Happy Birthday to John Chow dot Com

Seven years ago today, I registered the domain name JohnChow.com. I have completely forgotten when I registered the name until Staska.Net looked it up as part of the Make Money Online review.

In addition to JohnChow.com, I also registered JohnChow.net and JohnChow.org on that day. However, I only renewed the dot com domain. Looking back, I should have kept them all, but I didn’t know as much about the Net back then as I do now.

Thanks to Staska.Net for reminding me that John Chow dot Com is seven years old today. His review of my blog was one of best I’ve read. It will be part of batch 44.

77 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to John Chow dot Com”

  1. Mubin says:

    Lucky staska gets 3 links!



    1. Staska says:

      Yup. Blatant linkbaiting 😈

      Lucky me 😈

      1. Jeff Kee says:

        Darn!!!! good for you.

        1. Very cool, I don’t remember when I first registered my site either, I’ll have to look it up.

          Thank you,

      2. Marc says:

        Good find Staska, John always rewards the creatively diligent 😉

        1. ilker says:

          Not always..

      3. Jane May says:

        Thinking outside the box. Good work! For some reason, John’s links went away on my Technorati reading. This happen to anyone else? weird cuz im on the top commentator list.

        1. same for me… for a while

          don’t know what happened. any idea?

          1. Jane May says:

            I guess we all found out what happened huh 🙂

        2. Same for me – maybe Technorati is cleaning up their act.

          1. Jane May says:

            Bingo! That was my initial thought and we were both right!

          1. Jane May says:

            Well, I guess all good things must come to an end…sniff, sniff 😀

        3. Yeah, they fixed the algorithm!

      4. ilker says:

        Lucky you. Did you pay him?

  2. Jon says:

    three? I only see two! 😯 I might as well get two links like you 😆 .


    Haha, happy birthday to John Chow dot com! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear John Chow dot com! Happy birthday toooooooooo yooouuuuuuuu!


    1. Staska says:

      The third link will come in batch 44 😈

    2. Dave says:

      Posting your url in the comments like this is not only in bad taste, but will give you no benefit.

      Blog comments are all set to display links as rel=”no follow” so you will get no benefit from the link.

      If you have an link that’s related to the post, then it may be acceptable to post, but just posting a url like that will not accomplish anything.

      1. ilker says:

        Dave is right!

  3. WOW! its still a long way ahead !! 😎

  4. Congratulations on the milestone! That is an eternity in dot com terms. 😀


    1. Marc says:

      It really is. 7 years… Won’t be long now before we see domains that are 20 years old. Blink of an eye I suppose…

      1. Wow.. 20 years later. An really old & experienced internet guru by that time?

          1. Jane May says:

            Think technology period

        1. ilker says:

          The oldest Guru perhaps..

    2. 7 years to become an overnight success.

      1. Amazing isn’t it?! Look at John’s post from three months ago and you wont see a single comment! Now look at him!

        Good for you John!!

        1. ilker says:

          I think it’s because he didn’t have Top commentators back then.. I will be lucky to stay in that list for long. Some people are just crazy replying every comment!

  5. Rosie says:

    Happy birthday!

  6. Xof says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire!!!

    1. ilker says:

      Hey, you have French fans too! 😛

  7. Shawn Knight says:

    Yey, so will you be throwing a huge birthday bash to celebrate, with free food and drinks for all?? :mrgreen:

    1. free plane tickets? :mrgreen:

      1. How about free: analyze-my-site-and-make-it-make money-for-me?!

        1. Dave says:

          I don’t put much stock into website consultants. Maybe I’m cynical, but I’ve always thought if someone had the expertise and knew all the secrets to making a website wildly successful, they would spend their time making their own websites successful. 🙂

    2. ilker says:

      John Chow and free doesn’t go together.. unless you are the one offering it! 👿

  8. Scott says:

    I’ll bring the cake!

    1. Stephanie says:

      What kind of cake? I like chocolate cake with vanilla frosting… all other cake is inferior!

      Happy B-Day, JohnChow.com!

