Hello From Las Vegas!

We are in Sin City this week for the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. The CES is the biggest consumer electronics trade show in the world and the second biggest trade show in the world (the biggest is CeBit). CES is so big that some of the exhibitors have booths that are bigger than all of Blog World combined! Over 140,000 people are expect to descend on Las Vegas to check out the latest and greatest electronic gadgets the world has ever seen.

The big show doesn’t open until tomorrow. There are a bunch of press events going on today. Tonight, I’ll be hosting a party at my suite in Caesar’s Palace. I have to admit, the Absolut Flavor Suite is definitely more colorful than last year’s MGM Skylofts. I’ll post some pics and video later.

37 thoughts on “Hello From Las Vegas!”

  1. Thanks for the invite John! 👿

    My girlfriend is a publicist for TV Guide… I was going to send you a Golden Globes gift basket in return. 😛

  2. I’ll be in Vegas in the afternoon. Hoping to see Gates but based on last year, the free tickets are hard to come by. I think they’re instituting wristbands this year. Failing that, I hope to see Jerry Yang Monday at the Hilton. Or better yet John, is there a way a fellow Vancouverite/part-time blogger be able to drop by your reception?

  3. Faisal says:

    hmm..thats coo! John..you’re everywhere! haha

  4. Contest Beat says:

    Wish I was there!

  5. Have fun! It’ll be interesting to see pics and video.

    1. Faisal says:

      agreed. You should post more videos and pic….sometimes people are lazy to read..hehe

  6. Should be a good time, would love to attend an event like that.

  7. I wish I could travel there, but I’ve got a tons of exams now. 👿

    1. Faisal says:

      hmmm…I wish I had tons of money

  8. Thank you Mr. john for you wish to post some pictures of photos.

    1. MoneyNing says:

      I’m sure he would 🙂

  9. John you never seem to be at home! I’m taking the wife to Vegas for a week in July, is there anything happening then, I’d love to be able to combine a little bit of business with pleasure?

  10. Justin says:

    Hope you’ll find some find new stuuf and meet nice people out there.
    Have a good and safe trip

  11. Zac Johnson says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it. 😥 Hopefully next year! Have fun!

  12. seo audit says:

    Have fun and post some pictures.

  13. Simon says:

    Have fun John. I may go out next year once I’m done school, I’ve been invited so many times to visit some industry players!

    1. David Chew says:

      You got invited that is a good news.

  14. MoneyNing says:

    Nice of you to host a party! Have fun!! 🙂

  15. Spiros says:

    👿 Wish I was there! One of my dreams is to travel to LAS VEGAS , John have fun !!! 😈

  16. KiwiPulse says:

    I want to travel with you 🙂
    Get us some freebies 😛

    1. David Chew says:

      He travel a lot. 🙂

  17. David Chew says:

    John, have a good trip and bring back some goodies for us 😀 , then you can organize a contents to give your readers some present.

  18. Cool, I would love to be there too.

  19. Michael "Shogun" Hatamoto says:

    I can’t wait until the party tonight! 😈 😈 😈

  20. Sly Bald Guy says:

    Hey John, maybe I’ll run into you on the floor.


  21. It looks like you are into the high roller suites. Can’t wait to see the photos and see some cool gear you found at the show.

  22. I wish I was there… I am jealous 👿

  23. Site Hoppin' says:

    Tight John!

    Make sure you take lots of videos, I am already starting to post 30+ posts per day for CES on zedomax.com

  24. I would love to see Las Vegas! 👿

  25. Jaypee says:

    I wish I was there in Vegas too. I really wanted to go this year’s CES. Anyways, hope you have a fun and safe stay. 😀

  26. Liviu Pantea says:

    Make sure you make a lot of pictures there so we can see a part of it too. 😀

  27. AfrikBoutik says:

    I have to come on over to vegas, I am sure that would be great!

  28. Haroon says:

    nice john
    i wish i could be there but i know i can’t be.
    Nevermind Enjoy yourself 😉

  29. Benny Ong says:

    Viva Las Vegas…. Viva Las Vegas….. Can’t wait for the video… 😉

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