the Google AdSense black box, we are palms up when it comes to revenue share and give bloggers the lions share of advertising dollars that they deserve.

Murphy also took a shot at TechCrunch, asking how come Google doesn’t de-rank them for making posts that thank their sponsors.

I find it laughable that high profile bloggers like TechCrunch aren’t being penalized in the same way. Perhaps it’s the fact that they use AdSense. Perhaps it’s the fact that they are silicon valley insiders and are invited to special Google events. Either way I don’t see the difference between a sponsored post in our system or this sponsored post. Both are paid for, neither use no-follow.

TechCrunch rebutted Murphy’s statement in this post.

In what looks like an attempt to fight back against the Google machine, PayPerPost’s parent company, IZEA, is working on something call RealRank (code named Project Goo Gone), an alternative to Google PageRank. Hopefully, that works better than the Blogger Choice Awards. Have your PageRank been affected for being a PayPerPost publisher?

174 thoughts on “Google Goes After PayPerPost”

  1. GPT Sites says:

    Wow! This is crazy Google!

    1. Mubin says:

      Google is starting to piss off a lot of people and companies. Is this now a turning point from their ethos of just “not being evil”? Have GooGle had enough of being the nice guys and are now turning on the internet users because they have gained such a huge market share that it just doesnt matter any more?

      1. I went from 4/10 to 0/10 in the last page rank update, so yea, it affected me.

        1. its effecting everyone i know!

          1. Israel says:

            i think google is just making a point. they will eventually get back to being google and make everyone happy.

    2. Ok, as some of the regular readers may have noticed that I have defended Google about the TLAs issue, but I think I will slam Google this time. I mean, punishing someone who writes a sponsored post is just totally absurd!
      Hey Google! – What’s next huh? PUNISH PEOPLE USING ADSENSE! What idiots!

      1. Money control is the only thing that comes in my mind. I actually got upset about all the penalizations when problogger gained its pagerank back, its than when I really felt that Google hits your pocket and doesn’t really care much about the algorithm but rather to have the control of the money and sit back on the seat who they think is dangerous.

        1. that by itself shows the worthlessness of pageranks…google “Page rank” can be renamed “bitch rank”,nothing based on quality…they give you page ranks if you oblige them…

    3. Kenric says:

      I was at PR4, then I went to a 3, then to a 1, now I’m at zero. The process took 2 weeks. 🙄

      I have a bunch of other sites with static crappy text that get 1-2 visitors a week. Yes, a week!!! They went from PR0 to PR2. :mrgreen:

      1. I know, it is a very 😥 time

    4. PR5 to PR0 … this sucks for me

  2. Matt Jones says:

    “RealRank” Haha. I just find it funny how Google are destroying their own ranking system. Unless they heavily penalize the actual serps rank and not just the ‘toolbar’ pagerank its all a joke.

    1. James says:

      That will be next. 👿

      1. geomark says:

        When that starts to happen then Goog’s SERPs will begin to become a lot less relavant.

        1. Google is acting like a silly child right now, if they don’t change, everyone will start using Yahoo.

  3. Simonne says:

    I couldn’t care less. I’ve got a 0 two days ago, but the traffic is actually up, and so are the earnings. It’s true that I’m shown very weak PPP opportunities, but I wasn’t writing that much anyway, so the loss is minimum.

    1. Karol Krizka says:

      I have the same happening here, but then I only realized that my PR got bumped to 0 just now. However the search engine traffic today and in the last few days was not affected at all.

    2. Gav says:

      Yeah. Same here, my pagerank is 0 now. I have since removed TLA and pay-per-post stuffs for the time being. But, my traffic is actually increasing. 🙄

    3. Robert says:

      At first I didn’t really care that my 6 dropped to a 3 – hey Argus was coming so nothing to worry about. It quickly became apparent that PPP didn’t view my see it the same way since all the good opps dried right up. They really fucked up in peoples eyes by not grandfathering the high PR sites. Especially when they knew of the coming drastic Google PR changes.

      Each actually got punished at PPP for our lowered pageranks. Now that boys and girls is totally fuc|<3d up. Don’t get me wrong. I love Izea to death but they treated us wrong on this one.

  4. lilian says:

    *hands up* My PR 5/10 blog and a big bunch of PR 4/10 dipped to zero. I can handle that because I reaped a lot of moolah already. But I have several sites that are static ones (on WP but I don’t update it, use it more as CMS) which got hit as well. These are community sites I run on a voluntary basis, using my own money, for bereaved parents and critically ill children. I guess I got bitched slapped across all my dozen plus blogs because of the association with PPP.