      1. ilker says:

        I like chocolate + banana cakes 😛

  9. Paula Mooney says:

    Happy Birthday to U…RL

    Happy Birthday to U…RL

    Happy Birthday dear JohnChow DOT com…

    Happy Birthday to U…RL

    1. ilker says:

      Hehe… nice one Paula 😀

  10. Kumiko says:

    Hmmm….I wonder who the new owner of http://www.JohnChow.info is? 😈

    It’s amazing what you can buy for a dollar!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Chow! Thank you for bringing out the evil in us all! 😀


    1. John Chow says:

      I own the dot Com. It’s all that matters. 😈

      1. Marc says:

        A very true statement. Registering a popular .com under another TLD is pretty useless. A website like this one is a brand. Brands are recognized. Would you go to Wolmart?

        1. No, but what about Wa-Mart.info?

      2. ilker says:

        Well said John

  11. Ronaldo says:

    Happy Birthday! This blog has surely inspired a lot of people to start their own blogs or to try and monetize existing ones.

    Keep up the great work.

    For those who wonder what JohnChow.com looked like before 2005, look it up in the Internet Archive. It has improved a little… 🙂

    1. Kumiko says:

      Oh my god! That is hilarious! I definitely think the site should go back to that design! And bring back that funky intro too!!


      1. Yea at that point in time, I could say that the intro was pretty good as well! 😀

      2. Jane May says:

        Take it back, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back!

      3. I like the intro… sounds very techie!

      4. ilker says:

        I proposed a professional design to John Chow but he refused it.

    2. Dave says:

      Hahah love the mid 90’s flash intro, it’s great 🙂

  12. Gdog says:

    Happy Birthday, keep the posts coming.

  13. KellyCho says:

    Feliz Anniversario!
    I hope your great posts keep coming for many more years!

  14. Marc says:

    Happy birthday JohnChow.com!

    Don’t forget to let us know when your birthday is John so we can all fly to Vancouver and party. I can stay on your couch right?

    1. ilker says:

      “I can stay on your couch right?” 😆

  15. Happy birthday to you, uh, the URL, uh…. Have you thought of buying the other extensions off who ever may own them now? Darren Rouse just bought the .com version of problogger after all these years off an e-bay auction. Maybe there’s still a chance to diversify your extensions.

  16. esofthub says:

    Happy Birthday John Chow DOT com. This is definitely one of the better blogs in the so-called “Blogosphere.”

  17. Happy Birthday to JC.Com! P.S. it seems that the .net and .org are claimed by domain squatters to redirect traffic.. 😈

  18. Josh Rives says:

    Yet this past year seems to have been the most successful for the domain. Congrats

    1. Yea, and to think that he only started monetizing his domain only six months back.. 😯

      1. Dave says:

        Well, you have to build up a good traffic base before you start advertising. I think he started advertising after is traffic started to snowball.

        I could be wrong though…

  19. Happy Birthday JohnChow.com, I wish you another 7 no 70 happy ones. Keep up the good work!

  20. Dave says:

    Happy Birthday JohnChow.com! 🙂

    See, there are no instant successes that last on the Internet. Just lots of time, hard work and a bit of evil? 🙂

  21. Happy Birthday John Chow dot com!!!


  22. zaki says:

    Happy belated birthday….

    Wish you a more prosperous and wonderful life in future. 😛 😀

    By the way…how old are you??

  23. Hayppy Belated B-day John Chow dot Com!

  24. FayZ says:

    Heppiii birthday blog.. :mrgreen: 😆

  25. Damn, seven years ago. No wonder why you got this domain so easy 🙂

  26. All I have to say it’s been fun working with you over at TheTechZone.com. From one person who is just starting out in blogging (picked a hell of a time, didn’t I) to someone who is well established I say congratulations.

  27. Jeff says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  28. ilker says:

    I’m a little late.. Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂

  29. So what was John Chow before the famous blog?

  30. Belated happy birthday, John Chow Dot Com. I wish you more awesome years online, man!

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