Google To Aquire You-Tube for $2.1 Billion

ShoeMoney is reporting that Google is going to buy YouTube for, get this, $2.1 billion! How the Shoe got this information is anyone’s guess but I have never recall a case where the Shoe wasn’t right. If he said Google is buying YouTube, then chances are they are buying YouTube.

According to ShoeMoney’s blog entry, the deal was between $1.5 to $2 billion and Google has made a final offer of $2.1 billion, take it or leave it. If I was YouTube, I would take it and run like hell!

Either ShoeMoney is going to look like THE inside man, or a lot of people is going to enjoy watching Shoe eating his shoe. I wonder what Mark Cuban thinks about this?

7 thoughts on “Google To Aquire You-Tube for $2.1 Billion”

  1. niko says:

    OK John, assuming that google buys youtube, what kind of strategy do you think they will adopt ?
    – redirect to ?
    – enhance the youtube experience ?
    – merge the memberships of both website ?
    – get rid of ?
    – all of the above ?
    – none of the above ?
    – who cares ?

    (BTW, Keep up with the good work)

  2. John Chow says:

    I think Google will let Youtube run by itself for the first little while. This will give them time to figure out why they paid $2 billion for it. 🙂

  3. Max Tower says:

    I agree with Mark Cuban, that media companies are just salivating over the prospect of suing the pants off of google for youtube copywrite violations. 90% of the videos people tell me about on youtube are just copied from an old media source. It would be nice to have a small timers television station, as youtube is designed to be, but I bet google could come up with their own for less than $2 billion.

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  6. Andy says:

    That was colse – only $500,000,000 off – I’ll take that

  7. what would someone do with that much money, its incomprehensible

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