Happy Twitter New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Despite the economic downturn, 2008 was a record year for me and I’m looking forward to bucking the trend again in 2009. I got some big plans for this year and I can’t wait to start on them.

It’s amazing how fast a year comes and goes. It only felt like yesterday when I started this blog to ramble about whatever was on my mind. Never in my wildest dream would I have imagined it would get this big. Many people ask how I did it. My answer has always been the same – have fun at what you do and never give up. Even if this blog makes nothing, I would still be blogging because this is what I do for fun. It’s just a bonus that the blog made over $400,000 last year.

Last night, I asked my Twitter followers to send in their New Years greetings. I was going to post it at midnight last night but the server that powered the Twitter script went down and didn’t came back until now. Better late than never I say. Thanks to everyone who sent in Twitter New Years greetings!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you make 2009 your year to shine.

@sallychow (Sally Chow) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year from www.SallyChow.com I hope you all enjoy the joy of a baby! We are really fun!!!!

@RandomGoodStuff (RGS) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Years from http://www.random-good-stuff – Valencia, Spain!

@olgi (Olgi Zenullari) says:
@JohnChowDotCom "Happy 2009, Hope it brings joy to you and your family, I hope you wont have to visit again the hospital in this year :-)"

@tremellino (tremellino) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Best of luck for everyone in 2009! And remember, no pain … no gain!

@TYCP (TYCP) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year to you John & all the readers! May 2009 bring joy & happiness to all.

@dulcenegosyante (Dulce Rose Lada) says:
@JohnChowDotCom May we be blessed abundantly with more success in 2009. Happy New Year, John.

@chrisjacobson (Chris Jacobson) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year to all of John Chow’s readers… now go make some money!

@meethere (meethere) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year to Mr. Chow and its huge readerbase from www.problogineer.com . πŸ˜€

@jrbadet (John Ray ) says:
Happy new year!!!!

@TechDaddy (TechDaddy) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Thx. Hope to see you at The Night Before CES Party in Vegas. Happy New Year!

@chintan100 (Chintan Patel) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year, John!! Just subscribed to your mailing list and downloaded your ebook.

@qutequte (qutequte) says:
@JohnChowDotcom Healthy 2009 to you!

@frenchychu (frenchy chu) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Have a Wonderful New Year!

@brentnau (Brent Nau) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Let 2009 be a healthy and productive year!

@ChefPatrick (Chef Patrick) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Years John!!!

@StarMars (StarMars) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Have a happy and fruitful New Year to everyone! πŸ™‚

@stephenfung (stephen fung) says:
@JohnChowDotCom happy new year… Yup… That’s about it…

@flagusco (James Wilcox) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year John and to all John’s readers. Hope 2009 is the best year yet for everyone!

@nischalshetty (Nischal Shetty) says:
@JohnChowDotCom I wish u shine brighter than d stars.I wish dis year helps U forget ur scars.2009 wil bring it all,May U rise n neva fall!

@rahuljrark (Rahul Jadhav) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Wishing you a very very Happy n prosperous New Year

@Linetteg (Linetteg) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Here’s to the New Year, I hope everyone has a great one!

@FeedingTheCrave (Eric Tan) says:
@JohnChowDotCom happy new year twitter people!

@pcsbox (Prasanth Chandra) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Wish u 12 months of happiness,52 weks of fun,365 days success,8760 hours gd health,52600 minutes gd luck,3153600 seconds …

@Skitzzo (Ben Cook) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Years John Chow readers! Head over to http://flippingeasy.com & ask any questions you have about site flipping!

@thatJENgirl (Jennifer H. Goodwin) says:
@JohnChowDotCom HAPPY NY. May we work smarter play harder and love longer πŸ™‚

@tjbuffoonery (Trilby Jeeves) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Wishing all my fellow twitterers your desired New Year. A little relaxing 2008 exit for you….http://snipurl.com/9bqcy

@ganeshsrinivas (Ganesh) says:
@JohnChowDotCom I wish you a very happy new year! I hope I will be successful in all my ventures this year. πŸ™‚

@robertsaunders (robertsaunders) says:
@johnchowdotcom Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous new year!

@SunFinancial (SunFinancial) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy The Year of Bull 2009!

@rayebersole (Ray Ebersole) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year to everyone. I’m waiting for my son to be born, he’s due today! Here’s looking at a great New Year!

@greenertrends (greenertrends) says:
@johnchowdotcom Go Green in the New Year with Weekly Green Tips at http://tinyurl.com/7ozsb8

@tstrump (TStrump) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year’s and all the best for 2009!

@claudgrrl (claudgrrl) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Wishing everyone a successful, healthy and happy 2009! Reach for your goals!

@techguy (John Lynn) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Years!! Here’s to another year of stealing t-shirts from companies like Izea!

@JenTekk (Jen Duguay) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year from JenTekk Web Solutions. May it be full of adventure, love and blessings!

@nrajasekharan (Rajasekharan N.) says:
Wish All The Readers Of John Chow Dot Com A Very Happy And Prosperous New Year. Rajasekharan N.

@philladden (philladden) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Best of 2009 to you, John! From PhX Phil, Phoenix, AZ,

@ScoobysWorld (ScoobysWorld) says:
@JohnChowDotCom everyone have a prosperous 2009! (btw i’ve been drinking champagne ouf of a paper cup πŸ˜†

@natewhitehill (Nate Whitehill) says:
@JohnChowDotCom happy new year to all of the readers of the most evil blog online! 2009 ftw!

