How Bloggers Can Make Money Offering a Service

Most bloggers complain about not making any money after investing a few months of efforts into their blogging. They blog for months and months without significant income as proof of what they are doing, it turns to years before they know what is happening and they later decide to give up and then conclude that blogging just doesn’t work.

The question is why is it always like this? Why can’t bloggers get substantial results after putting in a lot of effort? You’ll be surprised by the answer; you might even be doing it! The reason is why many new bloggers, the reason is…

The “Make Money Blogging Cycle”

This particular cycle is the problem and it is what most new bloggers who want to “make money blogging” go through.

The cycle goes like this:

Blogger starts a blog > He comments on a few blogs to gain little momentum > He displays a few ads > He makes a few cents > He tweaks the ads to increase income etc.

This cycle is just so flawed it’s the reason behind the failure of many new bloggers. Of course, it might work for big blogs with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors but you can be rest assured it won’t work for your blog. After all, how much is an ad really worth on a blog with only a few thousand visitors? The reality is, no matter the niche, it probably isn’t worth so much.

The NEW Way to Make Money Blogging, Quick

Okay, to be honest, this “way” isn’t entirely new. It has been in existence before I knew what blogging was but my reason for classifying it as new is because a lot of bloggers are unaware of its existence and they keep on struggling with making money from ads.

This “way” is to start offering your services to your audience.

One thing we bloggers do is writing. We write a lot of content every day and gradually we’re able to understand our audience and what they want. The problem is that we don’t know how to get our audience to pay.

Instead of struggling to display a few ads your readers won’t bother to click why not turn your blog into a real business and start making money the old way? Why not start offering your services and use your blog as a lead generator?

This was what I did 8 months after blogging. I was only a blogger at first but I soon began to offer my services as a freelancer using my blog as a lead engine. Just 8 months after blogging I had my first $1,000+ month and my income from offering my services has increased ever since.
You will notice from the above paragraph that I started making four-figures 8 months after starting my blog and I’ll be using this article to explain how you, too, can start making money by offering your services.

1. What Makes Your Blog Different?

The first thing we’ll be examining is the question of what makes your blog different from every other blog that talk about the same thing as you. Is it really different or it is just like every other blog online? If it is different, what makes it so?

The number one mistake most bloggers who plan to offer their services as a freelancer make is that of not differentiating themselves. They just keep giving generic tips and wonder why no one is patronizing them.

This step is crucial and something you must look into. What makes your blog different? What is your USP? Once you’ve come up with a list of what makes your blog different the next step is to create your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and then look for a way to build it into your brand. With the right USP, once anyone comes across your blog they will be able to see right away that it is different and they will spend a few more minutes to find out what you talk about.
In case you don’t see the importance in this, a USP is very important because people will only hire experts to work for them. No one will hire a jack of all trades to help them get things done. When you need to service your car you don’t go to the electrician that knows a few things about car, you go to the car mechanic who specializes in fixing cars. Your main aim should be to position yourself as someone who can help your audience “fix” their problems.

If you still don’t have an idea of how a USP works, or if you want a better idea, you might want to read these two articles over at ThinkTraffic.

2. What Service do You Have to Offer?

And no, it isn’t blogging because way too much people can offer the same service. What service can you offer that relates to your USP? For example, if your blog and USP is on helping people get quality design on low budget why not start offering people a custom-made design without them having to go into debt? If you help students learn to improve their writing, why not start offering your services as a freelance writer?

You need a unique service that can be tied to your blog and USP before taking any other step. You don’t have to rush into this and your service mustn’t just be because you want to make money, you need to have something unique you want to contribute to those who make use of your services. You should know that this is your brand and online identity so you should put enough time and effort into it.

3. Look for a Few Top Experts You Can Offer Your Services to for Free, or at a Discount

If you’re a freelance writer this means you should be ready to offer a free guest post to top blogs in your niche as a way to build your portfolio and direct potential clients to your site. If you’re a designer this means you should be ready to create your best work for a bigger website/blog for free or at a huge discount so as to be able to drive their audience to your blog and make them use their service.

Now, I know that this isn’t convenient but that’s why everyone isn’t doing it. Success, online and offline, takes real hardwork and sacrifice and you shouldn’t be ready to go anywhere without putting in any effort.

You need to be able to showcase your service, and not just on a dormant website but on an active top blog in your niche. This way you’re building your brand and portfolio, you’re being everywhere and you’re creating potential for future success for your blog.

4. Use Your Blog and Every Other Opportunity to Market Your Services

Now, in every article you write make sure you mention your services. Mind you, I’m not suggesting you turn your articles into a blatant sales-pitch. Instead, give people quality information that will make them want to return to your blog over and over again; let your articles show your readers a difficult problem and then show them the solution. Now, mention your services and anyone who needs your help and wants to save time will hire you. Of course, you can’t expect to have everyone as your client but this approach is guaranteed to bring you more success than just pitching your services to your audience every time.

You should also work on marketing your services outside your blog; this also includes inside your guest posts on other blogs, in your interviews with other bloggers and on your various social media sites. Give your services as much exposure and you increase your chances of earning more.

It’s as Simple as that…

Not complicated.

While the above actually requires a few more effort from you it is probably something you would have done if you were blogging, and you will be able to create a new stream of income for yourself while at the same time having enough to take care of your blog.

What do you think about the above tips? Would you like to learn to make money by offering your services as a freelance writer? I have good news for you. My ebook, The Writer’s Handbook: How to Write for Traffic and Money, is on the way and you can download it by visiting You should also check out my writing resources page.

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  5. But… if you “sell” your services… then you are not following John Chow style. If i have to be a freelance writer maybe i won’t work 2 hours on my blog but 2 hours + another 2 hours of freenlancer.
    Then if you want to make real money you need to keep offering more services and finally i would end with a  8 hours job 🙂

  6. being a freelancer is a good thing, but the amount of time it take if your client start giving your job is not worth it for me… you can have money, but not freedom…..

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    I really liked this article and the wealth of information it brings. I have been involved in other industry (different website than in my signature), wrote an Ebook on the topic, and I’m getting several sales daily from just a few hundred visitors, pretty passive income..
    Looking forward to include more services for my passionate readers…!
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  27. There are several and different reasons why people are motivated to start writing both online and offline. Many of them dream of becoming professional writers and finally make a (comfortable) living from writing. Others are after the acknowledgment and promotion they will get on their work (academics), although this category relies mostly on peer recognition than mass popularity.
    Whatever is the motivation behind taking the decision to become a writer, I think it can be both a good and a bad thing to get paid for that, right from the beginning of your career. Those who are stubborn enough and work hard enough to improve their writing style and the way they convey information and messages to readers, will finally be able enjoy public recognition; monetary rewards will follow.
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