Hi Shanghai From Toronto


Hi Shanghai is another one of those restaurants where the English and Chinese name have two completely difference meanings. However, at this restaurant, non-Asians would be able to able to order food because the menu has English subtitles and nice colorful pictures.

As you no doubt guessed by the name, Hi Shanghai is a Shanghai restaurant. The restaurant looks really nice and up to date. The entrance has a beautiful wood, glass and flower wall. The menu has over 100 items on it, with most dishes served Dim Sum style. The prices are also very reasonable. The total cost for seven people came to just $70 with tips. It’s rare for me to eat out for $10 per person. Here’s a sampling of the dishes we tried.

Shanghai Noodles


let’s face it, you can’t go to a Shanghai restaurant and not order Shanghai noodle. That would be un-Shanghai. The Shanghai noodles at Hi Shanghai reminded me a lot of the Shanghai noodles at Kam Do in Richmond. It was very good.

Shanghai House Fried Rice Cake


This is another famous dish from Shanghai. The rice cake is like a very thick rice noodle. It was a bit on the chewy side.

Wine Preserved Whelks In NingBo Style


This is one of those Fear Factor dishes. I didn’t bother to ask what it was. I just took one and ate it. Whatever it was, it was terrible and I never want to try it again. Sarah and her parents loved it however. I guess you need to be from Shanghai to like it.

Shanghai Steam Mini Buns


This is another famous Shanghai dim sum dish. The steam buns can be ordered with a bunch of different meats, as long as there’s pork in it. We ordered some with pork, shrimp and pork, and crab meat and pork. They were not as good as the mini buns we get at a Shanghai restaurant we go to back home.

Pan Fried Pork buns


These are like the mini bun except they are fried instead of steamed. I found the bun too thick and the pork inside too dry. The pan-fried pork buns from the home town Shanghai restaurant in Richmond blows these buns away.

Overall, I liked Hi Shanghai and would dine here again.

33 thoughts on “Hi Shanghai From Toronto”

  1. Ed Lau says:

    You should warn people about those mini buns because they are full of boiling juicy liquid which will burst in your mouth and burn you.

    I know it sounds ridiculous but they do.

    1. Thor Schrock says:

      A John Chow public service announcement… That would make a funny :30 commercial. Caution – bursting minibuns could permanently maim your tongue!

      1. jake says:

        How about Police Line Do Not Cross
        wrapped around his header. since he supposedly got hacked

    2. Gdog says:

      Haha, I know what you mean. The juice in those steamed dumplings is the best part–especially when it scalds the inner linings of my mouth.

  2. uncle sha says:

    olalala … another round of food frenzy! looks delightful john!

  3. James says:

    These don’t look as appetizing as the other batch. Thanks for these reviews, great to take some guesswork out of where to eat when travelling.

  4. Consider going to Empire Court in Hilton Suites Markham Conference Centre & Spa if you like Chinese dim sum.

  5. Guk says:

    “Wine Preserved Whelks In NingBo Style”

    Oh My God…looks like small embryos…

    1. Marc says:

      Yeah, that one definitely qualifies as the least visually appealing dish of this batch 🙂

    2. Gath says:

      Definitely going to avoid this dish.

    3. The thing about Chinese food is that the presentation may not be always as appetizing as other cuisine. But once you’ve taken a bite, there’s just this explosion of goodness in your mouth that would make you want to eat more.

      1. Sometimes that’s just the MSG! Just kidding. Yes, the soup is hot, it’s best not to put them straight into your mouth. Wait a few minutes, dip them lightly in soy, then bite carefully!

        I love those Little Dragon Steamed Dumplings (for want of a better term)… I usually order these here in Taipei.

        1. MSG — that’s the bad glutamate stuff used for flavoring, isn’t it?

      2. uncle sha says:

        I guess when eating chinese, the ‘calories’ goes out the window eh. yeah tell me about it, at my dad’s dinner function, course after course of sumptous chinese food. felt so sinful eating it, i did a major cardio workout the next day. haha 😀

  6. Richard Cai says:

    Where is Hi Shanghai Restaurant? It’s real Shanghai food!

    1. John Chow says:

      4675 Steeles Ave E. Unit 1R2 – 1R2, Toronto, ON M1V 4S5

      Yes, it’s real Shanghai food.

  7. blabWire says:

    Although the last restaurant review looked better, I think this place looks AWESOME for $10 per person. The Shanghai noodles look awesome.


  8. jake says:

    those noodles look good. how was niagra falls john?

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  9. liche says:

    still love my Taiwan beef noodle… 🙂

  10. Hu$tler says:

    good food John. Man I need to head up to Canada. 🙂

  11. Mr. Red says:

    I just cant eat this stuff, i like to be open minded but i will stick to my bbq ribs and burgers

    1. jake says:

      some of the stuff looks good and some looks so-so if you ask me

  12. Carl says:

    How does it feel being a ‘non asian’ John, since you also have to rely on English menus and nice pictures? 😉

  13. Ronaldo says:

    I’ve been to a chinese restaurant today, with the spinning round table and everything. Lots of these pork buns, really good stuff.

  14. Piggy says:

    I dont know if you’ve ever been to taiwan, john but theres a really famous shanghai steamed mini buns place called “ding tai fong” that is really the best chinese food I’ve ever ate.

  15. James says:

    I may have to try that place. Looks good.

  16. I’ve had Shanghai Fried Rice (Yang Chow or Yangzhou, I think they’re called) countless of times and I could never have enough of it — you all should try it sometime.

    1. Carl says:

      💡 That’s Yeung Chow fried rice, and it’s from Hong Kong (the inclusion of char siu (roast pork) is a dead giveaway). It has nothing to do with the cities of Yangzhou or Shanghai. 😉

  17. i just had some the other day… oh man. 😛

  18. Matt Jones says:

    I’ve been calling mini buns dumplings all this time..

    1. Carl says:

      You had it right 😉

  19. derrich says:

    Mmm…Shanghai noodles. That would make a great late night snack right now. 😛

  20. Amanda says:

    I have to say they didn’t look very delectable. I’ll stick to sushi.

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