How Evernote and ScanSnap Saved My Domain from GoDaddy Hell

Yesterday, I got a phone call from GoDaddy. It seemed they had ran into some difficulties confirming my new Whois information and wanted me to fax them some kind of document that had my name and address on it. The person on the other end said a hydro or phone bill would be satisfactory. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem but I’m on vacation in California right now and I don’t generally bring my bills with me. However, this didn’t seem to matter to GoDaddy. The caller told me I had 24 hours to produce the documents or my domain would be disable.

Since I was driving during the call, I asked the caller to email me a GoDaddy fax number and I’ll think of some way to get them the documents. The GoDaddy rep said he would email me but of course he didn’t (this is typical GoDaddy customer service). When I got back to the beach house, I called GoDaddy tech support, who was able to give me the phone number of the domain dept but not their fax number. I call up the domain dept but they were closed for the day.

Evernote and ScanSnap To The Rescue

As I’ve stated, I don’t bring my bills with me when I go on vacation and I doubt anyone else does either. However, thanks to a service call Evernote, I have access to all my documents online. All I did was fire up Evernote and search for the documents GoDaddy wanted. I then emailed GoDaddy PDF copies since I never got their fax number. I asked GoDaddy to reply to my email saying they got my PDFs but of course they never replied. I called the domain dept the next morning and they said everything was in order.

Because my office is paperless and all my documents are available online thanks to Evernote, I was able to save my domain from GoDaddy hell. I can only imagine the trouble this would cause for a vacationing blogger who couldn’t access their documents online, especially under a 24 hour threat to produce it or lose it.

If you’ve never tried Evernote before, I highly recommend you do. They are one of the two key components I used to create a paperless office. The other component is the ScanSnap S1300 scanner by Fujitsu. I use the ScanSnap to scan all my documents into searchable PDF files. Those files are then automatically uploaded to Evernote. Scanning your documents and putting them on Evernote means you won’t have to worry about losing your domain while on vacation.

While GoDaddy is on my shit list, Evernote and the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 are on my BFF list.

Download Evernote | Get The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300

58 thoughts on “How Evernote and ScanSnap Saved My Domain from GoDaddy Hell”

  1. I have slowly and slowly become less of a fan of GoDaddy.

    1. Mathew Day says:

      Me too, but they have such good deals on domain names, I just can’t resist.

      1. Are you ready to save money for shitty service .. not even sure go daddy has the best prices… anyway they were cool before but now they are too big too corporate .. to slow do thing right

        1. Mathew Day says:

          Yep, must be, since I bought the domain names from them.

          1. rebecca says:

            lol..well you should do well

      2. Jon Dougan says:

        If you spend just half hour with them trying to solve the ownership of a domain which has been in your care for who knows how long then that time spent on trying to prove you’re the owner is money wasted.

        What’s more, every time you go into their site to edit your domain details is another hassle. Their site is EGO driven and Technically Bulky, user-unfriendly and time waster. Just for these reasons I moved most of my 50+ domains away to another registra.

        Saving a few bucks really is not worth it at the end. Your time is more precious than a few bucks per year. I save a lot of time on other registra’s whose servers are more responsive and much much easier to use.

        Unfortunately, managing a domain name is a burden at Go daddy.

        1. I wonder why anybody ever becomes their fan. It could be the name perhaps.

          I’ve only heard horror stories about how they treat people so I have no desire to get involved with them.

    2. Rahul says:

      Thanks It may happen to anyone

    3. That’s why I use lunarpages 🙂

    4. Fairooz says:

      lol, i also 😀

    5. I agree. At first I used GoDaddy because everyone else seemed to be using it. But after time when I needed help from their support I realised that they don’t have time to help people. They just send crap excuses and links to self-help pages. Even if I say that I had already reas those pages and it still wont work. I think I’ll be switching soon to another domain host.


  2. I’m moving over to NameCheap in a couple of months. I’ve had my own fair share of issues with them (nothing to do with whois) & it’s just not worth the hassle. I also like that NameCheap is cheaper & give you whois protection for a year on each domain.

  3. Max says:

    Godaddy is horrible. The only thing they sometimes have going for them is a slightly lower price. If you want, what is in my humble opinion the best domain registrar on the planet, and only $5 a year more than Go-Daddy head over to Gandi SARL

  4. Pyjammez says:

    I’m never giving godaddy my credit card again after what they did last time.

