Home At Last & No Jet Lag Too!

After 12 hours of flying time, I’m finally back home in Vancouver. The timing of the flight was just as about perfect. I have no jet lag what-so-ever. My plane landed in Vancouver International at 8PM last night and I went to bed at midnight, got up at 9AM today and feel great.

I still need to unpack and go through the things I got from Computex. There’s a lot of stuff! I think I’ll be busy for the next few days creating Computex and ECS factory tour contents.

3 thoughts on “Home At Last & No Jet Lag Too!”

  1. Tyler Cruz says:

    I had a dream about you and Stephen last night. I just woke up so I’ll type it out as it’s still fresh in my mind.

    It was a long dream. You and Stephen were in some type of Asian country, probably a small area in China.

    It was very beautiful and hot out, and there were a lot of tall trees overhead.. almost like a jungle or Amazon atmosphere but without the wetness.

    I, for some reason, tagged along. You and Stephen were already there, probably for a few days already. I took a plane there and surprised you two and tagged along.

    You and Stephen were kind of hiking along through the jungle area and then you were talking about how we had to be careful because there were all this political problems and there was inner war going on.

    There were two local guys, who for some reason were white, who were always around.. I think they were like cutting shrubs or something but they seemed to be keeping an eye on you guys.

    Then I remember some tallish girl came who John or Stephen was supposed to meet, and she came by herself through the shrubbery, and then the two embraced. It was like his neice or something. Then it was definitely Stephen and he quickly and smoothly whipped out his digital camera which acted as a video camera, and pointed it at both of them and was saying a few words which I couldn’t pick up. It was for his blog.

    I was then wondering were my digital camera was because I wanted to record some of this adventure for my blog too.

    Then I found these berries. They looked like big blueberries and then raspberries. They tasted fine. I started picking a bunch and eating them, then I asked John if they were okay to eat. He said they were.

    Then I looked up and saw this crazy weird looking creature and it was flying/dropping/moving down fast and I was like “Ahhh what’s that? What’s that?!!” and it was coming straight for me. John then was yelling like “Don’t let it get you! It’s going for you!” It was like some weird Chinese death bird or something. Anyhow, I tried to kind of fall and hide through the shrubs and stuff but it went right for me. It was weird looking and went for my legs or something. I was scrambling with it.

    Then later I found out that those berries that looked like blueberries were actually EGGS of that weird creature. That they grew on the shrubs like that and then if not eaten, would fall down and then hatch into those crazy things.

    There you go.

  2. John Chow says:

    That is one interesting dream!

  3. Fahari says:

    Hi hi hi. Man peolple really dream. Cruz, that is one crazy dream. My question is, why do you wake up?

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