Happy Boxing Day!

Black Friday

Happy Boxing Day everyone! In Canada, the day after Christmas is known as Boxing Day. I’m not sure exactly why it’s call that but the main event during Boxing Day is shopping, and lots of it.

While Black Friday maybe known as the biggest shopping day in the US, Boxing Day is Canada’s biggest shopping day as all the retailers try to sell off the stuff they didn’t sell before Christmas.

Like Black Friday, most of the sales are purely hype. Retailers will put up a few door crashers to get people in the door. The rest of the items are priced no lower than any other day. However, there are some good deals if you wake up early enough to get in line for the door crashers.

As a general rule, I don’t shop on Boxing Day. The idea of lining up for an hour or more just to save a few bucks on a depreciating item isn’t my idea of smart money management. I’m all for saving money but you also need to consider the opportunity cost. How smart is it to line up for an hour or more to save $150 when you can make $250 in that same time period. Chances are, by the time you finally get inside the store, the item will be gone and you’ll end up being baited and switched to something else because you don’t want to leave the store empty handed.

I do take some comfort in knowing that unlike Black Friday, there have been no shopping deaths associated with Boxing Day.

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  1. I did my Boxing Day shopping on the Future Shop website Christmas Eve, so I was able to sleep in today! πŸ™‚

    1. Which is the future shop website – never heard of it.

        1. Thanks John! I appreciate your reply…

          Best Regards, and looking forward to your next post…you’ve done a great thing here.

        2. That’s interesting. I’d never heard of it until now.

          1. Whats with the boxing day?

          2. Christmas Sales. Time to grab your bargains πŸ˜‰

    2. Lucky guy!! They had a special on the 65″ LCD Sharp Aquos – 2000 off, and including a blue ray player for 2599!!!

      Now that is a great deal

  2. jtGraphic says:

    I think boxing day makes more sense than Black Friday. Selling off inventory as opposed to stocking inventory…

    1. Harry Tran says:

      That totally makes sense, but Black Friday is a zinger to get people into the doors to shop for the holidays. Most people don’t end up with the best deals on Black Friday and will still end up buying the other crap that is marked down maybe 5% from the regular price. So for a retailer having both days makes for great inventory turnaround regardless if it is before or after the holiday season.

    2. Agreed. Black Friday sounds like something bad happened on that day.

  3. If you don’t get in on the first ‘big’ deals, then you are not getting a good deal.

    1. Its true!! A buddy of mine wwaited from 3 in the morning to be 200th in line at best buy!!! He got a sweet deal ona Sharp 32″ LCD – so it was worth the wait, but I have never really wanted something THAT BAD to wait up for hours to get it

  4. Tyler Ingram says:

    Boxing day isn’t what it used to be like, The things that are crazy prices are shitty products that they have been trying to get rid of all year. And not retailers are having Boxing Week Sales, not just the Boxing day sales. I remember being able to go to A&B sound and picking up crazy good computer hardware for really cheep, no they isnt any of those crazy sales. Ah well

    I guess there can be some decent prices out there, guess it depends on how picky you are on quality πŸ˜‰

    1. Gary says:

      Totally agree. Nothing really worth lining up for. Everything can be purchased online now! I jumped on a Canon SD1100 IS for $139 to replace my old SD400.

      Who would’ve thought you can now buy a digital camera for the price of a pair of shoes! haha

      The Boxing Day name was said to have originated from the elite giving gifts to the lesser fortunate and their servants, in boxes–the day after Christmas.

    2. Yeah, the Target by me had a really hard time on Black Friday. They only made a little over $800 that day. No joke.

  5. Harry Tran says:

    I would totally wait 4 hours for a deal because if the item is discounted by $200 for instance a laptop, than you can pick that up at $200 less and resell it for $100 mark up from the price you paid for it, thus you are earning $25 per hour you were waiting in line. And with most door busters you don’t just buy one item to resell, you purchase as many items that are hot on demand with resale value, thus increasing your profits after selling.

    With the internet and local markets like Craigslist or eBay it takes no time to resell the items, and doesn’t require you walk the streets for a buyer, but still add another 2 hours to list, package, or negotiate and you should still be ahead if you purchased the right items.

    And for most people you can’t make $250 in one hour so it makes logical sense to do the line-up. And for others they will still stand in line if they’re working a $25,000 a year job because any additional funds to the savings accounts/retirement accounts is money well worth chasing for.

