Half Price ReviewMe Reviews This Month

ReviewMe just made an update on their blog offering 50% off on all review this month. ReviewMe has found that advertisers who have used their service like it and come back for more reviews.

To encourage new advertisers we are offering a special coupon code that will give advertisers 50% off any review they purchase this month. The cool part is 100% of the sale price will go to the blogger so there is no discount in payout.

For advertisers to use the 50% off coupon they simply have to enter: trial

into the coupon code at checkout. This special promotion will be good for the rest of the month.

Advertisers wishing to get a review on John Chow dot Com can now get it for only $125.00, instead of the normal $250 price. It’s very cool of ReviewMe to absorb the full cost of this promotion.

Since joining ReviewMe, I have posted ten reviews, making this blog one of the most requested review sites. Other ReviewMe publishers I’ve talked to said they haven’t received a single review request since they reviewed ReviewMe. Hopefully this 50% coupon will get them more reviews.

If you’re a ReviewMe publisher, you should also check out my post on How To Get More ReviewMe Reviews.

20 thoughts on “Half Price ReviewMe Reviews This Month”

  1. Holy Theme Change Batman!!!

    I was in the middle of posting a comment, when, I hit submit and there went the John Chow website. New and improved. For a split second, panic hit. Then I realized that John just pulled the plug on his old blog design!!!

    Whew. All is well.

  2. jez says:

    Hi John,

    Have to say I preferred the old template, but I’m a fan of misty look, why did you change it, bored with the old look, to get more content in or both πŸ™‚

    Also, how good is the anti spam question thing. I was looking at one that posed maths questions but thought it wouldn’t be long before the bots were answering them. With my traffic Akismets all I need anyway, I can but dream of getting as much spam as you πŸ˜‰

  3. Kalle says:

    Hey John, I can see that you have changed theme. Get a poll or something and ask the users what they think about it. I didn’t like this theme very much πŸ™

  4. Ya, I prefered the old one but I’m sure to get used to the new one. Actually, I think I’m getting used to it already. Yes, I am used to it now. Great πŸ™‚

  5. Nate W. says:

    Wow I may have to take advantage of this.

  6. Dave says:

    Great offer, I may have to purchase a review on this site.

  7. Collis says:

    i have one word to say … d’oh! I bought a review right in between the moment when John stopped being $100 and when a half price review made it $125… d’oh!

    oh well, it was worth it πŸ™‚

    1. John Chow says:

      Don’t feel bad. I think the Internet Marketing Monitor paid the full $250 price as well.

  8. Marc says:

    I also was really impressed by them sucking it up and giving up all revenue to help further penetrate the market. Given their current stance in the market it’s a really bold but smart move. I hope it pays off for them.

  9. They should put you on their payroll, haha. Every other post you make is about them.

    Makes me almost want to check them out myself, and usually I ignore any commercial post from anyone.

  10. I heard the FloristOne review did was fantastic for the company. I talked to their main guy there and he was very pleased with the results.

  11. Nomar says:

    That is great news, I just signed up and a review on my blog is 60 dollar

    1. Kalle says:

      Lucky you Nomar, they didn’t accept my blog, hehe πŸ™‚ But I blame on that it is still new.. πŸ˜‰

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