Guilty By Association

Many years ago, I used to run my sites out of an office building in an industrial part of Richmond. There were two other tenants in the building. One was an auto repair shop. The other was a drug dealer who used his unit to make illegal substances. He was eventually busted after a month long police sting operation. I thought that was hilarious because the previous tenant was a marijuana grow op.

The laugh ended when the landlord informed me that I would have to leave or be evicted. It seem he thought I was a drug dealer as well because I had associated with the dealer and my lifestyle seem to mirror his. I wouldn’t show up to the office until around noon and the first thing I did was go for lunch. I used the office more as a hang out more than anything else. The sign on the door read “By Appointment Only” but there was no phone number listed anywhere for people to call. Of course, I wasn’t a drug dealer but that didn’t seem to matter to the landlord. I was guilty by association.

You Are Who You Associate With

Have you ever noticed that successful people hang around other successful people? Birds of feather really do flock together. If you’re a jock, then chances are most of your friends are jocks as well. If you’re a nerd, then you hang around other nerds, If you’re broke, then chances are you don’t have many rich friends. This is not by accident. This is the Law of Attraction at work. You attract to you what you are.

One of the reasons many commentators disagree with my Never Live On Cash post is because of the power of association. The commentators asked me how many people I know who never run a credit card balance? The answer is everyone I know. I hang around financially responsible people who know the difference between good debt and bad debt. I don’t hang around people who are financially irresponsible. The people you hang with affects your reality. I had assumed that everyone pays off their credit cards because all my friends do that. However, others assume most don’t pay off the balance because none of their friends do.

The power of association is extremely powerful in the way it dictates who you are and how much money you make. If you want to change yourself or you lifestyle, then quite often, it will require you to change the circle of people you associate with.

Are Your Friends Keeping You Down?

It is said that you are the average of the five people you hang out with most. Take a look at your five closest friends. If they are not where you want to be, then it may be time to find five new people who are.

Dumping friends because they’re not where you want to be may seem cold but one of the biggest barriers to success is quite often the people you hang around with. They laugh at your crazy dreams and say you’re wasting time trying to be a big money blogger. More often than not, you’ll let your friends keep you down because of peer pressure and the desire for acceptance. However, If you want to break out of the rat race, then you may need to stop spending so much time with your current buddies and start associating with people who have the same dreams and goals as you.

The truth of the matter is, you’re not really leaving your friends. More often than not, it will be your friends who will leave you. As you move up the ladder of success, your old friends will no longer be able to relate to you. There will also be the jealousy factor as well.

In order to continue climbing the ladder of success, I make sure I associate with other successful people. I thought I was doing well when I was making $10,000 per month. Then I started associating with people like Shoemoney and Neil Patel. Now, I can’t imagine living on only $10K per month. If you aspired to be more than what your friends want to achieve, then you’re going to have to find others at your level or above and start associating with them. Birds of feather flock together. Success breeds success. This is why the rich get richer. If you want to become rich, you need to hang with the rich.

Perception is 9/10 Reality

I wasn’t a drug dealer. But because my landlord saw me associating with a drug dealer, I got branded a drug dealer. Perception is a really powerful thing. For a politician, perception is reality. For the rest of us, perception is 9/10 reality.

Just by hanging around successful people, you are perceived as a successful person yourself. This is based on the birds of feather flock together mentality. It is perceived that the rich don’t hang out with the poor and vica verse. If you associate with successful people, you are perceived as successful even if you’re not. The cool thing about this perception is it can manifest into reality. Hang around successful people long enough and you’ll become one of them.

Success Is A Team Effort

Success really is a team effort. No man or woman has ever done it alone. Sure, it may seem like it sometimes. But I assure you, anyone who have achieved success had a supporting cast. Like it or not, the people you hang with is your supporting cast. They will either keep you down or lift you up. If they’re keeping you down, then it may be time to find a new supporting cast.

