Google Using The Image Trick

It looks like Google is experimenting with their own version of the image trick. Check out the image next to the above Google ad. The neat thing is the image is clickable. However, I have no idea which ad the image links to since clicking on your own ad is against the TOS.

3 thoughts on “Google Using The Image Trick”

  1. Hey John,

    No actually you are allowed to click on the image. You just can’t click on any page AFTER the image.

    I’ll try finding the proof. But I read tons of SEO blogs daily so it’ll take a bit. I’m pretty sure I got this info from Jensense though 🙂

  2. OOps, sorry for double commenting, but I already found the source 🙂

    It is at:


    Publishers are allowed to click the images themselves (just be careful not to accidentily click the ad below it!) but you cannot click on any of the ads that appear on the results page, just as how publishers can click on ad links keywords but not on any of the results.

  3. ?? This rule makes no sense. If I see an ad on my site for something which I may not wish to “endorse” by allowing it to be placed there, I need to check it out – and may decide to put it on my ban list. (During my first few weeks of Google operation, I cleaned out dozens of Scientology sites.) Yes, I could type in the whole damn URL, but what normal human being is going to bother…?

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