[Hot Deal] WishList Member Two License Promo

WishList Products, the makers of the best membership site plugin for WordPress is running a special promotion that you won’t find advertised on their site. However, I just got the inside scoop. Here are the details.

From March 24th-31st, WishList Products are giving anyone who purchases a Single Site license the chance to get a second license at a nice 50% discount. You can take advantage of the deal here.

The Best Membership Software for WordPress

Before I discovered WishList, I used aMember to create my membership sites. Not only is WishList far less expensive than aMember, it’s also specifically designed to work with WordPress. This makes the software extremely easy to use. If you can run WordPress, you can run WishList.

Besides the huge savings, you’ll find that once you start using WishList Member, you’ll quickly see that there are many ways to use it. For example, a little while back they released a free training video demonstrating 10 of the most popular kinds of membership sites (and some of them don’t even have content inside!). Check it out below.

If you use WordPress (and who doesn’t?) WishList is the best solution for creating a membership site for it and there are 30+ more videos available for free showing you how it’s being used. Membership sites are extremely profitable business models and offers great passive income potential.

This 50% savings on the second license is only available until March 31st so I highly recommend you take advantage of this before the offer expires. If you don’t need a second license then do what I did. Go in with another person on a group buy and divide the savings.

Click Here To Get The WishList Member Two License Promo

24 thoughts on “[Hot Deal] WishList Member Two License Promo”

  1. Kate Kutny says:

    John how many others sites do you have? I know you have this one and a tech one. Just curious. You don’t have to tell us the names, just wondering how many membership sites you have. I want to have a social network site someday. I have a really great domain name for it. It’s called Friend Booth. It’s not up and running yet. But I picked out the name so that is a start. I really hope to have a popular Social Network site. It would be awesome!

    I believe membership sites and social networks are similar. You have to be a member on social networks to use them. But most of them are free to use. Usually membership sites cost money. I guess I could always have applications on my Social Network site that can make money and have good advertisements as well.

    1. He has a couple more, like Twitterfollowers, just to name one. =)

    2. Well I think membership sites are much better than social networks.. must use wishlist

      1. d3so says:

        I generally use forums as membership sites.
        I’ll keep wishlist in mind.

  2. i have used wish list member for a couple years and would highly recommend it. it is very well done and pretty easy to configure.

    1. So this isn’t a new idea? It has been around a while?

  3. Justin says:

    This is great, I was wondering how easy or difficult it would be to set up a membership site.

    1. John Chow says:

      WishList is extremely easy to setup and use. There are tons of training videos if you get stuck.

  4. Jon says:

    I am really glad that there is an alternative to amember now. It always seemed like it was lacking and I couldn’t justify the price tag. Wishlist looks pretty sweet. I like how they have all those modules too so you can just pay for what you need. Thanks for letting us know, John.

  5. I love the idea that it works with WP – might have to give it a try on a new project I am working on – don’t know about the price though, lol.

  6. anitha says:

    Interesting update thanks for it John

  7. Hey John,

    Thank you for the heads up. It’s good to know what system to use for membership sites. It sounds like a great deal to jump on for those who are ready to start a membership site.

  8. fas says:

    They should have given offer to single site people as well.

  9. Hi John thank you very much! I really need this one. It’s work with wordpress. It’s cool. same like you, I usually use aMember.

  10. Abhik says:

    Awesome!! Going to check that out.
    BTW, can I preserve the other license for future use?

      1. ah thanks for your info.. I though it’s only one wp. Like aMember.

        1. Ashish Patel says:

          Thanks for the update john

  11. Great deal thanks for sharing John

  12. sneha says:

    Interesting thanks for sharing it john

  13. awesome one john thanks for sharing it

  14. singer divya says:

    is there any restrictions to get license for this mate

  15. anitha says:

    Interesting post thanks for it

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