    BTW, John, we are on Yahoo for make money keyword. You #6, me #8. Out of a BILLION pages. That’s why I had no choice but to severe ties with all paid posts and text links on my Make$ Money$ blog. :mrgreen:

  5. Simon says:

    I read that Murphy also stated he thought Google was looking for words like ReviewMe and PayPerPost in text, and using that as a way to penalise people. Looks like sponsored posts should start thanking the sponsor if they want to disclose – keep who you are using out of the equation entirely. Failing that, just go ahead and don’t disclose – not the end of the world.

    On a broader note, if MS was criticised for its desktop monopoly, then Google should be getting equal treatment for their attempted monopoly of the web (wait until their Mobile OS hits the phone market).

    1. BareFly says:

      I second you simon. We all should dump google for trying to be the god of internet. Google doesn’t own internet, it’s just a search engine. 😡 If google continues to do something like this, the fall of google is only a matter of time. I hope some one soon comes up with a better replacement of google.

  6. Vik Dulat says:

    Well John Chow is still using text link ads, so it’s all good!

    1. Karol Krizka says:

      But John Chow doesn’t care about what Google thinks. He got more power than them. 😉

      1. Yeah, he got slapped already… So, he fought back. 😛

  7. I’m not taking any chances… I just removed the PayPerPost snippet of code from my site.

  8. Michael says:

    Nothing new here – big boys trying to run the little guys out of town. It’s annoying but part of business life :/

  9. Eric says:

    Yeah, my PR5 blog plunged to PR0 in the last week – I had no idea why. Well, the $900 I make from PPP a month sure beats the $25 I make from AdSense!

    1. betshopboy says:

      Your comment put everything into perspective on the latest Google nuking! :mrgreen:

    2. J.D. says:

      Yeah, but how long are you going to be able to making $900 a month from PPP when your pagerank is 0?

      1. Karol Krizka says:

        I would say for quite a long time. PPP is going to replace PageRank (or just make it more obsolete in their opportunity system) in the next couple of weeks with RealRank.

        More information here :

    3. Neil Duckett says:

      What site do you use PPP on? … not deepmarket i`m guessing.

  10. Stephen says:

    Though I agree that PPP has been responsible for the proliferation of a lot of USELESS BLOGS, there are a few out there that spin the opportunities tastefully. It’s really not fair for them to kick them all. However, this isn’t the first time that PPP has been picked on. A while ago, Technorati curb stomped myself and a whole bunch of other blogs for dabbling in PPP.

    Moving forward, I thought it was safer to not do PPP at all. I also felt better about myself because I didn’t have to give products “Positive” or “Neutral” reviews.

    1. Unfortunately, it’s not just PPP that is being targeted, it’s many kinds of money making ventures that rely on linking… Google is trying to control the linking market, whether that is the direct object or not of the whole PR exercise. Hence, I am beginning to see ‘monopoly’ flashing everywhere as they try to bend everyone to THEIR will… It’s not just a question of whether you do or don’t do PPP… it’s a question of whether or not you link to external websites for any reason, and whether or not you are willing to use ‘no_follow’.

      So, if you think you are free because you DON’T use PPP, then you really need to think again:

      “When the Nazis came for the communists,
      I remained silent; I was not a communist.
      When they locked up the social democrats,
      I remained silent; I was not a social democrat.
      When they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out;
      I was not a trade unionist.
      When they came for the Jews, I remained silent;
      I wasn’t a Jew.
      When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.

      Am I being too dramatic?

  11. Lincoln says:

    So when is Google going to penalize Techcrunch for using Text Link Ads? 😯

    1. John Chow says:

      TechCrunch doesn’t use Text Link Ads. Text Link Ads is a TechCrunch advertiser and sponsors. Now if Google starts going after sites that TLA advertises on, then that enters a whole new level of evil.

      1. James says:

        What is ironic is that you will find Google AdSense ads for TLA on sites that have lost PR for using TLA.

      2. Lincoln says:

        If Google was being evenhanded here they would penalize Techcrunch as well for being affiliated with TLA, just as they’ve punished other sites that have mentioned or advertised PayPerPost, yet did no sponsored posts (as many bloggers appear to be reporting).

        😯 😯 😯

      3. Googlelady says:

        I think Google is trying to say to those TLA publishers to watch out… mmm May be next target will be TLA and Sponsoredreviews?

