Google Offers AdSense for RSS Feeds

If you tried to setup a new Google ad in your AdSense control panel today, you may have a noticed a new feature call AdSense for Feeds. It seems Google is finally starting to capitalize on its purchase of FeedBurner.

AdSense for Feeds allows Google to send AdSense ads into your RSS feed, provided your RSS feed is powered by FeedBurner. FeedBurner has its own ad network call FeedBurner Ad Network (FAN) but it sucks. I have over 28,000 RSS readers and the FAN ads make less than $5 per month. With that kind of dismal results, it’s no wonder Google killed it. Hopefully, AdSense in the RSS will perform a lot better than FAN ads.

Migrating FeedBurner to Google

To turn on AdSense for RSS, you need to migrate your FeedBurner account into your Google Account. To migrate all of your feeds, and your account from to Google, email [email protected] and provide the following information:

  • Your FeedBurner account username
  • The Google Account email address you use to sign in to AdSense

Google will migrate your account and contact you with specific steps for you to follow once migration is complete.

Setting Up AdSense for Feeds

Setting up AdSense for Feeds is pretty straight forward. Google offers a lot of options to customize the look and feel of the ads. Ad sizes are 468×60 or 300×250 and is selected automatically by the system. You can choose if you want image ads, text or both, ad frequency, position, post length, colors and a channel to track performance. There’s even an option to make your feed a targetable placement so advertisers can buy ads directly on the feed.

I see this as a logical progressive step for Google. They’ve already taken over advertising on websites. It’s time to take over advertising on RSS as well. Look for Google ads in your mobile phone next. Oh wait. They’ve started that already. I just noticed the “AdSense for Mobile Content” in my AdSense control panel.

46 thoughts on “Google Offers AdSense for RSS Feeds”

  1. Mikkel Juhl says:

    I actually, saw it, today 10 o’clock, danish time. I think it is a awesome, thing ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That would enable bloggers to leverage their content to the next level.
      Google is again revolutionizing the online ad marketplace.

      1. mr nice guy says:

        Great improvement for Adsense John. I thought you are not using adsense.

  2. Joseph says:

    That’s a great way to increase your adsense earnings. Right on.

  3. dcr says:

    Do you still have access to all the Feedburner stats you had before you migrated?

  4. I thought Google had this rule: you can’t show more than 3 adsense ad units on 1 page. And all the adsense ad units have to belong to the same account.

    But if the ads are in the RSS feeds, I doubt if those rules can be followed by Google themselves – when people read these RSS feeds in a feed reader…

    1. John Chow says:

      That rule only applied to AdSense for Content, not AdSense for Feeds. However, Google still might limit the number of ads that show up in the feed.

  5. Wilson says:

    This looks like a good evolution.
    The ads will be much more targeted.
    Thatยดs good news. Most of all for the blog owner ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  6. NoereN says:

    Yes, it’s my turn to make money!
    I’ll try it…

  7. Shaun Carter says:

    This is awesome news, hopefully this will be an easy way to monetize my feed because my other attempts didn’t fare too well.

  8. John, Great post. I have not joined FeedBurner yet, probably should do that! Thanks for your experience with ads in the past. Respectfully, Nicholas

  9. That’s great news! I noticed that you didn’t make much from Feedburner ads, I guess things’ll be different this time around. Ah wait, but it looks like you’ve stopped posting your monthly earnings report! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  10. Bonie says:

    its different from adsense for content? i think its same, but the interface that different ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. This is awesome. I have been waiting for Google to do this for a while. It’ll be a lot easier for anyone that uses different feed web sites besides Feedburner.

  12. Should see an increase in a revenue

  13. Wow…this is great news for a lot of us. We can make alot of money due to this RSS implemention for adsense.

    Just think about it….with so many web 2.0 properties out there, you can just plug your rss feed into these web 2.0 sites, and make some decent income with adsense.

    Thanks for letting me know about this!

    Melvin Perry

  14. new blogger says:

    i haven’t checked it out until i read your post John.
    But i’m curious why your Subscriber drop from 27k+ to 24k+ ?? โ“

    1. John Chow says:

      It was a glitch caused by Google not reporting all their readers. It’s fixed today.

