Gullible Gabe and the Attack of the Review Site

With my information product consulting part-time gig, I handle roughly two clients per month. One of my clients, Gabe, is a guy with great raw writing talent. When it comes to marketing his products and brand though, he is admittedly clueless. No surprise there, why else would he hire me then right? Anyway, I was sitting home working one night, and Gabe called me. His first session wasn’t for a week or so yet, so I was surprised to hear from him.

The Inevitable

He had purchased some Internet marketing product for almost a hundred bucks, and was fuming about it. He explained how he was misled by the claims on the sales page and most of all, on all of the positive “reviews” that he had read. He said there must be two dozen reviews about the product, and they all make it seem like the best thing since canned beer.

Break it to Him Easy

He got his money refunded, but the whole experience angered him. Of course, just like when you have to tell your beloved son that there is no real Easter Bunny, I had to break the news to poor Gabe that not only is there a sucker born every minute, but so is a review site. I showed him some examples, had him pick a bunch of products from Clickbank and other affiliate sites, and search on Google for reviews of that product. My point was made pretty quickly.

I told Gabe that I would like to have , ”Is he really dead, or is it a scam??” etched on my tombstone. I told him to speak directly with people in the better marketing forums if he really wants to know about a product. To be honest, the whole nature of those fake review sites just feels dirty to me, and I look at them as a Blackhat tactic, even though I am sure a lot of people would disagree with me.

The same thing goes for most article sites nowadays as well. I swear, people would highly recommend using dynamite to cure constipation if Clickbank would give them thirty bucks to do so. And media people are upset about Wikipedia? Review sites make Wikipedia seem like a master reference for the Library of Congress. Pick any Internet marketing product and type the name into Google and add “review” or “is it a scam?” at the end; you will see one review site after another. I would love to know what other Internet marketers think about the whole review concept, because it seems like it is here to stay.

James Junior is an Internet Marketer and author of the free ebook No Cost eBook Marketing.

31 thoughts on “Gullible Gabe and the Attack of the Review Site”

  1. Misleading content and claims on the sales page, when has that ever happened before?

    1. Don’t forget about the fake scam sites as well. Take any Clickbank product and put the word scam after it and there’s probably a site for it.

      1. fas says:

        Nothing but publicity, so that people buy threw their link.

        1. I think that the post makes some good points. Review sites are not always true reviews and the “is it a scam” or the like of those sites are even worse because they end up praising the product.

          Wealthy Affiliate affiliates are one example of the scam catch word but they are just one example of many. When a person who really thinks something is a scam writes about it he or she has virtually zero chance to show among the zillions of fake scam sites.

          There are, however genuine reviews of products and the readers can tell when they find them. It takes an average intelligence to determine whether a review is genuine or a sales ploy.

  2. Well there are lots of scam site right now that promises you to make money online and if you are not careful you will be scammed by them as more and more people online the more they will rake money.

    1. I actually heard about someone who got rich, no kidding, from one of those make money with Google kits.

  3. Kirk Taylor says:

    It depends on what level you are playing at. What some would think is crap, others will find value in it. Just saying, I think most stuff is crap even from some of the most well known marketers.

  4. Poor Gabe…I am always enticed by those type of marketing ploys, but my logic (or is it my cheapness) keeps my from buying them.

    1. I will recommend if you want to buy than go for such niche forums, see what is popular at there ,,, start a thread and seek for advice …

      I am sure you will be able to get good feedback.

      1. I don’t always trust forums either. Sometimes they are so full of noobies no one knows what they’re talking about.

  5. Clay Burt says:

    First rule is to believe nothing you read on internet websites especially IM focused ones…
    That is all. 🙂

    Just kidding, but you should really be skeptical of most everything without a REAL referral from someone you trust.

    1. Quite agree with you …

      Infact this should be applicable for all things which you buy … for an example, if you want to buy a car than you will certainly wanted to talk with those people who are driving it … you wanted to know fuel efficiency …

      So simply dig a bit and if this one is costing your time … than simple way is forum and starting new thread.

  6. Dana says:

    Yeah, the paid review or review for affiliate has gotten many victims as like in the article. it is natural you will write only the good thing if want to sell — and it create pollution around the net in my opinion.