  12. I don’t think most bloggers who use PPP have anything to worry about. How is Google going to find all of them anyway? Besides for most of them the paid posts don’t remain on their homepage too long and since Google most likely doesn’t index them daily I doubt they have anytime to fear. I don’t use PPP myself but my friends do and their Google PR has remained the same so far.

    1. Marc says:

      They’re easy to find if you’re good at finding patterns in linking structures over the world wide web.

      I wonder who might be good at detecting patterns in linking structures over the world wide web… Hmmm… :/

  13. Wow. I started writing a post about why my PageRank dropped to 0. I didn’t even see this post yet or about Google going after PayPerPost. So I’m right too. I put a link from my post to this post to get some credibility. Man this sucks.

    PageRank Drop to 0

  14. Hoto says:

    i just went down to pr 0 today. it took my 3 month to build up a pr4 close to pr 5 blog and i took google 2 weeks to go from 4 to 2 and now from 2 to 0 !!!! there must be a way to strike back !!!

    1. We’ll we can’t really do anything. Just hope for the best for RealRank.

      1. Marc says:

        You can do something. Ban Googlebot. Allowing Googlebot to crawl your site carries with it an unspoken agreement. You send me traffic, I contribute my content. Break that contract and lose your privilege.

        1. Karol Krizka says:

          What good would that do? As we can see from what just happened, you need Google, Google does not need you. You ban the bot, and you get delisted or get old content.

  15. Domtan says:

    Cat and mouse game? More like the Terminator against Sarah Connor. Undoubtedly, these decisions will soon apply to ReviewMe too.

  16. Ivy says:

    Maybe we should all start a revolt and get all our readers to start using Yahoo instead!! 😈

    1. betshopboy says:

      It’s time we bloggers fight back! 😈

      We can replace:
      Google search with Yahoo! or Dogpile;
      Gmail with Yahoo! mail or Hotmail;
      Google Reader with Bloglines;
      Blogger with WordPress or LiveJournal.

    2. If Google keeps up its current nonsense, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. 😈

      My blog Aaron Cook Dot Com™ suddenly went from a PR4 to a PR0, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why…unless it has to do with the PayPerPost widget I have on the main page. If that’s the case, then I think Google is crossing the line. 👿

  17. HMTKSteve says:

    Just further proof that Google is evil.

    I know a lot of people comment saying, “Well, it’s Google’s index, they can do what they want with it.” The problem with that line of thinking is that Google controls over 50% of search. Getting de-listed by Google can have a huge impact on your traffic.

    How would those same people react if Alexa dropped them from their index because of the content of their site? As flawed as Alexa is it is also blind.

    Remember, Google is an advertising company that uses search to sell it’s advertising inventory. They see anyone who is not running AdSense as a competitor. The easiest way to fight back is to remove AdSense from your site. Unless you are one of the very few who makes a living off of AdSense what do you have to lose?

  18. diego says:

    hey, i also have pr0. i will remove the payperpost tag if this solves my problem, what do u think?

  19. John says:

    Is there nowhere left to hide? Google the new Big Brother. 1984 all ove again.

    1. Marc says:

      No, they’re simply the next big company that’s setting out to squeeze out all competitors.

      Nobody’s being brainwashed, tortured or imprisoned here. We just all lost a bunch of PR.

  20. Reed says:

    There is a conflict of interest when your a search engine but foremost an advertising company. I imagine it would be easy to shut out the competition when you have that kind of power.

    I wonder if they will come out with their own PPP tool for blogger users.

  21. Dustin says:

    I never thought Google could be so damn stuck up. And I always saw people say Google is running the internet and I just thought “pst, how are they running the internet?” But I guess I was wrong… I think Google is going to lose valuable people if they keep this up.

  22. dave says:

    It is a war…. a business war to monopolize the market. Boomers be careful when blogging. Think before you take side otherwise Google would penalize you and slap on your face for not doing the things right. 😈

  23. SEO Vibe says:

    Like with any business Google is untouchable UNTIL someone designs a better mousetrap, err I mean search engine. As long as Google search is used by more people than any other engine taking the company down a notch is not an option. “RealRank” is just another app, reduce the number of people using google search and you WILL get shareholder attention.

    I’m sure Google is well aware that should a few very prominent sites switch to yahoo search (example) and build yahoo apps many smaller sites would follow suit.

    This is laughable though, technicaly GOOGLE needs to give themselves a pagerank zero because I got a nice screenshot of a google adsense ad promoting link sales yesterday. To Google, I love many of your services but you’re going too far when you attempt to mold the web into what you want it to be instead of embracing what it is. Selling reviews is not illegal!

