Google Updates Finance

If you’re a user of Google Finance you may have noticed they did a massive update of the home page today.

Some of the changes includes comparison charts for multiple stocks and 40 years of stock market data. Stocks can be sorted by a magnitude of parameters, like market cap, stock price, search popularity, etc. There’s also an import tool so you can transfer data from Yahoo Finance. In addition, Google used their recently acquired YouTube to make a funny video to demo the new Finance feature.

Source: TechCrunch

5 thoughts on “Google Updates Finance”

  1. Al Davies says:

    The update to the portfolio page was pretty massive too. When I first loaded it up this morning I thought I had somehow navigated to the wrong page. It took a little getting used to but I realize that with each release they provide more in depth and useful detail. I actually do a lot of my planning and tracking of stocks within google finance and then just use my broker for trades/purchases (man do i sound like a google whore–the other kind)

  2. Gdog says:

    Nice video, it’s nice that they can poke fun at themselves.

  3. Ronnie says:

    John, how about some stock tips :0)

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  5. Raghu says:

    1. Google still probably looks at what clicks users of the web page are doing and ensure that at least a good % of them find what they want with minimum number of clicks.

    2. The information that has been added is definitely useful and am happy about the change. However one of the things that I have always liked and appreciated in all Google sites is the brilliant use of real estate. Most Google sites have an uncanny ability to keep only what is accessed for on the front page and everything else hidden. As far as I can see the current content on is probably the maximum on any Google page. I would strongly advise that Google should refrain from adding any more information on the finance page.

    2. Possibly Google can look at adding commodities information also on the finance page

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