My advice. Don’t associate with a drug dealer. 😛

106 thoughts on “Guilty By Association”

  1. AverageGal says:

    While personal determination and drive will ultimately lead to your success be it blogging or life in general, there’s little doubt that having a strong social network makes the path much easier. Not to mention more fun!

    1. I recently wrote an article in the Dot Com Personal Development section of my blog about looking at the big picture, and dealing with friends.

      As John says in the part about are friends holding you down – you have to decide when to cut your losses. If someone is holding you back, you have to get rid of them. If they’re not helping you , they’re hurting you.

      1. That’s exactly it! If people see you chatting with people who are considered successful they will automatically draw the conclusion that you are successful.

        1. That same thing can be said for blogging. If you have people perceive you are successful… they will think you really are.

          I had a friend who did just that with their blog. That person acted successful, and it drew larger crowds. Large companies wanted that person to review their products because he was perceived as successful, even though he had only just started his blog and had almost no readers.

          1. Interesting strategy – I woudl think that some proof would still have to be offered though wouldn’t it?? You can’t just spout big numbers without showing something for it if you want people to believe you

          2. Could not agree more with you. Its very important to show stats. Also its better if companies do a bit of research before plunging for deals.

          3. Yea, fake stats will sooner or later will get back at you.

            Unless, you really gain momentum within a few weeks..

    2. Blog Expert says:

      By far. The Road is an easy one if you know the right people.

      1. Like the old saying goes “its not what you know, its who you know”

      2. Being a young business owner, I lost so many friends because they just weren’t into the same mindset that I was. They were constantly partying, blowing their money on thoughtless purchases and basically being irresponsible. As I grew as an entrepreneur, we gradually had less and less in common.

        As I look back, parting ways with those friends was the best thing I ever did for my businesses. Their idea of fun was wasting time. Mine idea of fun was making money.

        I like what Donald Trump says about Money… “It’s a great way to keep score”.

  2. Mortgage Guy says:

    Why am I attracted to your blog? I must be a millionaire, dot com Internet king. Am I guilty by association?

    1. Wanna be millionaire? :p

      1. everyone wanna be millionaire.

        1. I don’t – I wanna be a BILLIONAIRE hehehe

    2. A zillionaire sounds way better!

  3. Very true although I think having diversity in your associations is also important. While I wouldn’t hang out with a drug dealer like you John (just kidding) I’m sure some of my friends have credit card balances. Maybe you can also “rub off” on others and help them become more like yourself and your other friends? Just a thought.

  4. Vik Dulat says:

    Great post John. There will always be people that you will try to bring you down. Your goal is to ignore them and keep going.

    Also, the friends you have or hang out make a big difference on you. Pick friends that shoot for the stars and hopefully land on the moon.

  5. Alberto says:

    It’s why parents frown when they see their kids hanging out with other kids they don’t particularly like. Even though the kids may all be friends, it is who you associate with that makes or breaks you, even if you yourself do nothing wrong.

    1. it’s true – some people do it to be accepted right?? it’s hard to teach someone to want to excell and be different when it is almost engrained in our heads to be the same and normal

  6. Dan says:

    or you bring your friends up to your level…

    1. John Chow says:

      I would love to bring some friends up to another level. However, you can’t force it on them. They have to want it. The problem is, most can’t see themselves at that level.

      1. Please don’t do that John.. We don’t want so many Chows roaming around saying – “I make money online by telling people who much money does John Chow make” hahahaha ! 😛

  7. Great post John!! This sounds like something I would write about in the Dot Com Personal Development section on my own blog!!! I can really relate to a lot of what you said here – thats a pretty funny bit of history there with you and your land lord too!!!! Fun to look back and see where we all came from! 🙂

  8. I have been reading your blog for quite sometime and I have to say I have never been more pleased to read your post … Over the last couple of months I have been trying to rid myself of friends I thought were not a positive influence on my life. It has been hard, but you have helped settle any doubt I may have had.

    Keep up the good posts Johnny!