  15. app says:

    I wonder if there could be a problem with this, considering that Feedburner never had a requirement that one had to own the feed in which they added to their account. You could add anyone’s feed to your account, and multiple people can add the same feed to theirs, just that each would end up with a different feedburner url.

    Does this mean that after adding other people’s feeds, you get that nifty forum/email signature graphic with their latest posts, and now you can begin making money off them as well?

    Maybe I should hop on this, add a lot of great feeds to my account, then start trading my OPML file with others, loaded with my Adsense charged versions of the feeds. (no, I wouldn’t really do this, but considering the lax rules at Feedburner, I potentially could)

  16. It’s not the only way to include ads, what about using FeedFooter and inserting code there…? Wouldn’t that work, too?

    1. John Chow says:

      You can use FeedFooter to insert basic text and image ads, but no Java. Google AdSense uses Java.

  17. I tried one comment, don’t know if it went through or not. Anyway, I just wonder why John is still messing around with Adsense… I always thought he eschewed it on this blog! ๐Ÿ™„

    1. John Chow says:

      I do run AdSense on some of my other sites.

      1. Jenny Dean says:

        John, what are your other sites? Also, I signed up for Yaro’s training, I look forward to your evaluation of my blog in 6 months!

  18. Its nice chance from Google, but will I can earn more money from adsense? I don’t mean to desperate, but when I see to my adsense earning report. It make me sad, anyone would help me?

  19. Zath says:

    I think it’s really overdue that Google have done this and brought Adsense ads to Feedburner, but I’m not sure that how successful it might be – will the audience who use RSS actually click Adsense ads?

  20. app says:

    @Zath: I don’t think so. Your readers using RSS are typically loyal regular readers of your content and not hit & run info seekers from search engines looking for something specific.

    Statistically speaking, most people that click adsense ads come from search engines and are not regular repeat visitors of the site in which they are clicking the ads. This is why blending them in to match the theme of your site makes them work better, since a visitor unfamiliar with your site’s layout and content could be easily fooled into thinking it’s content they are clicking and not an ad.

    Most loyal readers are blind to adsense and do not respond to them very well. Even worse among sites centered around making money online, because we are trained not to click our own adsense ads, and that translates into not clicking any adsense ads, no matter where they are or who they belong to.

  21. But how do you advertise in feedburner with adsense? I can’t seem to figure it out.

  22. Leo says:

    thanks for the info dude..will put it in soon.. :mrgreen:

  23. Great post and great comments about the post. Unfortunately my blog is only a few months old so I don’t have many subscribers to my blog yet.

  24. I just found this in google:
    Migrating to a Google Account in order to use AdSense for feeds

    Google will soon provide a self-service process to migrate from an account on the original FeedBurner website to a Google Account. We have temporarily paused processing of new manual migration requests; we are working doggedly through the initial queue of requests and will re-open account migration services as soon as the first batch is completed.

    (If you have already submitted a migration request, please look for an email response from Google once your migration has completed).

    Seems to me that they won’t accept manual migrations now.

    Online Dividends

  25. pacman247 says:

    they finally did it.

  26. That is good, particularly for bloggers from non-PayPal-approved countries who could not make money from the former FAN. Now, I think I could earn some extra bucks from my 3,300+ feedburner subscribers at and another chunk from the 885 feed subscriber on my second blog.

    This is good news

  27. Excellent news, thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  28. moses says:

    yeah, i just saw that. I think it would be great, give us more opprtunity to monetize through rss.

  29. John!
    I am just surprised with your following quote:
    “I just noticed the โ€œAdSense for Mobile Contentโ€ in my AdSense control panel…”
    Do you mean you still use Adsense? You were supposed to be advocating against Adsense ๐Ÿ™„

    By the way I am a avid Google fan… and just as I have added quality content on my blog, the traffic has zoomed, as also the Adsense earning! You can have a look at it by visiting the site!

  30. Okay, the ability to make your feed a targetable placement for advertisers is great.

    Too bad the waiting list is long.

  31. gads says:

    I hope AdSense for Feeds give us more opportunity to monetize

  32. If you can’t be another John Chow, another way of making as much money as he makes is “learn how to become a good stock market trader…..” ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. prashant parikh says:

    very good site , one can easly learn the massage.

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