Having $1 Million Is A Nice Feeling

One million dollar. That’s a one followed by six zeros. It really is a magical number. This week, the number 1 million holds extra special value. First, my eWallet payout to date passed the $1 million mark for the first time.

I set up the eWallet exactly one year ago to receive payments from MTTB. They used to pay me by bank wire but switched to eWallet in order to streamline the payment process. According to the US Census, the median household income is just over $50,000 a year. It would take the average family nearly 20 years to make $1 million. One year ago, my MTTB eWallet balance was zero. One year later, I’ve been paid $1,028,717.39.


Making $1 million is great, but let’s face it, most bloggers and Internet marketers will end up making very little. When asked why they make so little, most will tell you they’re a small site and don’t have enough traffic. Therefore, it’s not shocking that a lot of the questions I get is on traffic generation. If traffic is your problem, then I recommend you check out Traffic Masters Academy. This is a traffic course I created with a bunch of fellow Internet marketers.

Are You Making The Maximum Money Possible?

Traffic is only part of the formula, and it really isn’t the biggest part. It is possible to make big money online with very little traffic. What is more important than the traffic itself is how you monetize it.

Most bloggers monetize their blogs with a Google Ads or other advertising networks. They may also do affiliate marketing by recommending a book and linking to Amazon with their affiliate links. The problem with this type of business model is the payout is very small. You’ll make 5 to 50 cents from a Google Ad click, $19 from a $37 ClickBank product, and a measly 60 cents for selling a $10 book on Amazon.

At these low rates, you have to do a ton of traffic to make any decent money. Even at 50 cents a click, you’ll need 20,000 clicks a month to make $10,000 a month. Assuming two percents of your readers click on an ad, you’ll need 1 million banner views to make $10K! How many blogs do you know get that much traffic?

Scale Vs. Magnitude

There are two main ways to increase online income. You can increase traffic (scale), or you can make more money on the traffic you already have (magnitude). Most bloggers concentrate all their efforts on scale. They figure the key to making more money is by getting more traffic. If you’re making $1,000 a month with 100,000 views, then you should make $2,000 a month with 200,000 views. That’s the logic of it, anyway.

The reality is most bloggers will never achieve the scale required to make a living online. The funny thing is, it’s not scale that’s the problem. It’s magnitude. Most bloggers and internet marketers are promoting small ticket items that makes them next to nothing. What they should be doing is going after big-ticket sales.

Let’s say you want to make $100,000 a year, and you have a choice of two ways to do it. The first is to sell a $10 eBook. The second is to sell a $10,000 mastermind. Which do you think is the easier path to $100,000: selling 10,000 eBooks or ten masterminds? Of course the answer is the ten masterminds. With the $10 eBook, you would need to sell 1000 times more products to equal the income generated by just one $10,000 products.

If you want to make over $1 million a year online, you absolutely need to add high-ticket offerings to your product mix. Yes, it does take more effort to sell a $10,000 products than a $10 product, but it won’t be 1000 times more effort. It might take four, five, maybe ten times more effort, but it will never be 1000. Yet, selling a $10K product will give you 1000 times more income than a $10 eBook.

Selling high-end products requires a more personalized approach. You generally need to get on the phone with the leads and talk to them. This takes away from living the Dot Com Lifestyle. The solution is simple. Let Max do it!

Stop banging your head against the wall trying to achieve scale. That’s not the answer. The answer is magnitude. Why work your ass off trying to sell ten thousand $10 eBooks, when you can have a guy like Max make you $10,000 with just one phone call?

Adding The High-Ticket Offer

There are two ways to add a big-ticket product to your marketing mix. The first is to create it yourself. If you have never made a high-priced product before, then this is not a great idea. The second way is to license a system like MOBE/MTTB, and promote their suite of high-ticket products.

The nice thing about the MOBE setup is you don’t have to do the selling. They have an experience phone team that will close the high-ticket sales for you. The best way to find out more about the program is by applying for MTTB. This is MOBE’s 21-step system for making your first $1,000, $3,000, or $5,000 commission online. The system gives you all the tools, training, and personal 1-on-1 coaching you need to start making big money online.

If this blog post wetted your appetite about big-ticket sales, and you want to read more about it, then I recommend you download my eBook, the Ultimate Online Profit Model. It goes into topic in super detail, and gives the online business models that I use to make six-figure monthly income, and live the Dot Com Lifestyle. The eBook is free. Go download your copy now.

Click Here To Download The Ultimate Online Profit Model

39 thoughts on “Having $1 Million Is A Nice Feeling”

  1. Amazing results! I completely agree John. Selling low ticket items is REALLY tough to survive on if you don’t a huge following. MTTB is the way to go with the complete done for you system and coaching.

