Happy 5th Birthday to Unique Blog Designs

Wow, time flies! Unique Blog Designs is turning 5-years old on August 22nd. It was only five years ago that Josh, Matt and Nate launched UBD with the redesign of this blog. Yes, I was Unique Blog Designs’ first client.

In that time period, my blog went from ~7000 blog subscribers to more than 200,000 subscribers now, largely thanks to the branding I managed to create using UBD designs work.

25% Off Sale Celebration

To celebrate their birthday, UBD is having a 25% off all blog design sale. That’s right, all the packages on their Design Services page are now 25% off from now until August 31st.

Why choose Unique Blog Designs?

Over the past five years, UBD has built WordPress blogs for hundreds of people and companies, including some huge brands such as Yahoo!, Clickbooth, Anthony Robbins, and even Nike.

When it comes to WordPress, Unique Blog Designs is the go-to-guys, and they can design a blog for you that will increase your readership, generate new sales, and take your brand from okay to AMAZING! You can check out some of their recent projects in their Client Portfolio page. If you are interested in taking advantage of UDB 25% off sale, contact them and they will send you more information.

Happy birthday UBD. Here’s the next five years!

10 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday to Unique Blog Designs”

  1. Thanks for supporting us over the past 5 years, John! What a journey it has been!

  2. Seb says:

    I’ve been tempted to buy the squeeze page for a while now. Good incentive πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Seb, the 25% off sale is only for our blog design services, not any products.

  3. Every single blog I have seen by UBD is absolutely stunning! The best part is that the design is really fancy and professional while still being easy to read.

    The problem with a lot of blogs is readability, but not here. One day I will get a redesign, but not quite yet. Looking at the portfolio though… I want one! haha


    1. Thanks Gabe! That makes us happy to hear! πŸ˜€

  4. Ehsan Ullah says:

    I have never heard about Unique Blog Design before, If the John is recommending it than I might check it out.

    1. Hi Ehsan, we have designed a few different versions of John’s blog over the past 5 years, including the version you are reading right now!

  5. Whitney says:

    I really miss your old blog design, but the new one’s cool too! I’ll consider going through UBD sometime in the future when I need a makeover πŸ™‚

  6. I’m up with my new blog project so this might be the thing I should take a look at. Thanks for the info.

  7. faisal says:

    Wow, time does fly.

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