HarpzOn.com – That’s One Way To Get My Attention

I have received nearly 300 reviews of my blog since starting the Review My Blog for a linkback promotion. Most blogs are happy to do a review for the free linkback since it sends traffic and helps to increase search engine ranking. However, Mitchell “Harpz” Harper of HarpzOn.com took it one step further.

Like many other blogs, HarpzOn.com did a review of John Chow dot Com (it will be listed in the next batch). Harpz then did something I would have never expected – he ordered a ReviewMe (aff) review on his blog! So, he gave me a free review and now he’s paying to have me review him. I have to admit, that’s one way to get my attention.

Who Is HarpzOn.com


HarpzOn.com blogs about business, technology and online marketing for smart entrepreneurs. The blog is the work of Mitchell Harper, a 24-year-old programmer from Sydney Australia. In addition to writing for HarpzOn.com, Mitchell is the co-founder of Interspire, a software company that makes PHP software for web designers and web site owners. The company employs 12 people.

Mitch has done very well for himself and his blog is the place where he will share his knowledge and experience. The driving theme of HarpzOn.com can be summed up with Mitch’s three favorite quotes:

  • The harder you work, the luckier you get
  • Failure cannot withstand persistence
  • Knowledge is pointless if you don’t act on it

HarpzOn.com is a brand new blog. How new? Try five days. Mitch started the blog on March 1 but has already filled it with ten posts. If he can keep this pace up, the blog will be a warehouse of good information soon. Here’s all the posts so far on HarpzOn.com

Areas Of Improvement

HarpzOn.com has formatting problems with IE6 that it doesn’t have with IE7 or FireFox. In IE6, the left side navigation menu is pushed down below the posts. Depending on how Mitch feels about Internet Explorer, he may or may not want to fix the problem.

HarpzOn.com offers a full feed RSS. However, something is wrong with it. The feed is not showing any paragraph breaks on my Google Reader. Instead, it shows the posts as one huge paragraph. This makes reading HarpzOn.com from a feed very difficult because some of Mitch’s posts are very long.

Mitch has chosen to monetize his blog from the get-go. Normally, I would recommend waiting until you built some traffic before slapping on the ads. However, Mitch has done such a good job on the integration I don’t mind it at all – the ads looks like they belong there. The design of the site is very clean and extremely easy to read. All Mitch has to do is fix the RSS and IE6 errors and he’ll be set.

Adding To My Backlog

In his review of my blog, Mitch posted that I have been posting wayyyy too many ReviewMe reviews. He then adds to my backlog by ordering one. I think that make Mitchell Harper almost as evil as me. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Swing HarpzOn.com and say hi to Mitch. I have a feeling you will be hearing a lot about him the future.