    1. Fairooz says:

      What did they do last time ?

  5. Mathew Day says:

    I guess there’s the good and bad that go along with GoDaddy.

    Never heard of Evernote. I like the idea of going paperless, will have to check them out further.

  6. NoDaddy says:

    @ Pyjammez: What happened? 🙂

  7. Ray Ebersole says:

    I love Evernote, now that I have started using it while testing it and Diigo for a replacement to Delicious. The SnapScan is nice, but you could get a scanner for almost $200 cheaper and do the same thing.

    I will definitely start using my scanner and Evernote for a paperless household and Business.

    1. John Chow says:

      I went with the ScanSnap scanner because it integrates seamlessly with Evernote.

      1. Hey John,

        Thanks for the post and the tips and reasons why you do and use certain things.

        It sure helps to make life easier and avoid some pitfalls.

  8. The Padrino says:

    Well I’ve never had problems with before seems godaddy is very demanding with poor customer service.

    Maybe you should write a ebook about how they are unprofessional and get it on Googles top position for go daddy that would change their minds.

    1. rebecca says:

      I use namecheap it works really well

  9. robert klein says:

    Do you still use dropbox?

  10. Customer service first, price second.

    The extra dollars are worth it when the brown matter hits the fan.

    I had to swap all of my domains from a dodgy provider after they closed down a domain that had a compromised script. The problem was they didn’t even let me try to fix the problem, they just pulled the plug. My site was down for about 4 days.

  11. Harshad says:

    Treating The John Chow like this is pure stupid. I guess GoDaddy does not want any more customers.

    1. I guess it’s the company culture. So far they have been getting away with it.

      They don’t seem to give even people like John any better treatment.

      My guess is that the people he talked to had no idea of who he was or they didn’t care.

      1. There should not be any diffenrence anyways. Sure, they get more popular if they treat people who are famous online well, because then they will be happy to share their good experiences with GoDaddy. But I still think that they should treat everyone equally even if you’re famous or not. So far they have done none of this.


  12. pinoyblognet says:

    If Godaddy is in your shit list then their reputation to others will be deep in break and turn to other host.

    1. their reputation is already in jeopardy. A lot of people right now are trying to transfer from GoDaddy To Namecheap.

  13. Wasim Ismail says:

    Just started using evernote for personal and business, I am using my current scanner which at times can be slow, as you scan and then save, and then move to evernote, what’s a decent affordable scanner to use with evernote.?

  14. Artoha says:

    oh no
    i`n godaddy fan :{

    1. Are you serious or is it a joke?

      If you are serious it would be interesting to read why you are their fan.

      1. rebecca says:

        Ya me too,i have only used the one so far,but heard godaddy was pretty good..

  15. Thad Puckett says:

    I have just upgraded to Evernote Premium for just the kind of thing you describe. Their searchable PDF function is incredible. Cheers!

  16. Abhik says:

    The seamless integration with evernote is definitely a good point.

  17. Kirk Taylor says:

    Your experience was not good, and should not have happened. Still, the potential to have the same issue is possible with every other company.

    I used 1&1 before GoDaddy, and while I’ve had customer service issues at GoDaddy, I’ve found them to get my problems solved reasonably quick.

    Still, I’d be as pissed as you are in your shoes.

    Switching Registrars is a dangerous strategy, unless you’ve got plenty of research to back up the reliability and customer service.

  18. Kirk Taylor says:

    I forgot to add that kudo’s to you for having a backup plan with mission critical information. We don’t know how important that is until it hits us.

    A strong reason for redundancy.

  19. I have had problems with godadyy a few years ago and I am sure I will never use this service again.

  20. Nick says:

    I hope you’ve learned your lesson. Transfer your domain away from GoDaddy immediately. I’ve been saying this for years, GoDaddy is one of the WORST registrars in the world.

    1. rebecca says:

      Really why?,I have heard they were always good

  21. Don Nguyen says:

    I’m so glad John Chow called out Godaddy! I’ve had my own fair share of problems with them. Also, great video review of the Scan Snap. Your video is the first one that’s given me a true sense of how fast it is. Well done!