  9. Derek says:

    @JohnChow, have you ever heard Isaac Newton’s quote, “If i have achieved greatness, it was because I was standing on the shoulders of giants?” This helps illustrate that you achieve success based on who you associate with.

    @all commenters Just imagine how easy it would be to become a successful blogger if you were able to hang out with John Chow? Or wait, you probably do by reading his blog. So, this is one more reason to immerse yourself in strong communities like this one.

    1. Jack Mehoff says:

      You used Sir Isaac’s quote wrong mister. What the quote means could be a lot of representations but mainly what Sir Isaac meant was: If it wasn’t for other great thinkers, creators, and solvers, he would not have been great himself, which is a humble statement. It’s like: Chocolate cake is delicious, and the person that created it is famous for it; however, that person would not be famous if sugar, flour, cocoa was never made or founded.

      1. Michael says:

        While that may be what Isaac was referring to it does not mean it can’t be interpreted as meaning he was associating with great thinkers. Because quite frankly he was around a lot of great minds during most of his discoveries.

    2. ^ That is the reason WE are here – goof! 😛

    3. I suppose that’s true, BUT you’d still need to have quality content. Content is king.

  10. It’s very true what this article speaks of when associating with the people around us. Everyone should create a mastermind or group of link-minded professionals that all work toward the same goals. This is such a powerful concept that’s at the forefront of new-age business principles that really creates amazing results.

  11. Interesting article. How many real friends have you dumped only to hang around with people who own nice cars? Not my idea of success John.

    1. John Chow says:

      I haven’t dumped a single one. Like I said, in most cases, it will be them who will dump you, not you who dump them. There’s nothing I would love more than to take my friends on this journey with me. However, if they’re not going to get on that train, I can’t force it on them. I help those who want help.

      1. Carl Nelson says:

        John your writing makes it sound like you don’t give a shit about your friends, unless they are “successful” (as if your current friends are just rolling in dough). We’ve been friends for almost 10 years now, and this attitude seems something totally new to me. We both know that some of your friends (such as myself) have made really fucking stupid financial decisions… And we all know some of your buddies that… well you know…

        Maybe it was just the writing style, but I want to make it clear to John’s readers that he is not the type to ‘dump’ people because they made stupid financial decisions. He does everything in his power to help pull us out, believe me.

        Come to think about it, most of the people you hung out with when we first met 10 years ago were losers… But being there all along, I know that you didn’t ‘dump’ them, and in fact I was there when you lent someone a decent amount of money (and I know what happened when you asked them to pay it back). Actually that happened with a couple of them! Now, they are off doing their own things…

        But yeah, you didn’t dump them, they sort of just started doing their own thing. I guess some people don’t like to see others succeed?

        Anyway John, I hope you don’t actually start thinking how you wrote this blog post. It would be a shame to lose a long time friend just because he thinks I am not up to his standard financially.

        1. You said it well here CaRL with John trying to pull people out of stupid decisions you made.

          At the end of the day, you can only give others your advice and opinion.

          If they are able to look at the big picture and make use of that, great, but if they can’t, you did your best.

          Doing your best in a situation like that is all you can be expected to do. A person can only directly control their life right?

          Its up to the other people to rise above the rest and succeed, not your job to pull them up with you.

      2. John said it very well just now – he is a good example of a person that is humble despite his success. You can see this in his various posts regarding the dot com lifestyle etc.

        If he’s actually not like this, I’d be somewhat surprised about that fact.

        Some people are jealous of success. This is a poor attitude. You should always use a friends success to set your own standards higher in order to achieve more for yourself.

        The jealous people are the haters, and we all know what they say about haters

  12. game-girl says:

    The law of attraction is explained by me on the energetic level, resembling thoughts and ideas come together and unite people in one group.