  7. If you are talking about review and all than let me tell you that this is not at all new.

    For example a celebrity doing ad of any cosmetic product … this is also a kind of review, though that celebrity never used that product.

    1. Oh yea, the fake celebrity endorsement has been around for years.

  8. PPC Ian says:

    Good guest post and very timely with the recent Google action against content farms. Too many people have a short term vision. It’s all about the long term. You can make a lot more money writing real content versus fake review articles, in the long run.
    All the best,

  9. Good point!

    Most people write reviews based on the reviews they read somewhere else…

    However, I thought that writing reviews was a good idea. Everyone online says that reviews are very convincing. They really are, and your friend have just proved this truth.

    Of course, reviews have a basic intention: sell the product. The reviewer is not merely criticizing each product with the intention to give free information to the public. Therefore, reviews cannot be considered as if they were based on ‘trustful and objective information’.

    Now, changing the subject, I came here because I thought that you would write an article about what is happening with Ezinearticles, Hubpages, and other websites lately, due to the changes in Google’s search algorithms. Everybody is talking about this matter today. I thought you’d write a continuation of your previous article about this matter, now that more websites were affected by this change.

    All the best!

    1. Not all reviews are fake. If that were to be true than everything else is a fake too. There are good products and bad products, bad or fake reviews and genuine and honest reviews.

      There are honest people and there are crooks.

      Instead of condemning everything and everybody it pays to use some discernment, intelligence and wisdom.

  10. David says:

    It is important to stay up to date,with all scam tactics. And you may have fallen for one
    of their scams most common one is work at home mom make Big dollars
    You can see these on usatoday etc
    There are also fake work at home Blogs.

    1. Farticles or Flogs are the technical names for those fake work at home blogs.

      1. James Junior says:

        LOL, “Farticles”, I don’t know why but I can’t stop laughing about that, guess because it would drive me nuts when I would submit a quality article to Ezinearticles, and they would hold it up for some ridiculous technicality. I write back with a list of a zillion links to some of the spun crap their pages are packed with. You know, the same guy with 3 articles that all have the following first sentences:

        “SEO is a truly significant point to remember when marketing your site.”

        “SEO is a telling the truth primary score to memorize when advertising your address.”

        “SEO is a pertaining to the truth generous sharp tip to recollect when supermarket-ing your job site.”

        So, it isn’t a secret their site is an MFA, so why do they play it off like their articles are competing for a Pulitzer? They always write me back, agree, and just go ahead and approve them. Funny though.

  11. Russ says:

    I research any product thoroughly before even considering purchasing it. And as I see it, it is always better in the long run to be honest!

  12. its easy, the solution is to look for forums. In the Warrior Internet Marketing Forum, there is a product reviews site and you can look out what people says about the product before trying it out.

  13. WTF News says:

    So many people get ripped off online that these days.. so many affiliate deals, dodgy work at home schemes, and people are now starting to get ripped on places like UpHype…

  14. I read actual articles about products, ones written on reputable sites, before I make a purchase or subscription. Reviews and testimonials are more or less blackhat tactics because they can be bought.

  15. I’m a true beleiver that one should purchase the product, but sometimes things are really expensive, so what is one to do? Everyone wants to make money and it’s a sad thing when affiliates have to lie in order to sell their products.

    1. If you have not used the product it only makes sense not to write a review of it.

      Nobody can be forced into deception. If you lie in order to sell a product it is because you want to.

  16. Allen Walker says:

    I think that reviews are necessary, because people at least want to know something about the stuff they are buying, but it’s important to get your reviews from reliable sources.

    People who create fake review sites are just destroying their chances for long-term gain in exchange for short-term profit. Temporary, short term review sites aren’t a sustainable business model. Long-term, trustworthy, and authoritative review sites are the way to go.

  17. James Junior says:

    What happened? I didn’t get one email alerting me that my guest post was published, lol. I am gonna fire that new intern! Ok, I admit it, I don’t have an intern 🙂 Looking through the comments now.

  18. anitha says:

    Product reviews will help us to know more about that and make us opportunity to know about it to purchase them

  19. christina says:

    first we have to analysis in market which product gives more popular so based on that we have to fix ours

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