  24. I’ve been away for the last couple of days. When I came back today I saw that my blog about blogging had dropped to zero. I was glad to see this post then. There’s some comfort in not being the only one!

    As it happens my blog about blogging only has one sponsored post on it. What it does have are lots of referral links and posts about how sponsored posts are a great way of making money. My other blogs, where I do most of the posting haven’t actually been affected yet so that may go towards comfirming that Google are searching for references to PayPerPost in text.

    While I am annoyed about the loss of PageRank I am happy on the other hand that I am making money from blogging! I made $102 this week alone. The majority of that was from various sponsored post sites, including but not limited to PayPerPost. On the other hand I got one dollar and a few cents from Adsense this week!

  25. cyberst0rm says: has a PR of 0.
    Wow – Never thought I’d see the day!

  26. xBrain® says:

    it’s so evil – now google is more evil if compared to JC

    why me? suffered a lot when my PR6 dropped to PR0..

    PPP, I will still work with worries..
    I think we should boycott Google Adsense after this

  27. Lori says:

    I think it’s really sad that Google is doing this to honest people with GOOD blogs. It really hurt a lot of families who use that money to pay bils and put food on the table. ALL my PPP blogs were knocked to 0 and my NON PPP blogs remain intact. I don’t use TLA so I know they were going after Payperpost. I made $700 in about 2 days compared to my $12adsense.
    Like I said, it’s more dissappointing to see them hurting good people instead of the spammers, scrapers, & sploggers.

    1. Stefson says:

      Then why do you care so much what Google does?
      If you make $700 in two days then to hell with Google. Just keep doing what you obviously do well …

      Google can do whatever they want with their stuff. If you don’t agree, then start using Yahoo or something else.

      You’re right when you say it’s more dissappointing when they hurt good people, but unfortunately, that’s the way the world works. It’s f00ked up. But complaining and calling Google the evil of mankind won’t change a thing about that. The only thing you can change is you.

      1. Lori says:

        I made that much because of my that it shows 0, it will dropped down big time. There is a new rank rolling out with PPP so I guess I will see how that works.

        As far as Google goes. I have cancelled my adsense account, removed my blogs from analytics, currently getting my personal blog off of blogger, and switched my reader to bloglines. I realize that this won’t hurt them but it will make me feel better that I’m not feeding to their selfishness. Of course, they own feedburner, youtube, ect so it will be hard to get away from that but at least I’m doing something.

        1. Good for you! Ii’m behind you but a little further behind…


  28. shawna says:

    I too have had several blogs get hit with the dreaded zero pagerank. Guess Google doesn’t like us making money from other places. Wankers.

  29. Blackysky says:

    You all give the power to google .. just come back to yahoo and start promoting yahoo search engine or even msn live search engine !!!!
    If everyone turn they face to other alternative !! trust me google will make major move !!! but of course I can understand google position… they don’t like compagnies that use their properties ( pagerank) as a tool to make money with that … or compagnies who make money ( like TLA) by tricking google properties ( google index ) with anchor text and link ….

  30. Stefson says:

    Calling Google names won’t change a thing.
    If you don’t agree with their policies, stop using their service. You can’t change how the world works. The only thing you can change is you, so start there.

  31. BenSpark says:

    Hi John,
    Two of my blogs dropped to PR0. Two dropped to PR3 (one was 5 and one was 4) Those last two are both well established and one has been online for over 4 years so I think there would be little cause to dro them completely to zero.) Those four blogs are PPP. I have a new blog called Read to Me Dad that is brand new and has a PR2 and one even newer than that called Google Is Not God with a PR0. Ironically I host it on Blogger and use Google analytics. I regret not introducing myself to you at Blog World Expo, looks like you had a great time.

  32. gfitedwon says:

    I really do think its time webmasters start to boycott google. stop using adsense, stop using adwords . maybe we can make dent in their profits.

    1. Trust me, it won’t make a difference. Even if we have hundreds of bloggers “boycotting” Google services, Google still owns the internet.

      1. Yes, I believe they bought it last week for $9.95 on a sale on EBay, with a 10%-off coupon.

        Since it’s a downloadable purchase, I’m sure they were taken to a hidden link after paying via Paypal, and are busy downloading the entire Internet onto their servers… Perhaps that’s why my I-net today is so slow…

        Apparently, it was a BIN price, too. The original price for the Internet was $2.00 but there was some stiff bidding between $3.50 and $6.00… Fortunately, Google just went straight for the BIN price, it shouldn’t make too much dent in their cash savings.