    1. im glad to know you aren’t the only one. Lately though, there have been problems with JustHost, which is a web hosting service provider too. I never suggest people to go with webhosting that isn’t hostgator or bluehost. If your site isn’t well protected, hackers can access to it anytime, which happened a lot in the past.

  22. Sonam says:

    Evernote is awesome!

    I started using it about 6 months back, immediately after reading Tim Ferris’ “Four Hour Work Week”. Evernote has been an amazing resource and has allowed me to save anything and everything I want.

    No paper, no clutter, no endless amounts of open tabs (I tend to multitask…have reduced it as of late ), and just a more organized, paperless lifestyle and business.

    Evernote is truly on my BFF list! Gonna check out the ScanSnap soon…

  23. Clay Burt says:


    Surely for someone of your stature and probably many domains you have a dedicated account rep… I have a bunch of domains and they just assigned me one and the support they provide is incredible and they can navigate the other support departments for you. Really, for a professional online person there is no reason to call normal customer support who are there to help mom and pop or personal domain issues.
    Unless of course you are starting your own registrar and in that case, carry on 🙂

  24. fas says:

    Hostgator is coming up with domain services soon.

  25. MT says:

    You have done a good think by writing your experience with godaddy. A somewhat similar problem I had with them some months ago. Someone sent them a complaint in which accused my website for sending him spam emails. For this reason they stopped my service without giving me the chance to defend against someone’s accusations. Anyway, what it would happen If I couldn’t react fast and demonstrate that the complaints were false. So, I came to the conclusion that practically anyone can get your site down and in the end you can loose your domain. Henceforth I decided to move all my domains elsewhere. My advice for everyone: keep your important domains with a registrar who place their customers on the first place and who is willing to defend you. Don’t look at the discount pennies. If that pennis really matters, it means that your domains have no value anyway.

  26. I have never liked Godaddy. I get my domains from 1and1 because they offer free private listings. Namecheap does too. Godaddys hosting is horrible, and I can’t believe they would put such a reputable customer through that. Don’t they know who you are??? You could strip all advertising for them from your site, and publish a post about your experience (which you did) and hurt their business. I don’t understand why they did not take that into consideration, especially since your reader base is most likely to purchase multiple domain names.

  27. I think they are checking the johnchow credibility in the web management and covering the business from manual faults from the technical supportive gadgets and services.

  28. Get a real registrar! says:

    Yes, I’m shocked by this story but not surprised. Clearly, you should be using your own hosting company or at least a decent registrar, which you can host anywhere.

    Having visited their website, I was always hugely frustrated by the upsell that they demanded you to go through. I never completed any order with them… and I would now never host and register a site with the same company EVER again.


    1. Hi Kenneth,

      That is a very sound advice. I’m considering changing my domain registrar.

  29. Dimitris says:

    About the paperless office, I think it s a nice idea, although, I must admit I often neglect my archiving activities…
    I don t know about evernote, but I really do not see any added value on having your bill pdfs indexed… There is really no point in doing any text searches on bills…
    Why don t you just archive them on normal folders and name the files for dates or bill numbers.
    I would suggest something like that only if your business has many documents like contracts or reports.

    About the registrars, despite some minor issues with Hostgator hosting, their customer support is amazing.Anyway, I now have my main sites on Rochen and could not be more happy. Their vault backup/restore software is a real saver and works amazingly, even for huge sites. I have seen nothing that beats it elsewhere.
    And their ticket scheme is nice and fast, but it cannot beat the live chat of Hostgator

  30. Oh wow. That was some rough stuff, John. Yeah, those two programs certainly saved you from hell, but to be frank, that shouldn’t have happened AT ALL. It’s like Godaddy is just sitting on its hands or concentrates on just making sexy superbowl ads instead of providing proper customer service.

    But, at least those ads give us something to poke fun at. Check out our parody video at:

  31. Nice one. We all should be starting to use Evernote and save all the documents, the text and everything. Thanks for the tip John.

  32. wow, now thats a weird situation but I doubt Go Daddy would have really punished you. I need to scan my files too if I ever lose them, I will be in troubles.

  33. ihaveapc says:

    Guess you bit the bullet John.

    Other backup plan is to opt for ebilling on all services so that bills can be retrieved quickly by searching the email inbox especially when you face customer service like this 🙂

  34. Go daddy support sucks so bad, this is typical.

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