    But my last comment is that with the recent deaths associated with Black Friday this past year, the concept of chasing a great deal on an item is no longer as desirable because of the savageness of this new breed of deal hunters. Ask any Black Friday, or XBOX360, or PS3 line waiter back 3 years ago and things were always calm and orderly, lines were respected, and most people were able to get what they waited for if they arrived early enough. Now you have people waiting 3 days earlier, taking time off work, and you have street punks who will show up 25 minutes before store opening with a group of 20 kids trying to reform a line at the entrance.

    And for items like the Nintendo Wii, there was a time that you could only get one if you waited in line or paid someone to wait in line for you. There was a shortage of Wii systems for over a year after the Wii’s were introduced, and you can bet that I was waiting in line even though it was only a line of 8 months upon months after the Wii’s went on sale to pick one up for the nieces.

    People use to do the line up because it was fun, and at times profitable, but these days its just chaotic and I will have to agree with you today it is not worth harm and injury any longer for a deal on an item, but I would have a different opinion on this topic had it been 2004, back than a laptop wasn’t like a car, it doesn’t lose 20% of its value immediately after it leaves the store, now a days if a store doesn’t sell out of the items during the door buster event, they’ll outprice their items the next day.

  6. Its a great marketing and promotion hype….must give credit to marketers for this

  7. wow – never heard of boxing day I wonder how they came up with that name…I guess its because retailers are competing to get more customers in the door…makes more sense than Black Friday – now that name not sure if I can even come up with a reason behind it….thanks for sharing john.

    1. Harry Tran says:

      Black Friday came from the accounting concept. On accounting books you have spreadsheets laid out in Red for losses, and Black for profits.

      Generally speaking, retailers do not do well for 9 months of the year, with the sporadic shopping habits of most consumers, they tend to wait til they have a need for a product and than go out to buy it. So for retailers staying open for the year they tend to operate at a loss until the holiday season hypes up consumer spending. The day after Thanksgiving for some reason, which will always be a Friday, has been pegged as the beginning of the shopping season. Maybe after eating all that food, people need to walk it off at the malls.

      Take people’s feeling of needing to get gifts for others, along with discounted door busters, and during a good economy a retailer will start to see profits come in starting with that day after Thanksgiving.

  8. Melissa says:

    It’s not called Boxing Day here, but it’s the same concept. I stay away from the stores the day after Christmas. I used to go out and get all the great deals on Christmas items like wrapping paper and such but no more. I’d rather get the deals online the day after Christmas; sometimes they’re better than the stores and I can do it my PJ’s!

  9. John, that is not always true..you see most of the ordinary people like us spent time relaxing at home or entertaining ourselves, we do not have any “opportunity cost”, so, instead wasting time staying at home, we may as well go out, queue up and save couple of bucks for items that we want. Saving $150 dollar is a big deal to some people!

    1. John Chow says:

      Unless you’re after the door crashers, you’ll be able to get the same item the day after Boxing Day (since most retailers do Boxing Week now). It will save you the line up. πŸ™‚

      1. For sure – I would rather have that week of luxury, than try to get the insane deals that might sell out

        I think boxing week is a great marketing idea in itself – whoever came up with that definitely deserves a beer!! πŸ™‚

      2. Harry Tran says:

        I’m sure the stock on Boxing Week will not be refreshed as often as the first day’s supply.

        Go2Wellington has a great point that few people have a large opportunity cost to go stand in line, especially if they can bring their friends and family along with them to wait in line together.

        And with technology you can practically have all the creature comforts during your wait in line from internet surfing, mobile movie watching, and portable heaters the experience isn’t so bad.

  10. Free Acai says:

    Box up those gifts you don’t want to take them back for something better.

  11. Jack Mehoff says:

    John is right, again. He is where he is at today because of the way he thinks. Why save 150 bucks when you can save 350, by not buying the item, that is probably going to end up in your garage a month after, and be considered junk, along with the rest of your shit. Most people’s home and most of their stuff are not necessary. All you need are: food, water, shelter, clothes, and a first-aid kit. This is a tip for the poor. Stop spending on use-less shit. Because this cycle of the poor will always be poor and the rich will always be rich, GENERALLY SPEAKING, will be passed on to your children and to their children and so on.

    1. Harry Tran says:

      I agree that food, water, shelter are the necessities and anything else is a want rather than a need, after you have your adequate set of clothes and etc.

      But I would say for the person that was already going to go out and get a new HDTV and can afford to do so, than saving 20% on the item he would otherwise be getting anyway is a great way to save money rather than spend money.

      For the rest that use credit cards to splurge these shopping holidays should definitely be the last of their needs.

    2. I agree that important things should come first, BUT there’s nothing wrong with someone wanting to spend money on something like what Harry Tran said. And even if they bought a bunch of useless stuff, it’s their money. If they’re doing the wrong thing, they’ll learn the hard way.