  13. jtGraphic says:

    You have no idea how close to home this hits. It’s interesting though, the people you hang out with in your circle of friends – even though they may not have the same type of goals, or live the same kind of lifestyle – will support you. Or at least that is the way it is in my circle of friend. I’m a [successful?] business owner, and many of my friends are still cooks, waiters, and retail clerks. I still hang out with them and we get along fine. I also have other circles of friends that include people at key positions in the state, like senators and representatives for the house, but this is also small town Vermont 🙂

  14. Tess says:

    Thanks for the great post! First time visitor here.

  15. Success breeds success.

    That’s the truth! I recently found out about you and ShoeMoney and I must you guys are the real deal. Frontline Swagger Certified by helping the fellow man get his. Got your e-book and there’s SO much intel in there, I’m re-reading on a constant basis. Shoe’s site is chock full of good stuff as well.

    With Markus Frind, Yun Ye — I add you and ShoeMoney as indirect mentors in whom I aspire to be…

    Baddest Breed —
    Carpe diem Suicidal

  16. Success is just to do the best and you did your best. This post is an excellent one. Its true that team effort really contributes lot for success.

  17. You are right that perception is not reality for a normal person like us. We can’t live with the perceptions in our mind. I really want to appreciate this blog and your task too.

  18. BrandC says:

    I have to completely agree with this post. Surrounding yourself with successful people breeds more success. I completely changed my group of friends a few years ago and have had nothing but success and good times since then. Great post!

  19. Love the point about looking at the five people who you spend the most time with. Their is an old Roman saying, tell me who you go with and I’ll tell you who you are

  20. Barock says:

    i got the point,, i have to absolutely agree with your post john, there is a wise word in my country said that,, if you associate with a perfume seller you will got the fragrant but if you associate with a dustmen you will got the rubbish smell.

  21. CentSports says:

    This is actually one of the best posts I have read on this blog to date. Good work.

  22. AJ Kuma says:

    Great post John Chow! This is a great add-on to what I wrote:
    Do You Have a Friend Who’s a Loser. Get Rid of Em!

    I knew Neil Patel back in High School and have actually just re-acquainted with him about a month ago. Law of attraction was surely at work for me because I just before I met with him again, I declared more goals that I wanted to pursue. He has been a person who is showing me the way via internet marketing. You’re right, he is definitely the type of guy to surround yourself with. I will most likely begin to attend conferences with Neil this year so I do hope I get a chance too see you.

    Please do drop by my site as I’m sure what you do is perfectly aligned with what I teach

  23. uwak says:

    we are social human, cause we can’t live alone……I am agree john, no rich man without poor man……

  24. J.D. Meier says:

    Too true.

    You are who you hang with and perception is 9/10’s reality.

    I try to build A-teams and surround myself with excellence. It’s definitely how I learn the most each year.

  25. If people see you chatting with people who are considered successful they will automatically draw the conclusion that you are successful.

  26. BusinessX says:

    Cutting out friends can be the hardest thing to do but may be the most necessary. Cautionary tales of one’s associates influence is as old as written the word.

  27. Muzi Mohale says:

    true in every sense…have freinds that i would love to take along my journey into success, however we’re not on the same wave length on aspirations, for them being am employee suits them fine.

  28. Jamie Harrop says:

    Outstanding post, John.

    Quite often, it’s not your friends who are the problem, but your family.

    I know many people who are trapped by their family or partners and it sickens me beyond belief.


  29. joe gelb says:

    that sounds like a great office complex, but evicting john chow is mean, pure evil

  30. game-girl says:

    Your problem may be even your neighbours…

  31. Melissa says:

    That’s what they teach you in direct sales; act successful and you’ll be successful. I laughed when you said that you are the average of the five closest people you hang with. That’s so true! What if a close friend was like you five years ago and now is really in debt? Do you drop that person as a friend or try to help them? I chose to say my peace to a friend like this about their destructive ways. Funny though….I don’t see that person as much as I did before but not on purpose. I guess it’s just the way it works:)

  32. Surrounding yourself with positive people is a big step.

    But cutting out your true friends because they aren’t as successful as you’d like isn’t always good.

    I think there’s a lot to be said for elevating those around you along with yourself.