@Gayla (Gayla McCord) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Here’s to kickin’ 2008 O-U-T. With the new year comes new hope & a feeling of renewal for many including moi. W00T!

@tastingvan (Tasting Vancouver) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year from TastingVancouver.ca

@suzhi (Sascha οΏ½reten) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year to all who follow me and visit my site www.konzertwelten.de

@webtrafficroi (ZK) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Lots of success to you and your family in 2009

@bluefur (Gary Jones) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year from everyone @BlueFur. Hope the best for you and your family for this year.

@ryanr14 (Ryan Ray) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year everyone! May 2009 be a great year for you.

@DebNg (DebNg) says:
@JohnChowDotCom My best wishes for a happy, prosperous and peace-filled new year.

@Pakblogger (Sohail) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy new year john and all readers of johnchow.com πŸ™‚

@justinf (justin Flavin) says:
@JohnChowDotCom happy new year John Chow. all the best from the UK! here’s to 2009…

@coated (coated) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Heading out shortly…..wishing everyone a Happy New Year and nothing but the best in 2009.

@nachase (nachase) says:
Hi JohnChowDotCom @JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year to one who inspires though his kindness and being a real person. See you in ’09 nachase

@FilmsFight (FilmsFight) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Years from FilmsFight.com

@tkrysak (tkrysak) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year Everyone, best wishes to all in 2009, 2008 is slipping away,yay

@ejcooksey (EJ Cooksey) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

@gourmeted (Joy) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy new year!

@JustJulie (Julie Vazquez) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Cheers!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR Cheers!!!!

@alpesh (Alpesh Nakar) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Wishing you a safe and prosperous New Year 2009!

@steitiyeh (steitiyeh) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year Blogosphere!! I wish 2009 will be better for everyone ! I Really wish everyone the best!

@FunnyChixDotCom (FunnyChixDotCom) says:
@johnchowdotcom My goal in 2009 is to carve a trail across the Internet. Happy New Year !!

@ThePokerJerk (The Poker Jerk) says:
@johnchowdotcom Happy New Year, loser! (Just trying to get first in line on your inevitable New Year Twitter Shout Out post)

35 thoughts on “Happy Twitter New Year!”

  1. Haha I was first, losers!

    1. Beaten to the punch by seconds lol – good job jerk lol

    2. You were last jerk! πŸ˜› Check the tweets.. lol

      1. Ben Pei says:

        Lol heck.. Happy new year =)

    3. Thanks for the link John , hoping to see you in Toronto soon

  2. Congrats again and happy new year again from me!!! I still refuse to sign up to twitter lol

    1. Do you often take pride in being late to the game? This would be like bragging that you’re still on dial up. Congrats, you’re behind the times.

  3. Ruben Ricart says:

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  4. teamray says:

    Happy New Year.

  5. GPFree says:

    Happy New Year to all! Here’s hoping for great things in 2009!

  6. Happy New Year to you John and all your readers, have a great New Year!

  7. Happy New Year to John and his 45k Subscribers! πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  8. Happy new year everbody, wish more success for johnchow blog, and hope you will break the $500,000 mark this year πŸ˜‰

  9. John, happy new year. 2008 was a banner income year for me as well. And the future is looking even brighter. Thanks for all you do. Andrea de Michaelis

  10. Happy New Year to all who are that much closer to realizing their dreams by way of Internet success!

  11. MLDina says:

    I wasn’t on Twitter much last night, but happy new year anyway! Hope you, Sarah and Sally have a wonderful new year!!

  12. Feliz Ano Nuevo a todos!! πŸ™‚

  13. Melissa says:

    Happy New Year once again!

  14. john meow says:

    Happy New Year! I look forward to reading many more of your blog posts in 2009 – Cheers!

  15. Congrats again and happy new year again from me!!!

  16. Dang John, you’re on your way to $1,000,000 a year…


  17. jtGraphic says:

    Happy new years! True better late than never. I’ve been busy πŸ˜›

  18. Happy new year to everyone!

  19. frenchy says:

    I thought my twit was too late to be included here. Thanks John, Wishing you to reach $1,000,000 mark this year. Happy New Year to us all!

  20. BusinessX says:

    In the spirit of better late than never- Happy New Years to John Chow and his readers.

  21. game-girl says:

    Happy New Year! How are the holidays? Hope you are enjoying the best time of the year.

  22. seosoeasy says:

    I wish you a prosperous and healthy new year

  23. Happy New Year again. Think you’ll get to 600k by the end of this year?

    1. Mike says:

      $600k seems fair for John, Im just hoping to make $20k, I just started my site.

  24. Denis says:

    Happy new year for John and All!
    Very nice blog and to know that it generates all that income is something great to know.

    Greetings from Portugal! Stay well!


  25. Happy New Year John, and all the best for 2009, I really learn a lot from this blog community and expect to more improvement

  26. Andre says:

    Hey John! Happy new year!!! http://www.kids-dynamite.de -Andre

  27. HAPPY NEW YEAR John,

    I hope to start reading more of your updates on twitter and also here on your site (I subscribed).

    I’m a mother, blogger and social network addict. Check me out at http://www.thecocktailcafe.com

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