Homebrewing and Modchipping with Just Gadgets

Do you have someone who is technologically-inclined on your holiday shopping list this year? Maybe you’ve been extra good this year and you’re going to treat yourself to a special present too? Before you head out to your favorite local electronics retailer, it may be worth your while to take a look at Just Gadgets. Can you guess what they sell?

Over the course of this review, we’ll take a look at what this online store has to offer, how competitive its pricing is to other retailers, and what other key features that Just Gadgets brings to the digital table.

Selling Nothing But Gadgets

Well, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when the website is called Just Gadgets. As you can As you can imagine, this is an online electronics dealer and it specializes in, well, gadgets.

While there are some sections on the site that are dedicated to external hard drives and multimedia players, the much bigger focus appears to be on gaming. That’s not to say that Just Gadgets is all that interested in official first-party titles and accessories. Quite the contract, in fact, as this store focuses more on mods and “homebrew” equipment.

Before we proceed, I should note that neither I nor John officially condone the use of pirated software and video games. How you choose to use these kinds of products is up to you, but just be aware of some of the legal ramifications that can accompany such products.

R4 for Nintendo DS and DSi

For this review, we were asked to highlight two products in particular. One of these is the R4 card for the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, and DSi XL.

There are actually multiple versions of this “homebrew” cartridge available, all of which are compatible with the different versions of the Nintendo DS. The one highlighted here is designated as RTS, because its supports real-time saves. The idea is that you load your ROMs onto a memory card and play them on your Nintendo handheld.

Just Gadgets sells the different versions of the R4 cartridge on their own, as well as being sold as part of bundles that include microSD cards of varying capacities. For instance, the R4ISDHC RTS on its own is currently being sold for $38.67, while the bundle with a 16GB memory card is $95.03.

While you are able to choose between three currencies at the top of the page (US dollars, Euros, and British pounds), these aren’t reflected in some of the image-based content on the site. It makes for a strange quirk to the online store, but it’s pretty easy to get past that.

Modchip to Break Your Sony PS3

The other product being highlighted is the PS3 BREAK Modchip. This USB-based accessory allows you to “break PS3 perfectly.” I imagine this means that you can play, ahem, “custom” ROMs on your PlayStation 3.

As with other product description pages, the description for the PS3 BREAK Modchip could use some work. It says that it is “the protruding upgrade key” and it offers a “more humanity design.” To help you better understand how this product works and what it can do, Just Gadgets has embedded a YouTube tutorial video on the product page. The PS3 BREAK Modchip currently sells for $41.89.

What Other Gadgets Do They Sell?

Beyond the gaming “modifications” available on Just Gadgets, there are also some other products worth mentioning. One of these is the WiFi Robin, which promises “free WiFi access anywhere in the world.”

Continuing with the theme of legal grey areas, this is not a router, per se. Instead, WiFi Robin “optimized the cracking of WEP encryption.” It can also “decode, hack, crack, unlock and reveal the passwords of most of the secured connections.” The WiFi Robin also boasts an impressive 2km range, letting you connect to networks much further away.

This sounds a little shady, to be sure, but again, you proceed at your own risk. Just Gadgets just supplies you with the product; how you choose to use it is up to you. You always have to be careful with items like this, but there is a definite market for these kinds of products.

Decked out in holiday decorations, Just Gadgets offers a 14-day money back guarantee and free delivery when you spend 20GBP or more. It is integrated with PayPal and Google Checkout too, so buying stuff is pretty easy.


24 thoughts on “Homebrewing and Modchipping with Just Gadgets”

  1. I’m incredibly intrigued by Wifi Robin. I originally intended on commenting about my Xobx 360 mod chip (which I love, by the way), but this steals the show.

    I’m a little hesitant with the price tag. And the fact that many WiFi connections are using other standards (like WPA). Would love to hear of anyone with personal experience with it.

    For reference, I have about 10 WEP connections available right now. Kind of neat.

    1. d3so says:

      Yeah people are starting to use WPA instead of WEP.
      I wonder if that tool can still hack through. I’m definitely interested in it.

      1. Yeah wifi Robin is really raising eye brows with their details.

        Would love to get few ideas and recommendations from the technical guru.

      2. Still more WEP networks around me than WPA though. I’m sure it will only stop being useful once the default is no longer WPA.

  2. dotCOMreport says:

    I am not so much a gadget freak but I have several in my life right now. So I’ll definitely give this a thought. Thanks.

  3. PPC Ian says:

    Michael, thanks for sharing this review with us. I’m hoping to treat myself to a gadget or two this holiday season. 🙂 I’ll definitely check out Just Gadgets. I’m a big fan of specialty stores such as this one, great review!

  4. M says:

    R4ISDHC RTS, RRP $28.99 on sale at $38.67 !!

    1. d3so says:

      I bought a R4DS a couple of years back. It’s saved me hundreds of dollars. I’m not sure how the newer products deliver.

  5. I am planning to buy some gadgets like headset for mobile and a wireless keyboard. Going to check them all.

    1. I do not recommend wireless keyboard unless and until you work from the distant place and having screen of 40″

      Or you just want to try it.

  6. fas says:

    Congratulations JOhn Chow on 5000 facebook fans

    1. d3so says:

      lol, I’m struggling on getting 500 fans. Congrats John!

  7. We can always count on Michael to give us the low down on the seasons best gadgets. Will definitely be stepping into some wifi robin. As an IMer mobility is the reason I burned down my cubicle and decided to work for myself! =)

    1. d3so says:

      Well maybe this was a paid post.
      Sounds like a good source for tech though. So, it gets some quality points.

  8. Do you know of anyone who tried the Wifi Robin? I think it will be very useful IF it really works like its description.

    1. Agreed- still waiting on someone to respond to my first comment.

      I’m also very curious to know whether or not people will shift to other standards once news gets out that products can crack WEP so easy now.

      All it takes is a couple of news stories about WEP on your local news channel, and you’ll see the WEP networks drop like a rock.

      1. d3so says:

        Networks around me have switched to WPA. I too am now using WPA. I never got to learn how to hack WEP connections. It was too confusing for me 😛

        1. Being on a Windows machine, I was interested but didn’t have the right operating system to give it a shot. I heard Linux has some great tools on cracking WEP without doing much more than clicking a few buttons and waiting.

    2. alex says:

      I was tried… WEP only…. but in the europe most 60% available on WEP Code

  9. WiFi Robin and 2 KM … this one is really interesting.

    This can save my huge broadband connection bill and can payback its value within few months.

  10. I am thinking this christmas is really going to be one of the best festival to buy the gadgets because of the great offers and heavy discounts.

  11. Lucian says:

    I want to buy tech gadgets for all my friends, even they are not tech oriented they will be impressed of the technology evolution and thank me.

  12. ikki says:

    nice website to find gadgets

  13. I love posts like this because I love gadgets. There is no better time than now to invest in all your favorite gadgets because with a little searching you can find them for DIRT CHEAP. It’s one of the few benefits of a struggling economy.

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