Reader’s Question: How Can I Make Money Blogging?

Trust me, this is a wrong question.


Because you can’t make money blogging! Yes, you read that correctly and I mean every ounce of that statement.

The truth is that every successful blogger you know didn’t make money blogging; they earn their income from monetizing their blog.

In other words, they provided what their audience needs in form of e-books, video courses, membership access, affiliate offers and so on.

If you’re wondering why you’re not making money with your blog, it could be possible that you’ve missed the objective.

The right step to take is to review what you’ve done so far with your blog, what type of content you produce regularly and how satisfied your readers are.


I see a blog as the tool for my business

It’s so pathetic that a lot of bloggers today don’t even understand the concept behind blogging. They think that waking up every morning to write a new post is the recipe for raking in cool dollars online. I see a blog as the tool which my business needs to reach its target audience. What about you?

As you’re reading this post, please remember that thousands if not millions of people are desperately searching for you – what you’ve to say and the solution you provide. The web is primarily powered by content and with it you can easily share your opinions and provide answers.

There is nothing fancy about blogging. The caveat is this: provide the answers to the questions of your ideal readers.

Day in and day out people visit blogs not because they’ve extra time added to their 168-hour/week, but because they’ve pressing needs that must be met. The earlier you start using your blog for what it’s meant for – a business tool, the better and faster you will start making your money.

Your accounting software is a tool, YouTube is a tool, Twitter is a tool and a blog is not different, except in the way we use it.

The question above is from one of my readers. I’ve sent this post link to him already. I’m sure that after he reads this, he’ll understand blogging better. You too!

So here is how you can earn more

I’ll try to make it simple for you, even though it’s totally impossible to give all the answers to making money online in a single post. Before you can make a dime online, you’ve to know what people (your readers) are struggling with.

Money doesn’t fall from the sky. It’s the byproduct of a solved problem. In other words, when you help someone become better, or add a cubit to their knowledge they’ll have no other option than to exchange their money with you. Therefore, stop looking for some magic means to earn $10k blogging because it doesn’t exist.

Get to know your target audience.

That’s where market research comes in. Remember that market research is quite different from keyword research.

When you study the market, you can interpret what’s going on with your reader even though he or she is not physically present. Once you can know their intent for coming to your blog in the first place, keyword research will help you to get list of words and phrases they’re using to express what they feel on the inside.

Offer a viable product at a reasonable price

The product doesn’t have to be yours. In fact, I started out as an affiliate marketer promoting other people’s product to my readers. I still do. Guess what? I love doing it.

It works because I only recommend products which can help my prospects/readers get closer to achieving their goals. This product doesn’t have to solve all their problems and that’s ok – just make it viable and that would be fine.

If the product is yours, make sure you offer it at a reasonable price.

Then expose the product to thousands of people who are highly targeted if you can. I’ve a niche site that sells physical product. My niche site is not saturated (less competition). I get 15 – 20 targeted organic visitors daily and I’ve sold items worth $5905.88 in the past 2 months.

Your blog may not be getting thousands of readers per day, but that doesn’t matter provided they’re interested in your product and have money to buy.

Do you still have questions?

I believe you can make enough money to support your life and family through blogging, but don’t take shortcuts because it could turn out to be the long route.

Find out what your readers/prospects are struggling with and then offer a viable product at a reasonable price.

You already know how to drive traffic to your blog. Maybe not in the thousands, but a few hundred could get you started on your road to internet success. Work smarter and don’t give up no matter the pressure from family and friends.

How do you make money with your blog? I dare you to share your strategy in the comment box below. See you at the top!