        Rumors are that they are going to hive off parts of it as DVDroms, esp. the parts they can’t monetize themselves…

        Let’s see how things go… Google’s price should now rise by about a similar amount. 😈

    2. GPT Sites says:

      People will just take advantage of it and profit from people not using Adwords (and same with Adsense, I suppose).

      It’s similar to “Why Gas Day Won’t Work (not my blog, just an interesting post).

  33. Sean says:

    My PR went from 4 to 1 in the last little bit, and I’m guessing this is a part of as to why. That crappy part is I’m signed-up for it, but haven’t even done any actual PayPerPost posts.

  34. 09369 says:

    Nice, I like this article, but no pr at the moment, thanks!

  35. kucau says:

    somebody should start a blog post about “Why we should dump Google” or “Why yahoo/MSN is much better search engine” . The post should encourage everyone to remove google`s service , and make a meme out of that post. One blogger does not make a difference but how about a millions bloggers? The post/campaign should be repeated again and again .

    1. Bloggers are already working on this… At least it makes us feel we are doing something!

  36. Domtan says:

    When Microsoft was dominating online, Google was the savior. Microsoft services and tools where boycotted, in favor of Google.

    Now Google is what Microsoft used to be. Albeit, Google Index and PR belongs to Google. Their game, their rules.

    We can’t have our cake and eat it too. Unless you’re John Chow, then you can do whatever you like with the cake.

  37. bloggernoob says:

    is it possible to protest google? i know to a lot of bloggers google is the hands that feeds them but they are a monopoly and they have to be checked.

  38. I was hit on two of my blogs by this, one PR3 and a PR2 down to 0
    It really sucks, as of today though I will start using the rel no follow tag on all links in a sponsored post.

  39. Etienne Teo says:

    It would be very hard to defeat the empire like google, unless millions of bloggers gather together and start an internet war with google or turn terrorist to bomb google’s main center and kill every single god damn human in their base.

    Corrupt them and then take over with multiple blogs gettting pagerank 9! That was a joke..

    1. Karol Krizka says:

      Now what would be the point of that? I mean, if we bombed them then there would be no google and no PR at all!

  40. dave says:

    The PR zero is the just the beginning. It will probably followed by the actual traffic slow down for our blogs in the Google search and advertising empire. Then little bloggers like most of us would feel the hurt inflicted by Google. What can you do now in anticipation of such a blow from the giant. Surrend with a white flag? Fight back like a Union of Million Lion Hearts? Petition to the Congress?

  41. Dequan Ware says:

    Man! That’s crazy for google to do that. They have to much money for us bloggers they pretty much own the internet. I think thats B*llsh*t.

  42. Zakman says:

    This post explains what happened to me, I think. In the last Google update (last month) my PR went up from 1 to 2, and then I do some PayPerPost reviews as well as put up their “Hire Me” banner a couple days ago, and … boom, my PR is 0! Zero! … I mean NIL!

    But guess what, John, I could be as evil as you! I found this PR checker site which actually shows a PR of 3 for my blog, and they give a button too, saying “Verified PageRank 3”. So I stick it on my blog, though the Google toolbar still shows 0. How evil is that! 😈

    Xenyo is not a fake, I think they pick up the PR from Google’s cache, so my PR is 3. But sooner or later, it will pick up the ‘refreshed cache’ from Google and show 0??? Not sure… but at the moment, I’m cool! lol

    PS: I hear soon Google will have a negative PR system as well. Means your site could drop from PR6 to -PR4. (Joke)

    1. Karol Krizka says:

      I’m not really sure why a PR from a cache would be useful, other than to show off. The search engines don’t care about it, which I think is why most people want a high PR.

    2. dave says:

      Interesting info. have checked your index page is still pr3, your blog page is pr zero as shown on the google green bar. what will google do next, every body just guess and hope for the best.

  43. Mike Huang says:

    Google goes at it again, but no matter what they do, we can’t do anything. Google = Internet.


  44. Zakman says:

    Yeah, Krizka, I understand that! If my PR is zero, the search engines wouldn’t care about what I display. (For all we know, I can design a little button showing PR 8!)

    Yep I added that button just to show off… lol… and try to cushion the fall to 0, a weeeee lil bit! 😉

  45. Ginene says:

    Mine went from a 1 to a 3 and now a 0.