  33. The Moneyac says:

    Indeed great post. I agree, friends can be one factor, but then again, many people are limited because of their parents, I have experienced this. Not your friends are “braking” you down, but your parents and family is. It’s a really hard thing to leave, or say to the family that they’re “braking” you down.

    All the best,

    The Moneyac

  34. John, you have just proved why you could reverse your title. By hanging out with people who are financially responsible, you are credible by association.

  35. Very true John.

    At any given time, you are the average of the five people you most closely associate with.

  36. Chester says:

    This is the exact reason why I always read your blogpost 😉

  37. Ben Pei says:

    Yes.. cant be wrong with that.. Birds with same feather flock together! Sadly..

  38. Wow John,
    I liked many things about it.
    Firstly the positivity, moral of the story that proves the very famous story of Bad Company (yes, that apple story).

    Secondly I can’t believe that you were once in that condition. I mean you are one of the most popular internet personalities and you earn really big bucks every month. (yes, we read your income report posts very often. :D)

    And yes, it was a very good post.
    Although I am very eager to read your very famous money making online posts.


  39. die says:

    I clicked on link
    and it said DIE SPAMMER DIE, I’m very upset and offended!!

    1. John Chow says:

      Sorry about that. I’m still fine tuning the IP script.

  40. John, I am trying to read the post: but I’m getting the following message: Die spammer! Die!

    Of course, I am not a spammer 🙂

    Can you help me?

    1. John Chow says:

      If you got here to comment, then you should be able to read any pages on the blog. Chances the IP you were on before was banned because some spammer was using it to send comment spams.

  41. Rahul says:

    Gee, sure yes. With a team effort you achieve a higher position and a higher achievement is gained.

  42. brad says:

    ya, don’t be afraid of making new friends,
    just forget the fact they make $100,000 in a month.. and you’ll do fine. 😛

    Getting through the “open door” is the hardest part.

  43. John,

    Happy New Year 2009! Great post!

    Since my technical engineering project management gigs have faded during the current ‘financial crisis’, after a major infrastructure retrofit for Google’s live broadcast tv and video-conferencing and edit suites in early 2008, I have shifted my attention to blogging and pay-per-click marketing efforts.

    Through various contacts made through Twitter ( ) BlogWorld Expo 2008 in Las Vegas, NV and other Social Media websites,I have been able to contact, and in some cases meet in person, and discuss my on-line marketing plans with experts like yourself, Guy Kawasaki, Sir Richard Branson, Shoemoney, Joel Comm, Darren Rowse, Chris Brogan, Jim Kukral and Tyler Cruz.

    In no other business that I can think of, do so many beginning on-line bloggers and marketers have access to the thought-leaders such as yourself by utilizing Social Media and by being respectful and helpful to you and your peers at all times

    I have even made peace with one of your Dot Com Pho peers, Michael Kwan, after some previous good-natured ribbing on-line, who I have promised to meet at Affiliate Summit West next week in Las Vegas.

    Your constant attention to the important things to consider, including FUN! are appreciated.

    Since July 2008 I have seen the potential for my on-line success beginning to build, meeting you at BlogWorld Expo 2008 was both fun and inspirational, as you were real and a great encouragement to a new reader like me.

    Looking forward to a prosperous, safe, healthy 2009!


    Nicholas Chase

  44. I only associate myself with successful blogger like you ..John 🙂

  45. This is so true, I always tell my son the same thing, if you hang with losers, you become one very quickly,

  46. xHumanHealth says:

    You are who you hang with and perception is 9/10’s reality.


  47. xCheapHotel says:

    With a team effort you achieve a higher position and a higher achievement is gained.


  48. GP says:

    Great post John. I also totally agree with this. The law of attraction is very powerful and works! So I am associating with you, I have to become successful! 🙂

  49. game-girl says:

    WE must learn to be successful. Better late than never!

  50. Derrick Siu says:

    Hi John,

    Great post, and VERY FUNNY story!

