How Do You Go From Zero Level To a Problogger?

The time has come for you to address a vital issue in your blogging business.

Are you really moving forward, or just writing articles and hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… your favorite?

Remember, your blog is the first social media hangout ever.

You’ve to position yourself as the authority in your niche, so that your target audience can trust, believe and take action on your recommendations.

How do you go from zero level to a problogger?

This week, I got several emails from my subscribers. It’s like the new craze nowadays is getting tagged as a pro blogger. Just kidding! But that’s not why you should grow and become influential. Or is it?

The first advice I gave to about 8 persons who emailed me was that they should clear their minds and embrace uniqueness.

Of course, there are other factors that can bring you closer to that problogging status, and I want to highlight the ONES you should pursue. Right away, let’s go:

Create your own product   


Yes, if your goal is to become an expert in your niche, then you must create your own product. If you consider it critically, you’d agree with me that most if not all of your blog readers are strangers to you, except your grandma. Lol!

None of these people actually know you in person. Sure, John Chow has met hundreds of his readers and fans because he attends conferences and gives away valuable stuffs all the time.

But for most of us who are still in our blogging shell, your readers only know you by name and maybe, your photo. Believe it or not, the trust they’ve for you is not that STRONG. That’s why they don’t comment or do what you ask them to do. Period!

But the moment you create and start marketing your own product, the impression of your target audience about you will change. You may even start up a niche site to promote physical products like the digital camera, jewelry, coffee brewing machines, or even top ogio golf travel bags from Amazon and other online stores.

This is certain and I encourage you to give it a try. The product you create doesn’t have to be excellent at first. In fact, go ahead and create it anyways. Learn from your mistakes if you make any – and I’m sure you would.

Start from the basic. Write your e-book. Invest in developing a wordpress theme and start selling it at premium price. How about creating plugins and membership sites?

If you’re not a developer, hire someone to do it for you. Go to,, etc.

You could even bundle graphics and call to action buttons and sell the kit – if that’s relevant to your business.

Narrow your niche and stick to it

Probloggers don’t do everything at the same time. I see a lot of bloggers writing all sorts of content and wondering why no one is sharing them. You can’t write about blogging tips today and tomorrow, you write about travelling tickets.

Yes, I understand that you can bridge the gap by sharing your own personal experiences even when they’re off-topic. But as much as possible, try to align every piece of content to suit your audience.

You see, the readers you’ve right now came to your blog in the first place because they wanted to learn about your topic.

They believe you know more than other bloggers. You’ve to narrow your niche and stick to it, especially when you’re still getting your feet soaked.

Yes, John Chow can share his best meal, pictures of Ferari and write about money making programs, because JOHN CHOW is a brand on its own.

Whatever he writes, whether off-topic or relevant, it’d still resonate with his audience because over time, he’s built the reputation of helping people for real.

When you grow your community, you can find the unique selling proposition that suits you – but for now, narrow your niche and build your expertise therein.

How long do you’ve to wait?

Well, as long as possible. There is no deadline for becoming a problogger. Just make sure that on your way to building an active audience and making 6-figures annually, you’re truly solving real life problems.

Stay glued to answering questions that your readers are battling with. The truth is that you can’t become a problogger by accident or this month, it’s GRADUAL.

I’ve a question for you: Who do you think is a problogger and what qualities do these set of entrepreneurs have that brings them success?

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36 thoughts on “How Do You Go From Zero Level To a Problogger?”

  1. I. C. Daniel says:

    Those who make a killing online are probloggers by helping their readers for real.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

    1. Ben Troy says:

      I agree with you, Real online business created to help the niche market customer archive their goals.

  2. FERNANDO BIZ says:

    Amazing Article just loved the points you bought up. The message ” Probloggers don’t do everything at the same time. I see a lot of bloggers writing all sorts of content and wondering why no one is sharing them. You can’t write about blogging tips today and tomorrow, you write about traveling tickets.” Si true and that’s something I’ve started to focus from early this year realizing that people don’t want to read everything in your blog so write and give them what you are good at.

    Thanks for the share Michael.

  3. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for this excellent advice.

    These points are quite simple, yet they are so powerful and also essential. I think that creating your own product is the first major step to help you get up to the next level. Time and time again we see that this is the case so it’s clearly an important step. I am close to releasing my very first product myself and hope that it will yield great results for me.

    Narrowing your niche is so important. I know that when I visit a blog that’s supposed to be about, say, Internet marketing I don’t want to be reading about fishing. But then, so long as a post is relevant to the person and written in a way that’s relevant, I think that it can still be useful and interesting. After all, each and every person has a unique selling proposition – THEMSELVES!

    So, as bloggers, if we can connect with our readership on a personal level then this will help them to know, like and trust us, which is more than half the battle.

    It’s often said that patience is a virtue. Well, in the world of blogging, patience is absolutely essential. You need to have a plan, remain consistent, never give up and be patient. The results will come in time, but sadly too many bloggers give up before then.

    Thanks for the great advice, Michael 🙂


    1. “Remain constant, never give up and be patient.” I love this line Glenn.

  4. Sachin says:

    I think you are right.. it’s better to have own products rather then just selling other stuff. I think starting with an E-book or WordPress theme is also a good idea. You know i am planing to start my own 10 video series for one of my product and i hope it will also work for me to generate targeted leads for my business…

    1. WordPress theme works so well – even if it’s a basic clean theme that can help beginners, it can bring you money. In fact, you give away the free version and add your website URL to it, thus building backlinks on autopilot when people install it on their wordpress blogs.