  46. BladedThoth says:

    I need to add to this thread (John, might make an interesting add to your story). The last round of Google slashes did not affect me (I sat at a happy 3). However, I read your story and I figured I wouldn’t be affected; Mostly, because PPP wouldn’t approve my site for the fact that my site is a custom-built website and ‘Did not conform to what they want as a blog’ However, I typically push about 1000-2000 unique visitors a day and I felt that I could still benefit from the ‘Review My Post’ referral system (Which is another topic I want to touch on sometime but not here – IE: Never been paid for ANY). So I checked my PR and to my (lack of) surprise, I’m PageRank of 0. I have never accepted a PPP review (As noted the reason above) but instead I use their ‘Review My Post’ referral system. So, the only two things PPP on my site is the little chunk of code they expect to allow you to use some of their features, and then the button for ‘Review My Post’. If they are canning my PR because of JUST having a ‘Review My Post’ link to PPP, then I will be waiting until I hit the next check $100 to receive payment (I am not giving them free money to sit on), and promptly removing my AdSense ads. This is garbage. This is absolute garbage. They’re going to hurt themselves very quickly and they don’t realize it. As it is, I don’t believe in the PR of a site at all anymore and use other methods to gauge a site (Alexa, feed stats, etc), and I hope that those who rely on this will quickly see Google’s ‘moderation’ of their PR as a now-useless benchmark of web ‘popularity’ and move onto real benchmarks that aren’t tampered with to ‘force’ the hands of those who use services other than theirs.

  47. “monopolistic stranglehold on search and online advertising.” This is really true, but does someone have a viable solution? Boycott is surely not going to make a dent in google one way or another.

  48. MoneyNing says:

    It was pretty bad of PPP to mention someone else (TechCrunch) in their post about Google’s tactics. At times like these, you would think that they would try to side with everyone and not try to drag other people down and create more enemies.

  49. Same goes for this situation. busted buying links, Google does nothing to them, yet, or maybe never.

  50. Now, I know why my pagerank went from 5 to 3. This is really unbelievable. Why would Google want to do that? Ridiculous! 🙁

  51. I don’t even use PPP and my site was slammed to PR0 from PR2 (PR4 2 weeks before). I believe that they are targetting ReviewMe publishers also.

  52. Alpesh Nakar says:

    Since this site showed PR0 on my firefox g toolbar, I am least worried now about PR for my blog which also happens to be 0, down from 4- > 2. I use TLA and have never done PPP. So there you go! Don’t care, since visits are up and so have been the hits…

    1. MoneyNing says: shows PR5 on mine…

      1. Israel says:

        i see PR4 for haha. it doesnt matter people.

  53. Bobby Rio says:

    What about Blogverise??? Any info on google penalizing those accossiated with that service?

    1. Domtan says:

      Thus far, Google have only penalized TLA sellers and PayPerPost reviewers. But it’s clear that a pattern is emerging. Chances are (not guaranteed), that publishers whom use ReviewMe, Blogsverise, and similar services will eventually be hit with the same Google blow.

  54. David Mackey says:

    Has your PR been affected John? I think RealRank is a good idea, but it won’t help individuals who use PR for the real reason it exists – measuring ranking in Google’s index.

  55. Greg Stratz says:

    I had a few sites go under. But what surprised me the most was an arcade site of mine that is almost 2 year old get slapped too. 2 years then bam 0… lol. I can not figure this one out. None of my other none bog sites got hit expect for 1 arcade site. weird

  56. bmunch says:

    I was quite happy when 2 weeks ago, when most blogger takes a PR hit, I managed to get my new blog form PR0 to PR2.

    Now, after last night, they completely took away all PR that gave to me. PageRank in not an algorithm anymore, it’s a gift to us google citizen from out King Google. If you are obedient, I will throw you a PR to chew on.

    Well, I say “eff-you”. Even Microsoft is not that arragont. I just wish PPP will update their ranking system soon.

  57. Alan says:

    I had a PR of 2 and it dropped to a PR of 0, probably because I have a payperpost banner. Watch out, they might come after “review me” next!

    But basically, I’m ignoring pagerank from now on. Its really worthless. Even though my pr was sent to 0, i still rank the same for the same keywords, so it didn’t change anything.

  58. DigMyPage says:

    While dropping the PR to zero is bad, I don’t see what is so terrible about that. Yes, some blogs will drop in ranks in SERP and the new ones will show up and they will rank higher. What is so wrong with that? I will say Google is giving every body a shot in getting higher rankings.

