Help Vote for my Friend Joe to Win $25,000!

Logo My Way

My friend Joe Daley of LogoMyWay entered an online contest hosted by Entrepreneur Magazine called the Kodak Home Office Prosper Contest and he needs your help to win.

The contest is simple. Each entrant has to submit a tip on how to make their office or daily workday more productive and efficient. Then readers vote on them.

Joe is currently in 5th place on the leaderboard so he really needs your help to push him over the top. There are 4 prizes:

  • Grand Prize: $25,000 + Kodak gift package
  • 2nd Prize: $15,000 + Kodak gift package
  • 3rd Prize: $10,000 + Kodak gift package
  • 4th Prize: Home office makeover

To prevent people from gaming the system, Entrepreneur requires voters to register. But don’t worry, they’re only using the registration for voting. They won’t send you any spam.

Vote For My Friend Joe

13 thoughts on “Help Vote for my Friend Joe to Win $25,000!”

  1. Ok I voted for him… maybe Joe can make me a logo now to show me his appreciation.. 😉

    1. d3so says:

      If he wins I wonder if he’ll have a giveaway 🙂
      I don’t like gaming contests unless I benefit from it.

      1. I not sure this one but I think this is not a good game to join in.

  2. Alex Dumitru says:

    I’ve already voted for him 🙂

  3. Hey John,

    It’s nice of you to be helping your friends this way. I hope he wins.

  4. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Already I have Voted him.Hope he’ll will.

  5. Rajnish says:

    I can do anything for you and when Mr. Joe is already on 5 position and also your friend then no one can stop him from winning.

  6. Just voted for Joe, with your influence in the blogosphere, I’m sure you can get him to number 1!

    I hope he’ll buy you a beer at least…

  7. Bidet says:

    Hope he wins, the prizes look great.

  8. It’s great you are helping a friend out using your powers out in the blog world. I’ve never shunned the “it’s who you know” approach.

  9. Michael says:

    Voted for him. Hope he wins this contest.

  10. ikki says:

    $25000 to the winner, lucky the winner

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