  12. Pheak Tol says:

    i think these types of days is basically an excuse to help boost the economy and drain our wallets haha, like in this blog post i rather make the money during the time spent waiting in line. but then again, I’M MARRIED! AND HAVE TO SPEND THE MONEY.

    1. Harry Tran says:

      I think in the end of things, being able to spend time with family/friends/significant other during these days trumps all else, even making/saving a buck or two.

      Anything beats having to go to work on these days and it’s another day to chalk up with friends and family.

  13. Ann Mobile says:

    was on friday this year, so a black boxing day maybe

  14. J.D. Meier says:

    Happy Boxing Day!

    I always forget boxing day isn’t about putting on some gloves and hitting the ring.

  15. It’s snowing outside and I’m not in the buying mood on Boxing Day. If I’m one of a million people thinking the same way, then 4th Quarter results for retailers, car dealers, etc will truly suck, continuing the recession to who knows when.

  16. Boxing day isn’t what it used to be like, The things that are crazy prices are shitty products that they have been trying to get rid of all year. And not retailers are having Boxing Week Sales, not just the Boxing day sales.

  17. I’m from England & there’s also Boxing Day there. I don’t ever recall it being crazy like it is in the States.

    The people saying Boxing Day isn’t what it used to be – you’re talking about America [Black Friday]?

    1. Harry Tran says:

      I was always referencing America’s Black Friday because I never experienced Boxing Day, and didn’t know today was even considered a sales day until reading this post, but I do remember the malls boasting about having Black Friday round 2 today anyway, so it kinda clicked.

      1. Ah.

        Black Friday is just insane. A Wal-Mart employee was killed because people rushed through the doors & he got trampled on.

  18. With the economy the way it’s going and all the fear talk about the upcoming year I’m wondering if we won’t see even better deals come late January and February when retailers start to worry about staying in business (or at least – thinning inventory).


  19. Michael Kwan says:

    For anyone who is interested, Snopes.com describes the origin of the term Boxing Day:

    Reduced to the simplest essence, its origins are found in a log-ago practice of giving cash or durable goods to those of the lower classes. Gifts among equals were exchanged on or before Christmas Day, but beneficences to those less fortunate were bestowed the day after.

    I guess they put the less desirable gifts into a box and sent them to the less fortunate.

  20. ihateher says:

    boxing day? hoho. i love to keep box with my girl friends. Thats more interesting way. πŸ˜€

  21. I got my computer on tigerdirect.com on Black Friday. Got a goooood price.

  22. Jack Mehoff says:

    I thought I would save a bundle of money by waiting after Christmas. So today, I went online to see if Apple had any good deals or maybe drop the expensive price of the Macbook-Pro. It was the same price after Christmas as it was before; $1999 for the basic model. I was thinking that the price would not budge any time soon, or at all, so I decided to get it.

    After all of the features and upgrades that I wanted, the price dramatically changed from $1999 to just under $2900! And thanks to John, I decided to also get The Invisible Shield. So now I’m almost $3000 out! But you know what though, It will be worth it when I see you guys at the top!


  23. Ben Pei says:

    Happy Boxing Day!

  24. Barock says:

    i never hear it before, There isn’t tradition like this in my country, indonesia.

  25. BusinessX says:

    Post New Years may be a good time for deals as there is no hype and no traffic. Everyone is broke and back to work/school, so the best sales seem to be the (in the US) MLK/President sale holidays.

  26. Let’s all hope that no one got run over this year.

  27. no great deals on PSP or Nintendo DS

  28. After an epic failed Black Friday, I’m sure boxing day was a failure too. Those “soon to be bankrupt” companies really need to lower the prices and bring up revenue that way.


  29. ShoutWhat says:

    LoL I like the concept of opportunity cost, actually I’ve just learnt it last semester in my Financial Management class. I think the concept of opportunity cost should be taken more serious and you use your time wisely. Cheers~~

  30. As a retailer, I’m thinking we need an official boxing day in the US too! πŸ˜‰

  31. game-girl says:

    Last year the holiday was much more happier.Happy New Year.

  32. shun2u says:

    wow! but i never heard before. hehe

  33. I tried the whole Black Friday thing once at a Walmart and actually got some great deals, but I had already picked out the exact products I was looking for ahead of time.

    I knew where to go when they unveiled the pallets after talking some employees into telling me πŸ™‚ and then I checked-out without even setting foot in a line!

  34. Atniz says:

    It is good to hear there is no one death like happened in Black Friday

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