    Let’s assume there are two blogs and they have PR4 and PR6. The blog quality is not determined by PR always. Now PR6 always ranks higher in the SERP because they used all kinds of techniques (let’s also assume all good marketing technique). They also use PPP

    Now Google drops PR6 to PR0 and PR4 starts showing up higher in SERP. What is so terrible about that? And PR4 quality is as good as PR6.

    Google is not anti-competitive. Google is giving everybody a chance for higher rankings. This is what Google is doing:

    If you have a higher rankings and you want to maintain your rankings, you need to behave in a certain way because there are other sites which are as good as yours. If you don’t, other sites will get their chance.

    Google is giving fair chance to everybody.

  59. Frank C says:

    Google has become like Standard Oil and Microsoft, a monopoly using it’s dominate power in one area to attack competitors in another area it doesn’t fully control. If they don’t change their ways and soon they’ll find themselves defending their actions in US Federal Court, no matter how many Democrat presidential candidates they pay off.

  60. Myla says:

    What google is doing now is just plain crazy and unfair!
    It really sucks!
    I hope RealRank will be implemented ASAP!

  61. johnCard says:

    john chow is still a pr 6. also, it’s no secret but i just checked googles search keyword “john chow” and #1 was john Cow.
    john wasn’t listed or way too far back. also, check keyword “make money online” and john chow was no where to be found. couldn’t believe who was though (no comment).

    What’s the point of having a search engine if it’s not accurate?

  62. Haroon says:

    Google rules
    And they showed they do :mrgreen:

  63. Maybe we should start a revolt. Every do whatever Google tells you not to do. Remove all nofollow links and start selling links like crazy! 😈 😈 😈
    Then they will create a better algorithm instead of blaming on bloggers or whoever.

  64. fucc says:

    my main site from pr4 to pr2 then up to pr3 and i’m a payperposter. My second site from pr3 to pr0. dam google

  65. Teddy Wong says:

    Google wants to be the only superpower in the internet !
    Hope RealRank succeed !

  66. Mike Warner says:

    On my other site I went from a page rank of 4 to a 0. I have taken down my google adsense adds and am calling on a boycott of adsense. Google is an advertising company. That is their main revenue source. Without sites to post their adds on they might think twice about pissing off site owners.

  67. And Techcrunch don’t use no_follow that’s for sure.. Check out my posting to see the story. I was quite shocked so I filed a report with Google! I’m also now anti Google…


  68. Etienne Teo says:

    I have stopped payperpost for a long time, while it can make you lots of money, but i feel that my pr can work on other better things.

    1. Yes, it make s me a little money but not so much that it is my #1 source of earnings. That’s still our linkie friends…


  69. Woops! I’m taking my revenge on Google SLOWLY… I no longer accept that when a company can take good honest hard working people and screw them so royally as Google just did, that that is good, just or right. Google is no longer ‘don’t be evil’ — it’s ‘don’t be evil when it suits… otherwise be as nasty as hell’

    Read my anti-Google effort here.

  70. Adam says:

    I have had mixed results. Two of my PR3 blogs fell to 0. However, one of my blogs went up to PR5 from PR3. Now I write less but still make almost the same amount from PPP.

  71. Erich says:

    Johnchow the Techcrunch link is wrong I think.Did you try not linking directly to word and link is missing “c”.

  72. Lucas says:

    when you search for “john chow” in google… the 2nd result is Yes!! (NOT

    1. MoneyNing says:

      It makes sense because this site has been penalized for a long time. In’s case, they have a similar domain name and has tons of content inside their site that references this one.

  73. Martin says:

    I have noticed a few PR3 and even PR4 blogs that have the same kind of linkage and the same type and level of monetization as the ones that got knocked down to zero. I have to wonder what they had or didn’t have that amounts to an immunity necklace.

  74. Alex says:

    confirmed… type John Chow in Google and the top natural listing is John Cow with a PR of 3….

    also, this was funny in the about us area:

    …….”we’re having fun and we’ll just have to cope with the real John Chow bugging us on IM all the time!

  75. dave says:

    For bloggers who are slashed at by Google and their PR down scaled to zero, I bring you here some good news. I just found it out in the IZEA blog (parent company of PerPerPost). The abstract is ……

    1. Etienne Teo says:

      You mean the realrank thing? :mrgreen:

  76. Edward says:

    What’s next? ReviewMe being penalized?

  77. steve dowripple says:

    Very interesting news. Thank John. 😉

  78. I went from 2/10 to 0/10. Google is really monopolizing the web.

  79. Michael Woo says:

    This is just simple monopolization technique used by Google. I don’t see anything wrong selling paid posts/links/etc..

