He Really Does Help You Blog

Today is the last day of the ReviewMe 50% off sale, so if you haven’t got your review request in by midnight tonight, it’ll cost you $250 tomorrow. It is good to see that some fellow bloggers and readers are stepping up to the plate and ordering up last minute ReviewMe reviews at 50% off. One such fellow blogger is Philip Liu of I Help You Blog.

Philip is a New York City-based corporate finance lawyer with a background in business, law, and accounting. With the exception of law, which I only took one year of, Philip and I would get along smashingly for a bowl of pho because corporate finance and pho go hand in hand.

Who Is Helping You Blog?

Before you start shouting, “Wait a minute. John Chow helps me blog!” You need to understand the angle Philip is attacking this from.

I Help You Blog is a new blog about all aspects of professional blogging. Yeah, another “problogging blog” right? Enough of those already! But this blog is very different from the other problogging sites out there. I Help You Blog is about improving the value and worth of a blog from the point of view of someone who might down the road want to sell it. I Help You Blog seeks to demystify the factors that determine blog value and worth.

While the thought of selling John Chow dot Com has not entered my mind – I doubt I can sell it anyway – it is something that many bloggers may look forward to down the road. There’s really no better thrill than to create something from nothing and then sell it down the road for something. Given his background, Philip is well suited to blog about his chosen topic.

Demystifying Blog Worth And Increasing Blog Value

Launched on February 8, I Help You Blog is pretty much a brand new blog. However, Philip has done a good job at keeping the blog updated with an average of one new post per day. Some of the highlights include:

I Help You Blog runs on WordPress using a very clean and simple template. Being brand new, the blog is not monetized. However, the template is well suited for Google AdSense and other network banners should the time come.

What I really like about Philip’s blog is his willingness to try new things that others haven’t tried. On his latest post, he tells his reader that he has disabled nofollow to encourage visitors to participate and comment more on the posts. I Help You Blog is the first blog I’ve seen to do this and I’m looking forward to see how the experiment works out.

In another exclusive, Philip posted The Biggest Secret (Maybe) To Increase Your Adsense CTR (Click Through Ratio). This is a must read post for anyone suffering from low Google click through rates.

Suggestions For Improvements

My one complaint about I Help You Blog is the read more links. Instead of giving us the entire post on the front page, I Help You Blog requires you to click [Read more] in order to read the entire post – the front page holds just an excerpt. With just a few posts per day, I don’t think I Help You Blog needs this. Fortunately, you can subscribe to the blog’s full feed RSS and avoid this problem.

I Help You Blog can use a little more posting consistency. The blog has average one new post per day but it’s not a constant one per day. Today, there are three new posts, but there was nothing new for the previous three days. The content quality is there. If I Help You Blog can maintain a consistent posting pattern, it will be a daily read for many bloggers (including me).