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Just checking in before I head off to the Blog World Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Last night we got a chance to see the setting up of all the displays. Shoe and I were able to give Nate Whitehilll from Unique Blog Design some pointers on making a great display. And I got my Shoemoney shirt so I’ll be wearing that today if you’re on the lookout for some John Chow sightings.

KA was a great show. That stage was truly amazing and we got great seats as well. Being the business minded geeks that we are, we tried to work out how much the show takes in each day. After much calculations on the iPhone and talking with some of the staffs, we concluded that KA makes $400,000 to $500,000 per night. Sounds great but it will still take some time to pay off the $165 million stage.

Shoemoney will be speaking at 25 minutes so I better get going or I’ll miss it. I’ll report from the show later today.

40 thoughts on “Hello From Blog World”

  1. This looks like an interesting convention. You should give Show a johnchow.com T-shirt.

    1. DeboHobo says:

      I hope what happens in Vegas deosn’t stay in Vegas and that you share the details with us 😈

      1. Debo tell me you did not meant that what I think you meant to say? (just teasing).

        Yeah John, share all the stuff you see there with the rest of us that could not come.

        1. Man you pro blogger guys are so lucky to to see all that stuff. I hope I can make it next year.

    2. Ya! John
      Where is John Chow T-shirt??
      Did you make John Chow T-Shirt yet? I think many people would like to have one :mrgreen:

    1. John doesn’t smile. He’s evil, remember? 😎

      1. He isn’t smiling because he lost 👿

      2. Zlatan says:

        He smiles like this -> 😈

      3. I think he is smiling inside because of Shoe’s hat…:P

    2. Yea I don’t think a smile would kill you

    3. James says:

      What? He is smiling. 😀

  2. MoneyNing says:

    Now I really want to go 🙂 I think exhibiting would help my site traffic a lot 🙂 I wonder how much a booth is. Maybe I will go next year!

    1. TJ says:

      I’ll get you tickets 😉

  3. Sounds like a great place to visit. Wondering if there is any similar convention in the Greater Toronto Region.

  4. DeboHobo says:

    Man I wish I had gone, I don’t have one of those fancy shirts though. I’d much rather a JohnChow shirt however 👿

    Say cheese for the camera will ya! 😈

  5. Domtan says:

    By the way John, since you didn’t win the RSS contest, where’s your “Shoe is a better Marketer than me” link, that you both agreed to do when the other one won?

    1. That is what I was wondering. Also where is your notebook for taking notes 😈 J/K Congrats on the 4,000+ gain.

      1. TJ says:

        Look under Featured Sites 😎 .

  6. Mike says:

    Man, I wish I was there…. Maybe next year I’ll go!!! Nice pics!

  7. Tyler Ingram says:

    If that is Nate Whitehill in the picture, perhaps Shoemoney should give him a shirt too to replace the one he’s wearing with holes in it 🙂

    Infact get me a shirt too! lol I’d wear a JohnChow shirt if he came up with a cool looking logo like Shoemoney’s 😉

    1. Mike says:

      haha good point tyler!

    2. VoterSavvy says:

      Poor guy! Surely his $800 designs could afford to get him a shirt that doesn’t look like the rag I wash my car with! hehe…

      1. MoneyNing says:

        I actually wonder how much he made by making John his site since he probably did johnchow.com for free.

      2. LOL… yeah that pic was during our initial booth setup so I was not dressed up in our formal Unique Blog Designs gear… 😛

  8. Mike says:

    hey john you are a pretty attractive guy and all but where are the booth babes?

  9. Joe says:

    Hope you’re havin fun at blog world. Wish I could go to that to schmooze with the big guys. maybe one day.

  10. Have a great time and take lots of photos from the Expo!

  11. Mubin says:

    Dont forgot to ask what he did to get the RSS Subscribers!

  12. Rhys says:

    Haha, so you three can step away from the computer screen then?

    Who can come up with the best caption – best I can do is “Alright, who had the curry and beer on the plane?!?”

  13. bloggernoob says:

    i didn’t know you were that tall john. shoe looks like a hobbit next to you

  14. Frank C says:

    Got Booth Babes? 😈

    It seems like blogger conventions are taking over the ground COMDEX and other computer shows held in the 80’s and 90’s.

  15. Ava Fails says:

    😀 I should so be there…I live right here in Vegas. Welcome!!! I look forward to your blogs about the event. I’m just startingout…you’re my hero. Have fun in Vegas…and hit me up next time…I can get free tix to anything at the Venetian. I just need to know a week in advance.

  16. Shams says:

    John you are the tallest 😀

  17. JoeTech.com says:

    Are those holes in Nate’s shirt? Tell Shoe to hook him up with some new threads.

    I’ve convinced my wife that blog conferences are in our travel plans, so I’ll be there next year.

  18. Klaudio says:

    If I’m living in the states I would visit the expo 😕

  19. kabatology says:

    When John Chow meets Shoemoney, sparks.

  20. Etienne Teo says:

    It was pretty cool that you guys meet up at a blog convention. Wish i was there to party as well.

  21. I don’t think exhibiting would help personal finance/investing blogs. These type of conventions are more for blogs that blog about blogging. It’s for the hardcore types..

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