Happy 4th of July To Our American Readers

Hey America, Happy 4th of July! Sometimes, you can be a royal pain in the butt to the rest of the world but when the all the dusk settles, I am extremely happy to have you as our friend and neighbor.

In honor of America’s Independence Day, I bring you this message from our good friend Lee Greenwood. God bless the USA!

70 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July To Our American Readers”

  1. Thanks 🙂 I’m going to D.C. today to watch the fireworks….like I’ve done my whole life. 😡

    1. Happy 231st birthday America!

    2. Sabrina says:

      I’m watching a 2 year old Mount Rushmore fireworks show because it’s rained so much in North Texas that all the fireworks shows have been cancelled for fear of more rain….

      1. it’s a shame, but as long as you had a good time

    3. webd360 says:

      I am, or actually already went to a friends house for a get together

  2. John Cow says:

    Happy Transformers Day You mean!

    1. Awesome movie…I saw it when it came out here last week and I saw it again tonight. Three reasons for the US to celebrate — independence from the French, and a tie between Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg.

      1. i thought it was British

        1. Jeffrey says:

          Americans are descendants of the British, right?

    2. Lewis Empire says:

      I haven’t seen it yet but am looking forward to it!

      1. Usman says:

        Same here I wish to see it as well.

    3. webd360 says:

      They moved the release to July 3rd (and I think there was a special showing on the 2nd too). I heard its really good, will probably go watch it sometime in the next week

  3. We dont have day off today but next 2 days… 😀

  4. You guys know how to do it right. 4 day weekends!!

    1. Lewis Empire says:

      No kidding. Oh wait, I took 4 days off this week as well!

  5. Hip Hop says:

    Happy 4th of July to all you guys

    1. happy indeed. Check out the Mount Rushmore singing video on youtube!

      😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  6. Guillermo says:

    Very interesting Chow… Your post for the USA was larger than the one you wrote for Canada Day… looks like your neighbors inspire you better than your own country!

    1. blogcrowds says:

      Yeah well most of the money makers are based in US aren’t they? and US reader probably make up the majority of the visitors

      1. yeah i think so, blogcrowds

  7. Thanks John, that was really great 🙂 Lee Greenwood, gotta love him.

  8. John Chow: 31 August is Malaysia Independence Day. 😀 You have a lot of malaysia readers too. 🙂 A lot of malaysian bloggers know you and like your blog a lot. 🙂 They always discuss about you in their blogs. 😀

    John COW: LOL. i thought u are John CHOW. :mrgreen: LOL. John Chow use dancing banana and you use dancing Cow. LOL. The design look exactly same. :mrgreen:

    1. Tino Buntic says:

      John Cow Dot Com… funny. Nice cows

      1. funny.
        I like the dancing cow. Cute. :mrgreen:

        1. nice video, i like it

  9. Happy 4th Of July! I love America!

  10. Iz says:

    Great clip, again! 🙂

    I wonder what is John Chow nationality. 😳

    1. He’s Korean-Canadian.

      1. I thought Sino-Canadian

    2. John Chow says:

      Chinese Canadian.

      1. I wonder if you can speak, read, write and listen chinese or not. 🙄

    3. Lewis Empire says:

      And Canada is proud to have him (except for all the evil)

      1. webd360 says:

        But its the evil that makes him 😈

      2. Not only that. Chinese also proud to have him. The first famous Chinese blogger whom teach everyone how to make money online and how to be evil. :mrgreen:

  11. simon says:

    Happy Independence Day!

  12. Casey says:

    Happy 4th of July! We’re having a huge party, I can’t wait for tonight!

  13. Chris says:

    We are at least good for some revenue! :mrgreen:

    Happy 4th!

  14. Happy 4th of July, America!

  15. TheLoopLife says:

    Thanks! It was a great celebration here in Chicago aside from the entire public transport system shutting down when everyone was trying to get home. Good thing I dont live in the suburbs :mrgreen:

    1. Lewis Empire says:

      Good thing I don’t live in Chicago!

  16. keith says:

    pain in the butt to the rest of the world? you mean like when the sh*t hits the fan and we come saving your asses? but when it all doesn’t go swimmingly then all of a sudden we are ‘pain in the butts…’

    just had to vent a bit there. thanks for the happy 4th wishes.