    1. Great thinking Richard.

      Certainly, John has all ends covered. It is certainly easier to make it that big if one has big clients/readers. If your clients are small, the eBooks would just be what they need. Get the logic?

      Not an excuse for poor results anyway – I’m a firm believer that all it takes to excel is passion and determination!


  2. Andy says:

    Congratulations John, theres not many people in the world who have been able to do what you have done with just one blog.

    Thanks for the motivation. Reading your blog gave me the push I needed to start working on Internet marketing, and right now im not making $1.000.000 but im making good cash.

  3. Aden Clark says:

    Congratulations John, that is an awesome and inspiring achievement.

    You will be awarded one of the rings from Matt Lloyd shortly, wont you?

    I remember not so long ago, before i discovered MTTB, it used to take me around 3 to 4 months to build an affiliate website and get enough traffic to make over $1000/month. With MTTB, you can do that in 1 day.

    Once again John, congratulations, hopefully i will get the chance to shake your hand next year at a mastermind.

    All the best,

    Aden Clark.

    1. Baz says:


      Are you actually making any money MTTB ? I signed up for it last year but didn’t have the £1200 to invest once I was a few steps into it. I wanted to try and get involved in making money online as I desperately need a career change but was disappointed as it was billed as a good option for ‘newbies’.

      I don’t doubt that John can make massive money given how popular and successful he already is but £1200 was a big investment for a newbie.

      Thanks and congratulations John, great results 🙂


      1. Aden Clark says:

        Hello Baz,

        Yes, I’m making money with it. I bought the license rights a while ago, but have only just started focusing on it in the last 7 – 10 days (after returning from my holiday) and i already have a guaranteed licensee in the leads i have generated, which will result in $1044.10 including the front-end commission.

        You just have to approach it differently to the rest of the people who promote it, such as having your own squeeze page, funnel, followup system & personal brand. Learning how to build relationships with people first is the key to this business.

        £1200 is only a lot to invest if you don’t believe in this system. If you believe in yourself, believe in the system and take action on what you learn every day to achieve your goals, then its a no-brainer.

        All the best,

        Aden Clark.

        1. Shruti Rajput says:


          Here you say you earned $1044.1 whereas in your ebook you say

          My Top Tier Business works so well I will be turning this into a
          $100,000 a month income alone.

  4. DeVaughn says:

    This is definitely a great post and you have had great success.
    I wish more people realized going high end is the way to go bro.

  5. SImon says:

    Hi John,
    A truly great achievement and not without a great deal of work, behind the scenes, Sincere Congratulations on your drive and persistence its inspirational and your information you share is always valuable
    Kind regards

  6. Andre says:

    What are the qualifications for MTTB system John?

    1. John Chow says:

      The desire to success and a willingness to learn are the main thing we’re looking for.

  7. Olayinka says:

    John Chow the man who make money online and also teach how to do it. John MOBE is a good program for people like your while the newbie internet marketing find it hard to make money through the program

  8. I. C. Daniel says:

    $1 million is a Dream for most of Us!

  9. It is really great to see like you, @John you are unique BOSS.

    Thanks for sharing such an inspirational story.

  10. Hi John,

    1 million dollars is indeed a great feeling. The way you concentrate on your goals is remarkable. One should work on the magnitude to get more money from the same traffic.

    Nicely said, it takes more effort but not 10 thousand times.

    The fact that you cash out money always is an inspiration. Inspired to make some big ticket sales now.

    1. This is the best way to do business as an internet marketer today as in the pass, yes this is the future of this business doing it as John says and i’m all for it.

  11. Nino Sem says:

    Congratulations John, yes I agree top offer traffic and conversion are the key….:)

  12. John,

    Congrats on a super achievement! High end is the way to go to reach the one million.
    Many times the perceived value is related to the higher price enabling you to create
    higher ticket products of valur.

  13. John,

    Congrats on a super achievement! High end is the way to go to reach the one million.
    Many times the perceived value is related to the higher price enabling you to create
    higher ticket products of value.

    Sorry on the mis-spelling.

  14. Tola says:

    You inspired me with articles always.


  15. The way you earned has explained very well. I realized that the importance of selling high ticket products is major concept to make a million online. I have already read your testimonial on MOBE/MTTB sales page given by IM Guru Matt Lloyd, which makes me high enthusiasm to make more money online (try for 1 million). Expecting more blogs in future like this. Really I benefited.

    Thanks for sharing valuable information.