    There would still be advertisers who have cash to burn and publishers who wants to monetize their blog.. Simple advertisement deal and that’s all – what’s wrong selling ads on the blog?

    My guess is that Google just wants to monopolize the entire online ads industry, they have more tricks up their sleeves, just watch.. soon they will only recommend you to sell 125×125 ad slots using their Adsense system only..

  80. Hey John you blog celebrity slut! I hope you get to read this and my post about you because I think you’re the bitch Paris Hilton of the blogosphere! Have a great blog whoring day bitch!

    1. Etienne Teo says:

      That sounded evil Rocky! 😈

      1. Well ain’t he just like the high-class bitch Paris Hilton? Hey John, I got a $400 diamond ring down here and I’ll throw in a pack of condoms to boot. Write me a freakin’ review! LOL

  81. soundofgold says:

    Great article, thanks. This was exactly info I needed looking at my recent PR plunge to 0 AFTER the long awaited PR update. Sure enough the blogs now showing PR0 are indeed my PayPerPost earners. 🙁

    NOT cool. Does Google think that the are the only one entitled to make any money on the Net or what? Shame.

  82. Andrew G.R. says:

    I went from a PageRank 5 to a ZERO. Goodbye PayPerPost. I’ve removed everything. Hopefully, Google will recognize this and fix the rank. I’ve conformed. Bow to Google!

  83. Leroy Jones says:

    FINALLY someone is pointing out the fact that PPP is just a simple POS (Piece Of Sh*t) it’s about time! Now alot of people are regretting that they even joined PPP… because it takes a while to build up a sites PR and the sites credibility. LOL sucks to be YOU!

  84. Google is acting like the recording industry. Lets punish our customers, only at least google is not suing you. If google decides that there is something wrong with their algo, they should fix it. That fix should not include punishing people. It’s not our job to run our websites to make google work.

    1. Karol Krizka says:

      Depends on who you consider to be the real customers, the thousands of webmasters that use Google to get traffic or the millions of users that use Google to find revelant sites. The main point of Google as a service is so we can find useful sites fast. And you are right, it’s not our job to make Google work, that’s why it is their decision on what to make with sponsored links.

  85. I think google needs to go back to the drawing board and rethink their actions. There also needs to be some strong competition from other search engines because google is becoming too much of a monopoly.

  86. dave says:

    The Google PR de-ranking has almost devastated the blogsphere. Check out how many blogs are out there for sale at , you will be amazed.

    1. Israel says:

      i havent seen that, may need to go see if i could buy something. lol.


      1. dave says:

        According to, is sold at $15,000. It is a surprise to most of Kumiko’s readers. All the best wishes to Kumiko.

        1. Israel says:

          i was shocked., guess there are other plans in the works for kumiko.

  87. Kane says:

    yes, lets us write a petition,let worldwide now and lets fuck google!!! We all shld ask everyone boycott stupid google who want to kill off all his competitor in this way, this is a petty act and to think google is a big company!!!

  88. Derek Baker says:

    I noticed this PR drop today and was wondering. Hopefully they just had an error on the penalty. That is just not fair.

  89. What! She didn’t mention she was going to sell. Still $15000 isn’t much, but then look at the direction of recent posts. Mmm. Smart girl!

    The extinction of so many blogs: Nah! It’s just the end of the beginning, the market is maturing…

  90. Mike says:

    i wonder if anyone will be able to stop google…

  91. Mike says:

    im surprised that yahoo hasn’t really gone after them… maybe they are preparing…

  92. Mike says:

    although then again i have heard of which i guess is suppose to go after pagerank.. i guess we shall see..

  93. John says:

    99% of PPP blogs got what they deserve! I did not agree with most of Google’s actions lately, but this one I totally support.
    All of those blogs had nothing but paid posts, and no useful content.
    If people weren’t greedy and had every third post as paid (not every singe one) I am pretty sure your blogs would still have PR.
    And after “real rank” comes out Google will probably start deindexing those blogs. Remember, this was just a warning.

  94. Alex says:

    Yeah, my pagerank dropped from 2 to 0. That was strange because my site was upgraded from 0 to 2 not too long ago and I haven’t changed my site much between those 2 times.

    It’s not true that Google is penalizing only those blogs with excessive PPP posts. Mine has plenty of original content with minimal PPP (since I only started with PPP not long ago).

    This sucks big time and Google is totally unfair.

  95. Most of my sites page ranks dropped -1

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