Here are the Best Ways to Monetize a Blog

When it comes to monetizing your blog and turning a profit, you really have a lot of options. Most bloggers start out by writing content and building up their authority, which leads to a loyal following and readers that keep coming back. However many people don’t have the patience and time to put in all of the work and effort to wait months or even years to get to these stages.

Depending on what type of blog you run, there are many different ways to monetize a blog.

Let’s take a look at what three of the biggest bloggers in the make money online niche are saying about the best ways to monetize a blog.

The absolute best way is to create a product. If you have a good RSS readership then obviously you have been giving a lot of value to your readers and they trust you. – Jeremy Schoemaker

I believe the answer will depend on the blog in question. More specifically, it will depend on the niche of the blog, on its size, on the amount of time that the owner has to spend on the monetization strategies and so on.

For example, blogs that receive a very high percentage of their traffic from search engines, for example, tend to perform well with CPC ads (i.e., Google AdSense) and possibly affiliate marketing offers, depending on the keywords that are bringing the organic traffic (i.e., if the keywords manifest the intention to buy something).

Very large blogs, on the other hand, might become more profitable if the owner starts selling advertising space directly, or if he launches a related product.

In many cases the best monetization strategy will be a combination of the methods mentioned above. That is, the blog owner might use AdSense, complement it with some affiliate offers, and once the traffic grows he might also launch a product.

The key to find what works for you is to test, test and test. – Daniel Scocco

The best way to make money from a blog is to run as many revenue channels as possible while still preserving the user experience. Most blog just run Google AdSense and nothing else. This could be because they don’t know all the options available. There are tons of ways to make money from blogging. You just have to find and tweak the best combination for you. – John Chow

As you can see from the answers from all three top bloggers, it’s all about building a strong brand and product around your blog while also introducing multiple revenue paths along the way. Whether you are going to start out with banner advertising, paid reviews or affiliate based commissions, it’s all about finding the winning formula for creating great content that your audience is looking for, while also making a profit in the process. In the end, make sure you are putting enough focus into your long-term growth and brand quality.

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