    Also saw your video about what blogging for profits is all about. . nice. and good to know you’re a mac user 🙂 I”m a long time mac guy that joined the fray when Apple were looking like going under. . anyways, if you need any help with your mac, or iphone :), i’d be happy to help!

    One Month Blogging Newbie

  51. game-girl says:

    I don’t quite agree that one must get rid of a friend who is a loser… I’d rather offer my help.

  52. Ryan. says:

    Great Article John. This is really something we need to think about if we want to be successful. I’ve got a question though, what if you have a close friend that is average in terms of success but respects all of your decisions and does not hinder nor help your success? Would this person still “bring you down” if you start up the high road?

  53. Sherry says:

    I remember this type of information being told to me as a teenager and at that time it went way over my head and out the door. Now that I have lived much more of life, this makes total sense. I think the Law of Attraction is extremely evident in this story. It makes me reflect on my 5 favs on my cell phone. Thanks for the inspiration.

  54. emmanuel says:

    john, these article is great and i quite agree with u to an extent, but it not that easy get rid of a close pal.

  55. Pheak Tol says:

    im kicking all my friends to the curb haha jp

    but it’s true, you are who you you’re friends are, i took out a few friends or so when i started college, mainly because they weren’t seeing the big picture of having a good education instead trying to find a job that actually pays well before gaining some type of degree. and holding on to it in hopes of getting raises every year and in the long run make the amount that they were looking for, when in all actuallity, if they had a degree they can start making that amoutn of money they worked 10 years for. just an example

    good post though

  56. carolbrowne says:

    Oof. That was a tough one. Looks like I need to seek out some successful friends. I have been thinking about this lately and this post covers why I’ve been feeling so unsuccessful lately.

    Onward and upward!

    Thank you.

  57. Docbob says:

    John, I really enjoy your insights and your giving heart. You are successful because of who you are…not what you do. As for this article there are many truths connected to your words. I have always imagined myself on a ladder that represents knowledge, wisdom, success, life experiences, etc. For myself at 52 I believe that I’m about half way up that ladder. And because I’m about half way up, I always try to surround myself with other people that are above my rungs that I stand on. That way I am always being helped up with people that are above me with their knowledge, wisdom, and success that I need to grow…and to step up to the next rung with. Thats not to say people that are coming up that ladder behind me are “losers”…they are not. Everyone one of us is a winner in our own way. We all have something to give to someone else…no exceptions. Everyone of us is on our own “journey” that crosses over many other journeys…and its these journeys that cross over that makes life such a wonderful place to be. My thought is this, “learn from everyone…but choose who you put on the ladder ahead of you…their helping you up”
    Thank you for allowing me to add my 2 cents…for what its worth….

    1. I read your thoughts, Docbob, and couldn’t help commenting. I could feel you writing from the depths of your heart and meaning every word you say. Being 52 means you truly have been there, done that and bought that t-shirt, so to speak. And yes, thanks for this in particular – “learn from everyone…but choose who you put on the ladder ahead of you…their helping you up” 🙂

  58. I can’t really agree with this I would Never look at my friends that i know from my youth Like that. People who do that were the ones in high school that nobody wanted to hang out with you know who the people that got social problems now that they got older. So they would take anyone that came along. I do pretty good and i still hang out with some of those crazy friends that did messed up things to those types of people I’m talkin about. So I don’t see your point. yes you could probly make more money but from my experinace you could have everything but if you don’t have people to share it with that you think are great then your just a lonly NERD lol remember there are alot of fake people out there be careful when chossing friends. I’m personly a GEEK

  59. game-girl says:

    A loser may be of different types,if someone doesn’t get anything today ,he will get it tomorrow. The times flies,the life changes, only its principle is just the same-victory comes after defeat,after the defeat comes victory.

  60. Linda says:

    Some people are good to be around and inspire you whilst others drag you down.

    Change your company and experience business success sounds an interesting idea to me.

