How Hard Could It Be To Drive A F1 Car?

You think with all the computer control gadgets on board today’s state of the art Formula 1 cars, anyone can drive one. Mind you, they won’t drive like Michael Schumacher but you would think it would work for a few leisurely laps around the track. However, that is not the case as Richard Hammond of Top Gear found out.

The following video documents Hammond’s attempt at doing two laps around a test track in a modern day F1 car without killing himself, or the car. I should note that Hammond did mange to experience full throttle in the F1, for 0.2 seconds. Make sure you have the volume up because hearing Hammond scream like a little girl is pretty funny.

To get an idea on just how crazy F1 drivers are, watch this final lap battle between Massa and Kubica at the 2007 Japanese Grand Prix. I have no idea how they can even see where they’re going!

50 thoughts on “How Hard Could It Be To Drive A F1 Car?”

  1. Shawn Knight says:

    Ah man that would be sooo much fun!

    1. Fat Man says:

      wow, that video was amazing. how the heck could they see?

      1. says:

        Sometimes it looks like that when I’m driving the freeway at 70mph and my contact lenses get stuck to my eyelid. Cool!

        1. LoL 😛

          I’m really unsure if I would want to be in their position!

        2. Etienne Teo says:

          I guess my contact lens will have peel out from my eyes.

      2. I don’t know, I was just thinking that. It looks like visibility would be a HUGE problem.

    2. Fun until your car explodes in a ball of fire.

      1. Well, yeah, I guess that would be a little less than fun.

    3. It boils brains and blood damn hilarious videos.

      p.s. John, typo: Hammond did manged

    4. Yes it sure would be fun, and an experience i will see through :mrgreen:

  2. Shaun Carter says:

    Well when you see those videos of people trashing a Lambo or Ferrari you realize everyone wants to go fast, but not everyone should.

    I agree about not being able to see out of the F1 car. Rollovers are pretty nasty in those things as well.

    1. Depends on the situation in relation to speed. On the track, speed is what counts in comparison to the road 😛

  3. John what happened to any money making posts! These are all interesting but I haven’t seen a money making post for ages!

    1. This blog is about making money?

      1. MoneyNing says:

        Yup… He is still making money from it so everything about him would qualify 🙂

      2. F1 says:

        At least it wasn’t a post about what he had for dinner last night!! 😉

        But seriously John, instead of the post How Hard Could It Be To Drive A F1 Car I think it should be How Hard Is It To Make Money From An F1 Web Site? Now that I’d lap up because I can tell you – it’s damn hard 😀

        1. You have a good niche, but who cares about F1 other than F1 drivers? I’ve never met a person who included F1 in his or her list of hobbies.

          1. F1Wolf says:

            you would be surprised how many people care 🙂

          2. F1 says:

            It’s actually not a good niche at all if you were in it just to make money.. but it is fun and is the 2nd most watched sport in the world according to some, so like F1Wolf points out, a lot of people do care 🙂

            Anyway, my main point is a lot of bloggers in the online marketing realm only know about making money from their “making money” web sites or their tech/nerd/geek web sites. These niches have the benefit of “geek viral marketing” – the readers are bloggers too so it’s easier to generate buzz.

            Let’s see some articles about people doing well in other niches, be it F1, gardening, skiing… anything 🙂

    2. Well they pop up now and again. Its not all about making money though, check John’s categories 😉

  4. MoneyNing says:

    I bet I can drive that! Check out why on my site 👿

    1. Okey i’ll check, just because 😛

  5. F1wolf says:

    and how did F1 make it to this blog 🙂

      1. No…it’s John’s personal blog. It’s also a great way to have an emotional connection with readers.

  6. Watch out for tomorrow’s post:

    Learn How To Ride A Bike With Your Training Wheels Off by John Chow. 😆

    1. John Chow says:

      That’s not a bad idea! I bet there are some readers who still have their training wheels on.

  7. Dan Florin says:

    People watch out John is planning to get a F1 car.

  8. Contest Beat says:

    That’s friggin insane

  9. Steve! says:

    I’m guessing the guy in the red car won> ❓

    1. Ma2T says:

      Red car? lol.


  10. Steve! says:

    So i now know that those guys really are very good at driving

  11. I think thats pretty hard would be for me to drive f1 car 🙂

  12. Amazing! Who knew drivign an F1 car would be so difficult. I’d still like to try though.

  13. Mike says:

    I would sooo love to drive one of them!!

  14. Why are there so many videos lately on this site John?

    1. Steve! says:

      Maybe he’s gotten the idea from darren at problogger? 😕

  15. Martin says:

    The videos are no longer available 🙁

    1. F1wolf says:

      that happens to most F1 videos, you have to download them while they are available 🙂

  16. fabregas fan says:

    They have been training for many years…
    That’s why they can see…

  17. Ron Dronyk says:

    Man, someday I’m going to have one of those in the driveway. One would think that all it would take is just a little bit of daily practice…


  18. That looks like fun. But I bet it’s a lot harder than it looks.

  19. Ma2T says:

    Top Gear, well the clips seem very popular around the world. I’m glad I can see it every week here on TV.

    F1 is crazy, watching every start of the race is madness. Kicks NAS car’s ass lol.

  20. bmunch says:

    Wow, the second video is AWESOME…

    I don’t remember watching wheel to wheel racing in F1 in a long long time….

  21. Mike Huang says:

    Wow! Great video! Besides the quality, the sound is just like the tracks haha


  22. Chris says:

    It’s great to see how an average car enthusiast would compare in an F1 car! Another video that is pretty interesting is from the rival show 5th Gear, when Tiff Needell drives a Williams F1 car.

    Being a veteran racer Tiff picked it up pretty well, the clip is online at Youtube:


  23. Haha, wow. That’s pretty tight…and hilarious. 😛

  24. With all the money you make from this blog, you should buy an F1 race car and tell us how it drives for yourself! 😀

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