  16. Mr Quân says:

    $ 1 million amazing, I always come here to get inspiration to work

  17. HypeFree_com says:

    Congratulations. I have never heard of eWallet, do you mind sharing what kind of service it is in one of your next posts? Thanks.

  18. These are pretty good numbers john. 🙂

  19. Hi John,

    Congrats on your AWESOME accomplishment. Well done my man.

    I feel all paths are different. Some vibe with selling eBooks, as that’s where their talent lies. I do, and I charge more than 10 clams 😉 But you get the drift; many of the world’s great authors have earned fortunes by selling serious volumes of books prices between 10 and 20 bucks, and then do the speaking gig bit to maximize their income.

    With that idea in mind, go big ticket through some streams.

    I like mixing consulting, freelancing, affiliate marketing and eBook sales, because each focuses on different income levels, and each also diversifies my income stream.

    More than anything, create awesome value and detach from money outcomes. Each approach has worked so well for me.

    Oh yeah one more note; in places like here in Fiji, me and my fiancee benefit from a 2:1 Fijian Dollar to USD exchange rate. Our net worth doubles. And we’re living in paradise. So this is some SERIOUS relative wealth, versus absolute wealth….and in places like Chiang Mai Thailand our net worth increases 7 fold. Part and parcel of living the internet lifestyle, and I gotta say, Thailand is more my style than NJ.

    JC, keep up the great work, and keep on inspiring the masses. You help me expand my prosperity consciousness each time I publish a post.

    Tweeting soon.


  20. faisal says:

    That’s a solid number

  21. royan says:

    I wish i have that money, hiks :(. Pretty nice article… thanks..

  22. Hunny yadav says:

    Awesome post John !
    Now that what I call a motivational post .

    I’m reader of your blog since 2 years and I must say you are the one of my IM
    Ideal who keeps me motivated.

  23. ClickBait says:

    That’s right John, one mill is one followed by six zeros and long way to it starts with first step. Congrats and have a next one 🙂

  24. Kevin John says:

    This is a real eye opener. The numbers add up and make sense. I think promoting low ticket products or affiliate programs are good if you are on a small budget. You can eventually scale up to high ticket products once you have the money to do so.

  25. Jay Blacky says:

    Agreed – its all down to economies of scale. Everyone would rather sell something major several times than the same thing several thousand. But small payments on (to use your example, an ebook) does bring one thing; repeated exposure to several thousand people. I suppose it’s all down to your game plan.

  26. It is a dream for most of us, but I’m sure we are working hard to achieve that 1m, nice post John!

  27. One million is too much for me. Selling high ticket item is great but it is not easy, you have much weight with everybody to convince the buyer.

  28. John Smith says:

    The program John is in at MOBE is quite remarkable. I too have recently joined it and I can only say that everyone I have experienced behind the scenes is striving to help you succeed.
    Some great advice, both within the program and outside is the fact that it takes as much work to promote a high ticket item as a low ticket item. I understand there is the investment to be found, but what I mean is that many people, including myself have previously spent years spending hours and days and weeks and months slaving away creating websites and trying to rank them or spending a fortune on ads to try to make money from items which at the end of the day you would have to sell thousands of to make a living.
    The same work put into selling high ticket items is far more rewarding, as long as you believe in what you are marketing. At MOBE they make sure at every step that you are informed about everything as they do not want people to commit to a program like this unless they really want it.
    Leaving aside the high ticket sales, the program worked for me because it had the best support and training that I’d ever experienced in this business, the real inside details of what works and exactly how to do it. The best traffic training, the best email training, everything top notch. For me that is priceless.

    Congratulations on the milestone John and for inspiring plenty of people to break away from the grind.

    Best Regards


  29. Caleb says:

    You know I’m starting to see MOBE type clones. One on particular by Adeel Choudry called Income Society seems almost better. So any one of these could put your on the the million dolar track.

    Btw, has anybody here tried Income Society and John wheres the ring?

  30. Shruti Rajput says:


    I think your blog and marketing is all about me doing that.. me done that.. I have gone through your books and blogs..To tell the truth.. it is of no help to any one. I as a newbie will just end up making you 1 million and not make a single cent out of this.

    1. John Chow says:

      It is only of no use to you because you’re looking for some push button that will make you rich without you having to do any work. Guess what? It doesn’t work that way. No one will hand you $1 million. It’s up to your to go get it. Too bad your mindset is stuck in loser mode.

  31. Great post John !
    I wish I could have it in the income that you have, well done.

  32. What you have achieved is a real milestone. It is very lovely. MTTB is worth joining.To gain access to the MTTB you need to pay $49 to complete the 21steps. Is this amount the only investment involved?


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