    1. Yeah us Canadians cause so much Trouble

      1. MrGPT says:

        Personally, I’m jealous of the health care system you guys have there. You can just walk right into the hospital with a broken arm and get it fixed for free, when here you have to have insurance, have the visit pre-approved (in some cases), etc. Learned this all from the “Sicko” movie. It is a great movie by the way! I recommend anyone to go and see it 🙂 .

        1. Ulchie says:

          Hahahaha. Yeah, if you wait for 24 hours in the waiting room… and if you leave, you lose your spot in the line up. LOL. Great healthcare system if we could use it without waiting forever.

          If you have anything serious wrong, most Canadians I know, if its severe, are FORCED to go the States or they risk death while waiting in line ups a mile long. Seriously.

          It’s a decent system if you got a minor injury (though you’ll still be waiting for a while). But if its life threatening important surgery you might as well go to the States. My uncle had blog clots all throughout his veins…and they made him wait several months to get the life saving surgery. Those clots could have burst at anytime and killed him. If you need an important surgery for anything, it’s not a great system because its overloaded and overwhelmed.

          My mother has something wrong with her eyes, and they did some tests.. you have to wait three months just to get test results back… then it will be another three or four months to get in to see a specialist to get treated. Oh, and to get this test was a four month wait to get in to see that specialist. LOL.

          The only exception is severe car accidents… you’ll be treated right away! But nothing is for free. I pay Alberta Health Insurance ($44 a month)… and 40% to 50% taxes. It ain’t free, trust me. I’d be richer if I lived in the States… even after paying expensive health insurance premiums… the taxes are so low!

          But both countries are beautiful. Happy 4th.

          1. keith says:

            wow. tell that to all the goons who be indoctrinated by moore’s new propaganda joke. i guess if one is dumb enough to believe his stupidity the facts don’t matter…

      2. Lewis Empire says:

        Canadians are the best neighbors a country could hope for!

      3. keith says:

        talking about the whole world who cries when we don’t help and complains when we ‘interfere’. you canadians? you all are just a pit stop on the way to santa’s village. thank you for mike myers though…

        1. Lewis Empire says:

          I appreciate your point of view. Please notice that Santa chose to live in Canada. Happy July 4th!

    2. Stephen says:

      America. Fxxx Yeah! :mrgreen:

  17. Happy 4th of July for all U.S. citizens 🙂

  18. MrGPT says:

    Happy Fourth of July everyone!!
    Going out with friends tonight to drink uhh… Kool-Aid 😉 😉 .

    1. Lewis Empire says:

      Are you buying John a beer for the 4th of July or did you buy him one for Canada day?

      1. MrGPT says:

        I’ll ship him some real beer 😎 .

        1. I hope your talking about Canadian Beer

  19. ritchie says:

    Here’s to you, America… :mrgreen:
    best greetZ from “good ole” Europe… nice pics in the video.

    But you gotta work hard to keep your freedom in times like these. A lot of folks profit directly from panic… so think before you follow – best wishes!

  20. This day has been more transformed into kids getting fireworks and shooting them at each other. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! 😀

    Happy 4th everyone!

  21. Lewis Empire says:

    Happy 4th of July everyone! One thing we can say about Americans is that they know how to throw a party! I want to see some great pictures of huge fireworks displays on all of your blogs tomorrow.

  22. Jarle says:

    Happy 4th of july to all americans!

  23. Happy Fourth of July! 🙂
    What about the fireworks? How were they 🙂

  24. MK says:

    Happy 4th! Party party!

    Now I’m only 20 so I can’t buy my own drinks yet, so if someone wants to do me the honor… XD

  25. ALEX says:

    this sucks! boooooooo


  26. Paul says:

    Canada…… America’s hat!

  27. Mybloggo says:

    Happy 4th Of July!

  28. Jack says:

    I love my country, but I hate Lee Greenwood ( and most of the people who like him).

    Jack ( I dont think my name shows up since I dont plug a site)

  29. Why only american readers? It was my birthday on July 4th 😐

    1. Happy Birhtday to you then. 😛

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