How Do You Build Trust On Your Blog?

Many bloggers reach a point in their business where they began to ask serious questions. They wonder if this is worth their time. They wonder how much longer they can keep blogging as a ‘non-profit’ business. This is the moment of truth that either weeds them out or makes them stronger. If they choose to learn and stick with it, they’ll start learning about conversions and trust. How do you build trust on your blog? I have struggled with this as I have been building up the trust to my blog  This post will answer this question and go over some of the pain points I have have in developing my blog as a brand.  Here are some of the pain points that I have discovered and will guild you through:

  • Getting your name out there
  • Delivering the goods
  • Employing trust builders
  • Being personable and like-able

Let’s begin

1. Getting your name out there

Too many bloggers are selfish with their content. If you have something to share, get it out there. Among the many benefits of guest-posting, the one I want to focus on, is building a reputation among the blogging community; especially in your industry. To put more simply, by guest-posting, people start to become familiar with your name & brand. Not just any ordinary guest-posts will do the job. Muster up some courage and solicit guest-posts from the biggest names in your industry.

2. Delivering the goods

Does your blog deliver the goods? If you’re doing SEO, does your page match what you tell readers in the title & description tags? If you promise a free white paper, are you making it easy to find and download? Way too many bloggers are jinxing themselves and their business by not delivering the goods. Does your content solve real problems? Every industry as its core issues, struggles, and desires. Identify them by doing keyword research, hang out in the comments section of the big name blogs, and see what people are asking in Yahoo answers.

3. Employing trust builders

Social proof, testimonials, privacy policies, terms & conditions, and security seals are all examples of trust builders. They are incredibly important, especially if you’re selling a product on your blog. Nobody wants to be a guinea pig. Social proof and testimonials show that someone has trusted you with their credit card information. Privacy policies tell users what you’ll do with their information. People don’t want to give you their info until they know you won’t sell it off or spam them.

4. Being personable and like-able

Every writer goes through an awkward phase where they are trying to find their voice and writing style. They’ll do funny things like:

  • excessively use CAPS
  • use colors in their posts
  • act all perfect
  • condescend their readers

There are more, but these are the ones that clearly don’t build trust. Readers associate with people they like. If they like you, then they trust you with their following and their wallet. It pays to become a like-able person. For this I recommend you talk to your readers like you would talk to your friend if the two of you were just sitting on the couch together. Start applying these teachings and you will build trust on your blog. I guarantee it.

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17 thoughts on “How Do You Build Trust On Your Blog?”

  1. Thanks for the post!
    It can be annoying not to see some fast results, but thing I like the most about online business is that when you do something once, you don’t have to do it again. Yes, it is advisable to patient and consistent.
    I like your idea of connecting with other bloggers through guest blogging.

  2. Mike says:

    Hey John. Just wrote a little post about top bloggers who inspire me. check out my blog. I included you in my top blogger list. hope you like it and thank for having this amazing blog.

  3. tom says:

    interesting post

  4. faisal says:

    Best is to do the right thing but being your normal best.

  5. Thanks John
    Interesting post as you say in the end its all about building trust !! So many people online are just all about the money!!

  6. Mi Muba says:

    John you are absolutely right that to become a successful blogger a bigger hear is need to share your thoughts and information with others, remaining truthful describing your secrets of success and remain open-heart accepting the invitation of newbie to put some stuff in their blogs and giving some space in your successful blogs.
    Keep guiding us the newbies the treasure of experience staying atop of the ladder of success.

  7. Thank you so much for the post John.I just started blogging one week ago and i find this really helpful. Thank you so much

  8. Susan says:

    Some very useful tips here, John. Thank you. It’s true that people won’t be prepared to part with their money if they don’t trust you. No one likes to be preached to either, so a friendly tone is important. I’ve found that adding an author’s photo helps with this.

  9. The toughest part of blogging is not knowing when you’re going to breakthrough. It could be 30 days, it could be 1yr. On average, with all our blogs, we don’t see the tsunami till 60 plus days in.

  10. It is amazing how I don’t stop learning from you, John. I hope you continue to “cut the edge” for years to come… Thank you for everything! Simao

  11. These are all great tips. A few of them I still need to work on though. I have not been blogging long, but I already love this website. You guys seem to have everything here. Thanks John!

  12. Appearing “faceless” to your blog readers really is a pissing off! As many readers would want to associate with the blog author. Therefore, bloggers hiding their identity on their blog is unprofessional. Great tips again!

  13. Tom says:

    Great post and tip’s as usual you are dead on and so right building trust cannot be overlooked.

  14. Dean Saliba says:

    Very good points, I’ve always found that if I take the time to reply to comments and answer emails then that helps to install a little bit of trust because the people are dealing with a real person rather than an automated messages from a machine. 🙂

  15. Ivan Aliku says:

    I initially started out blogging just to make money not until I discovered there was just so much to blogging than focusing on money. I had frustrations then until I sat and thought for myself; “What is your stand online”. I simply remembered my most used slogan “redefine yourself, think tomorrow” and ever since then, I decided to re-brand myself. Although I’m still in the process but, I have come to find blogger so much fun now. People need to trust in you and you can only achieve that if you have your own brand. People would get to see you as an authority and would always welcome ideas from you. I would advise every blogger to give a thought into this and definitely, life would be fun having to trust people for what they do. Thank you J.Rampton for this post, thank you J.Chow for this platform.

  16. You have to build trust to your blog if you want to have daily readers which can talk about your blog. In order to get people talking about your blog you must provide a great experince and you can provide a great experience if you listen to your audience, if you evoke emotions and make them feel like being a part of the blog. After that you have to ensure them that you care about them and you respect them.

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