Google Loves Dot Com moguls

It’s no secret that Google has been one of the secret to my success on the net. If Google hadn’t come along after the dot com crash, I wouldn’t be a dot com mogul anymore. If you want to pin the exact point on when the internet’s “second coming” happened, you can enter the date that Google started Adsense. With the launch of Adsense, Google almost single handedly brought the internet back to life.

Today Google is THE internet company, with a market capitalization of over $100 billion and over 100% year over year growth. One of the nice thing about dealing with Google is they don’t forget the human factor. Even though Google has over 100,000 Adsense publishers in their network, they still took the time to send out a little gift to them.

Google Xmas Gift

Google Xmas Gift

I am not sure how many Google publishers are getting them, nor do I know how much volume you need to do with them in order to receive one. The notebook kit includes a mouse, USB hub, headphones, notebook light and a cheap ass 64MB USB flash drive. 64MB! Man, I didn’t know they still make them that small!

2 thoughts on “Google Loves Dot Com moguls”

  1. Kalle says:

    Looks cool! How was the quality of the stuff? Bet they were stock, since they gave you a 64MB flash drive. But who cares, free tastes best, doesn’t it? 🙂

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