  5. Wow! Its just like you were refering to me alone when you said “Are you really moving forward, or just writing
    articles and hanging out on social media networks?” So I’ve been underground all these while, its time to workhard a be a problogger. I’ve implemented most of your strategies, but product, no! Thanks buddy, I’ll try creating a product too.
    According to your question, you’ve nswered it already, but to me, a problogger is not just a person that can create quality contents and make it go viral, there’s much more to that. Like you said, a problogger creates products, and knows how to trap visitors and convert them into subscribers and readers. Its all about passion and talent.

    1. Good one Samuel, glad to have you here friend.

  6. Thank you very much Michael for wonderful advice.

  7. Edson Hale says:

    You are right Michael; now competition in blogosphere stiffened to damned; so the best strategy is to be unique and look different but in this effort never compromise over value; people now need unique value

    1. Aha, say it again “people now need unique value!”
      I appreciate your comment Hale – so true.

      1. faisal says:

        People always want more, always.

  8. Raymond says:

    I think a lot of it has to do with marketing but at the end of the day you still need to provide massive value to the audience. However, along the way of product creation, you’d also build up your reputation and branding by being the authority in the niche. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Raj kumar says:

    Hi Michael, this is very inspiring and great post. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Creating a Product is the biggest challenge. Because we are not sure of what to do or what people will like. There should be a lot of Market Research to be done.

  11. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    In my opinion problogger is a someone who don’t need to worry anymlore for traffic to their blog because he or she has a lot of readers who are coming back to read each post.

    And this readers share and comment regulary.

    Thanks Michael and see you on top.



  12. Thanks for the great post! I agree that consistency is the key. I know for some it’s difficult to have faith when you are just starting out and you not seeing the traffic grow as quickly as you would like. But it’s important to stick to it and before you know it, you will see the number of readers and followers increase and continue to rise.

  13. Miller P. says:

    I agree completely. The only way to become a problogger is to provide real value to those who are looking for it. Great post!!

  14. Brian Sol says:

    Thanks for the great advice, I will definitely keep this in mind! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Alex says:

    Thanks for the article. Actually got quite inspired by the “create a product” advice. Just need a decent amount of savings to get the job done.

  16. Wilson Tiong says:

    Very insightful information. I am so agreed with your statement to create the own products. But it has always been my fears for creating own products. I think this is the next think I need to do for my internet marketing career.

    Thanks very much for the information.

  17. Phil says:

    Got to agree that the ways to become seen as an expert and a problogger is to focus on a specific niche and create your own product. I have been slowly learning about this business and finally come to the simple conclusion that I should focus on a single niche and that way I can learn more and provide more value and subsequently create a better product, when I finally pluck up the courage that is…

  18. Great post! I agree that you should narrow the niche and stick with it. I see a lot of bloggers make personal blogs are discuss several different niche-based topics and wonder why some people comment on one topic but not the other. I always recommend that if you have multiple passion for multiple niches, then create multiple blogs. If you have the time, do it and dedicate yourself to all your passions. 🙂

  19. Sunday says:

    Embracing uniqueness is sure a good advice to give bloggers who crave to become established in their niches. what readily makes one become different from others in the pack is the ability to stand out.

    Going from Zero to become a Problogger is easy to accomplish if one readily offers a lot of uniqueness in their business. By creating a personal product and developing a good unique selling proposition ( USP), the blogger easily goes from Zero to Hero ( problogger) 😀

  20. Health Blog says:

    It’s a inspiring post for a new blogger like me. I just created a health blog to enter in blogging life.

  21. Charles says:

    I think that embracing uniqueness is the best advice for a blogger. Everyone is blogging about something and if you want people to remember your blog, it’s got to be one of a kind. Thanks for sharing this great advice for beginning bloggers such as myself.

  22. Samer says:

    These is totally new ideas, some of them are quite difficult to attempt but to achieve the goal to become a pro blogger its worth, its very inspiring, i’ll try some soon.

  23. Wadud says:

    Hi Michael,

    Excellent post and a lot of good advice. I like the part about marketing your own products especially.

    There are definitely more perks in selling your own products. It brands you and gives you credibility if your stuff is the genuine article. Those of us who want to be successful in the online arena have to raise our standards.

    Give yourself a target and make a real plan to attain that goal. Once you’ve reached that goal, plan for your next target… and on and on.


  24. James Rigley says:

    You miss something. Not everyone can create a good user-helping product. Of course anyone could go get a few articles online and collect it in a e-book for example, but in reality this is not enough. But pretty much anyone can offer a service, as everyone has some skills that are better than the average Joe. So why not wrap your services as a product and charge monthly for it? In my experience this is way better option than a low-quality e-book, that some bloggers sell for 27$.

  25. I’ve created my own products. However, without a big pool of followers, I’ll spend more time creating, rather than selling. In the end, my earnings are still the same.

    What’s more, I’ve to maintain that product, such as sales, websites, hosting, etc … I still find doing affliate marketing is the fastest and simplest.

  26. Bako says:

    well this is an important article for me. i have been thinking of how to become a super blogger, someone who can educate and also be rewarded. but just been expose i need to get out of the box for this to happen. this piece of information is vital and with topmost importance.
    personal finance tips

  27. sshahalam khan says:

    I m a newbie in blogging world, and always finds it very hard thing to do but after reading ur post, I think it would be fun ride, thanx for the tips and advice.

  28. Nice and well written piece…

    The journey of becoming a ProBlogger is one thing that happens when passion is taken to a great height…

    You can never do well or get close to doing well when there is no passion or drive in what you preach.

    It’s only time that can call the results…

    Chibuzor thanks for sharing a wonderful piece!

  29. Louis says:

    Second to that, Michael. Creating a product that helps people solve the problem and maintain the community will put you on a prominent place in your customers’ minds.

  30. Roger Minh says:

    Hi Micheal,
    I don’t have skill to create a own product. What will I should do?

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