Home Business Summit – Day 1 Recap

The Home Business Summit opened yesterday in Irvine, California with hard-hitting presentations from myself, Matt Lloyd, Terry Lamb, and others. We had a jammed packed room that filled over the seating limit. We will be moving to a much bigger room on day two.

The goal of the summit is to equip attendees with the skills and tools required to make $100,000 in the next 12 months. I laid out some of the online businesses I used to create that income and presented the roadmap for achieving it. The Home Business Summit comes with a guarantee that if you don’t get the knowledge to make $100K in 12 months, not only will your ticket cost get refunded, but your hotels cost will be comped as well. In all the Home Business Summits we have done, not one person has ever claimed the refund.

Day one ended with a VIP dinner at El Torito Grill. The dinner offered more opportunities to network with other attendees and form new relationships.

One of the biggest benefit of attending a live event like the Home Business Summit is the face-to-face networking with liked minded people. The contacts and friendships that come out of these events can last a lifetime. This is why I attend a lot of live events, and you should do the same. I look forward to seeing you at a future Home Business Summit.









9 thoughts on “Home Business Summit – Day 1 Recap”

  1. abdo says:

    It looks exciting John Matt is a good marketer But I don’t like the fact That I have to buy from him to make money!!! So I didn’t buy from him just because I didn’t like the way he is doing it but I am doing good with other places ( sure one of them is YOU ) so have fun

    1. John Chow says:

      Do you have any idea how dumb your statement sounds?

    2. KongWing says:

      There is nothing wrong with buying from him to make money. Internet marketing is the same as real life marketing. If you don’t want to start from scratch then buy a license from a company that already have the things layed down for you. (brand, name, reputation, customers that loves to buy from them).

      You can compare it with opening a franchise like KFC, MacDonalds. You are going to open a franchise so you need to buy the rights to sell under the name of KFC etc.

      PS: when you open a franchise you need to buy the french fries or chicken from the suppliers that KFC or Macdonalds give you. You can’t choose your own supplier.

      Hope you understand my explanation.

      1. Charley says:

        KongWing, you have a way with words. This was a short, sweet, and to-the-point explanation of how this business model works. Nuff Said.



  2. I. C. Daniel says:

    WoW!!! What big checks over there! Congrats to everyone, especially to J. C.!

  3. Great big checks congrats…….

  4. faisal says:

    where there is john, there has to be food and where there is food, there has to be john.

  5. MOBE!
    build by an entrepreneur with entrepreneur members!

  6. KongWing says:

    face-to-face networking is the main reason to go to these kind of events. Make connections start talking! Not only will you learn from everyone there but you will also build a relation with them (personal and business relations).

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