  61. Who you associate yourself with is very important. You shouldn’t have to worry about what other people think & I tend not to most of the time, but I have to admit that sometimes it does matter, especially if you plan on doing business with someone else.

  62. Bob Gower says:

    Great post John. I want to hang out with you!

    Two thoughts on this. The first is that changing who you want to hang around with is not easy. I realized sometime back that I was avoiding certain people in my life and having judgments about them — and that this was mainly because they were rich and successful.

    I told myself that anyone driving a fancy car must be morally suspect in some way and that the rich people I knew got there by being dishonest. Looking closer I saw that I held successful people to a much higher “moral” standard than others. And I saw how this held me back.

    So one night in a fit of inspiration I contacted a wealthy and successful acquaintance and asked to have coffee with him. Later that week, during the coffee, I came clean and shared with him how I’d been avoiding him and judging him and how I wanted to change that. And how I had no agenda for this coffee other than to get to know him as a person.

    Well he started to share with me some of his difficulties and I heard about his struggles. Then he offered me a ride home in his Porsche and on the way he said he wanted to offer me something (and that he’d had no intention of offering it to me before the coffee). He said he’d met with his team that morning and they needed someone with my skill set and that he’d like me to be part of the team.

    Now we are working together to build a profitable business.

  63. I would have been more offended to be associated with a grease monkey.

  64. Picasso says:

    Great Article!

    I agree with the guilt by association. met some people a few years ago and later on I had someone tell me that I should really consider who I associated myself with because I could be seen in a negative way because of people I knew, It didn’t click right away but I soon found out what he meant.

    So yes steer clear of drug dealers and any negative people.

    by the way keep up the good work.

  65. dvd says:

    Love the john chow/drug dealer affiliation story!

  66. George says:

    Wow! That has got to be the most insightful information I have read in a while. Looking at my 5 closest people that I associate with I realize I make the most money. Not good because I am nohwere near $10,000 a month. Thanks for the info and opening my eyes to something I could not see before.


  67. Negative attracts negative, positive attracts positive. Maybe not all the time but I have seen so many times a person get trapped hanging around a negative thinking person. Before you know it, they are thinking negative as well. ‘Life won’t get better’, ‘Im stuck where Im at’, ‘Ill never be successful’…blah, blah, blah. People sometimes don’t realize that they are getting dragged down by the people around them. Wanna be successful? Hang around successful people. Wanna be a dead-beat? Hang around dead-beats.

  68. Reyn Aria says:

    ‘Dumping’ those who pulling you down is indeed important although a bit harsh. But the impact you receive by associating with losers will be greater in the long term. Logic vs emotion…very debatable.

  69. Ty Brown says:

    This is a good post. Understanding this principle is what has allowed me to climb to the 10k/month mark. I hope to join the ranks of those who are double and triple that soon.

  70. I think your right. You are who you hang with but what about reaching someone to pull them back from the cliff i did that and I don’t regrate it even when she fell all the way and i had to back off from helping her I felt guilty but know it was for the best I just pray for her now. I think you are one smart man and thank you for letting me write you its really to late for me to do what you are doing i’m too old I still work for myself but I don’t push anyone and haven’t the straigth to made my business any bigger. God Bless you for helping others Shirley

  71. Drew says:

    I like the post, and I like that it’s not in as arrogant a tone as it could have been.

    Here’s my question, though: if an unsuccessful person (like me) wants to associate with successful people, but successful people are being told to associate only successful people, how do I get in there?

  72. ver says:

    your blog is very informative and i need help to generate income


  73. Ali Hussain says:

    This is how the world goes around

  74. 100wordrants says:

    The one thing I can say is that my closest friends probably are a mold of me in one way or another. But I also know that someone has to be a leader. In any circle of friends, there is always one who is looked up to. Whether it be of jealously or whether it be as a role model. I think that you can take people with you on that rollercoaster ride called life. Some may follow and some may fall, but a true friend is hard to find. If you have found them, dont give them up because they are not as successful as you. Try to bring them to your level. everyone needs a helping had at some point.

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